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I'm fairly new to scrapbooking. I'm working on expanding my first book. I bought a new album to put the old pages in, and I planned to add more pages. But I cannot figure out how to open the binder to get the pages in or out.

I've tried unscrewing the screws and they never seem to move! Is there a trick to this? It's a Pioneer album.

Thanks! I'm glad I found this forum for help with my new hobby.

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I've used Darice albums and sometimes it helps to hold the back and front covers tightly together then unscrew the screws (does that make sense?). I know the first time the screws didn't seem to unscrew for me I was getting frustrated. Hope that helps.

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I have the exact questions, but I got mine from Michael's. How or where do you start to unscrew the album? I can't even pull them apart. Im boogled.

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You open the little flaps on the inside covers by the spine:

Snap-load album
By Scraprabbit

This one I took out the posts and replaced them with another system, but this is where you find the ends of the screws. Open the flap on the front inside cover and back inside cover. Some are really tight to begin with, so you need to hold one steady while unscrewing the other side (I often get my dh to help on new albums when they're really tight). I've even used a pliers to twist one once.

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