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Hello everyone! Since everyone here is so creative, I thought I could ask for opinions. My sisters and I are planning a big surprise 50th birthday party for my mom for April. I wanted to maybe do a theme? Or any idea about creative decorations, or food? I want to do something fun, and probably not "over the hill". It might be a backyard thing, or if it's too cold it will be inside. Any ideas would be great! Thanks

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A Luau theme would be fun! oriental trading has alot of supplies like leis, grass skirts and other decor at a good price.

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It's not really a theme, but ask the guests to bring 50 of anything, like carrots, marbles, toothpicks, eye glasses, aarp applications ect. Have fun planning!

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Bringing 50 of something is a great idea! The first thing i thought of for some reason was my kids and their big celebration they do for the 100th day of school.You can go online and get a ton of great ideas for that and just use 50 instaed of 100.How fun,have a great time planning!

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Are you planning a full dinner or just light snacks?

If you are planning just finger foods, there are tons of fun options to play with, i.e. chocolate fountains (which are pretty cheap at costco OR you could rent one).

Does you mom have a favourite colour or flower? You could get decorations/balloons/flow ers/plates all in that theme....that way the theme is only in the decor (i.e. people don't have to dress up).

If you want a theme that gets everyone involved, I like the idea of the lei party.
Some other ideas could be
1) Flower party
2) 007 - James Bond Party
3) Gold party
4) Toga party
5) If you have a really fun and/or young crowd you could always venture to a pirate theme? If you think she'd like something more wild.

You could prepare goody bags for everyone. One of my coworkers put two gold ferro rocher (sp?) chocolates (the ones in the gold foil) in a gold little baggie (sheer from Michaels) and gave each guest one as a goodie bag.

If your guests are more mature (not a lot of kids) you could always plan a wine and cheese party and offer some exotic finger foods paired with different types of wine. I LOVE oven-warmed brie/camanbert (sp?) cheese with sun dried tomoatoes and pesto on it. ...mmm...

Happy planning!!

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