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There are a few consistent things that we've discovered with the new gallery setup; so, I'm detailing them here.

Mac folks:
The gallery upload process doesn't work with Safari - it does work with Firefox.

Dial-up folks:
If your dial-up service uses image compression, you'll probably need to turn that off before uploads will work for you. Every service calls their particular set of "bells and whistles" by a different name....and I'm not familiar with them all. But, here are a few:

Juno - Juno Turbo, or Juno SpeedBand
Earthlink - Earthlink Accelerator

If you know of another service by name, drop me a note.

If you need help disabling compression, please contact your ISP.

Internet Explorer 7 folks:
IE7 has...issues. Microsoft has admitted some of them already. (If you want tabbed browsing, try Firefox!)

If you're having issues, I've detailed a possible solution in my blog:

Can I guarantee this will work for everyone? I wish...if so, I'd be rich!!! But, it's worth trying.

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