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Username Post: ~Scraproom Challenge ~ *Closed and Voting*        (Topic#1459773)
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We have now moved to the The ~OCD~ critique group....come join us there the door will always be open to our scraprooms!

Sign-ups CLOSED.

REMEMBER it is important for us to list our goals and post a link to your scraproom album in this challenge first.

PRIZES for this challenge will be based on POSTING AND COMPLETING YOUR GOALS, posting before, during and after pics of your area, checking in by posting on the thread at least once a month, and commenting on others progress. How simple is that!

Prize Categories: I'm planning to have one public voting pole and two pm poles...a total of three categories and three winners...3 RAK's!!!

Public voting Pole "The greatest change." - $20 GC
PM pole 1 - "Who has helped you the most?" - $10 GC
PM pole 2 - "The most creative storage idea that someone shared and you have used." - $10 GC

Voting will begin August 1st and end August 7th.

During our last challenge we shared a lot of GREAT ideas!! I loved the paper keepers made from the postal boxes, oh and the ribbon shelves were Awesome! One room started with just a TV tray and blossomed unto a nice scrapping space, another started out a boys room and was transformed into a ladies retreat. Oh gosh then there is the beautiful lavender room and the apple green room that’s shared by a mother and her daughter. Oh and you should see the Coca-Cola Scrapper!! We even got to see the beauty of a “rag rolled” room. We had too many great ideas to mention them all, the list seriously goes on and on. There were a few of us who completely gutted our rooms and painted. WOW what fun! (yea right! I’ll never paint stripes in a room again!)

So jump on in…get you a little note book and jot down those goals, plan a budget, and start the wish list. It doesn’t matter if your space is small or a huge room what matters is organizing the space for your needs and making it your very own dream space.

Here is what we will be working on:

Week 1.

Pick-up and put away pick-up and put away everything that is on the floor. We need to make sure we don’t have any tripping hazards.

Clean off desk – completely clean off your desk. Yep, this means take everything off the desk and wipe it down. Once you’ve got a clean desk sit there for a few minutes and think about what tools you really need at your finger tips, tools you use for every page. (for me that would be my scissors, regular pen, pencil, eraser, hole punch etc…) these items you can put back on your desk in a “with-in reach” location. Everything else you will need to find a home for. You have 7 days to complete this task. Take a pic and post the clean desk.

Week 2 & 3

Purge – OK here we go. Get a notebook and pen and keep it close by to jot things down, wish lists, etc... This is where we really tend to be pack rats (at least I do). After all we are croppers not collectors. Take a box and put it in the middle of your room along with a trash can or trash bag. Pick one corner of the room and begin. Toss giveaways into the box and items that there’s no longer a use for in the trash. (you would be surprised at all the dried up bottles of paint I found during one of my previous challenges). Wipe down and clean off all containers as you go. As you are going along, think about how this storage is working for you and if you need to make changes or not. (does this need to be closer to your desk or further away) If you need to make changes either during this challenge or in the future stop and jot it down. You have 2 weeks to complete this task.

Week 4, 5, & 6.

We are continuing to purge and clean. Our floors should be cleaned, our desk should be cleaned off and now we are going to get in to the heavy organizing. Ok how many of you actually have something in a purge box? Take a pic and show us your purge box.

Week 7, 8, & 9

We are finally in the home stretch, well at least some of you are. From this point on we should be finishing up on the purging and getting everything in its place. The best way to find out if you have organized things where they work best is to scrap something. Work in your room for a week and let us know how your organizing is working. Post your work too so we can leave some love.

If everything is working out great it's time to make your space your own. Many of you have already started the decorating process. But the end of the challenge and last three weeks we will be concentrating on decorating our spaces.

Week 10, 11 &12

The Final 3 weeks. It’s time to make your space your own and decorate with items that inspire you. The sky is the limit here. Have fun and please share the pics!!

List of players/organizers:

1. Joda
2. scrapbook girl
3. Bling Fairy Vivian
4. Scrappin Kitty
5. Scrappedupmom
6. JollyScrapper
7. Ande
8. Scrapinboyz
9. AshleyNicole*83
10. a pez4
11. doriscraps
12. Baby2Thousnd
13. briannasmom
14. ange
15. rwethairyet
16. CrazyScrapbooker

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In response to GrandmaG

Scraproom Album May-July 08


#1 Goal to be able to scrap in my room by June 1st to see if my plans work for me.

Large projectRemove all items out of closet. donePaint closet yellow. Add removable shelves for paper and ribbon storage.

Order 2 orange Chairs.

Computer Stuff:

Computer areaAnything that has to do with scrapbooking computer, or hooks up to computer, needs to be in this area. Done! Need to get some sort of system to manage the cords.
Photos – Burn all photos on system to CD’s. DONE!
Sketches – Burn all sketches to CD’s and condense current collection.DONE!
Wishblade FilesCombine and organize all files and burn to CD’s. Done!

Wet and Messy Stuff: (book shelf in front of scrapping desk)

Ink pads, and stampsBoth need to be in one location. Remove all rubber stamps from the blocks and mount in CD cases Done!
Foam stampsGet these all together in one location, preferably close to the paints. Done!
Paints and brushesCheck all paints and make sure they are not dried up. Done!
Embossing powder and gun – Keep these together in one location. Move embossing powders over to spice containers.Done!
Chalk and applicatorsKeep these together in one location.Done!

Dry Stuff:

AlphasGet all of the Alpha’s in one organized location, including Chipboard Alpha’s. (cubes)Done!
Stickers and Rub-onsGet all of these in one general location, separate by theme. (cubes or wall shelves)Done!
Chipboard embellishmentsGet all of these in one general location. (cubes)Done!
Other EmbellishmentsBrads, buttons, photo turns, hinges, etc… get these in one general location. (cubes and wall shelves)Done
Photos – All in one location. (cubes or wall shelves)
TrimmersThese need to be on or near the desk within reach.Done
Hand toolsThese need to be within reach, most used items on desk top. Done!
Paper cuttersBig machines like punches, dream kuts, binding machines, etc... all need to be in one area. Also all the accessories needed for these machines all need to be in one location close to these. (large book shelf and get a smaller bookshelf to put beside the large bookshelf) Done!
Idea BooksSort thru and put in one location. (bottom book shelves and cubes) Done!
PaperGo through the paper pull out the ugly that I will never use and toss it in the purge box. DoneAlter large paper holders for card stock. Purchase new black ones for card stock. (closet)have them temporary on tall book shelf
RibbonsGet them in one location. temporary location on book shelf(closet maybe)
Sewing machine, material and threadGet all of this in one location. (closet)Done!

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In response to GrandmaG

Scraproom Challenge Part 2 Album

(For those who want to see the progress I made during the first scraproom challenge, click HERE. )

When I am finished with a task I will change it to bold purple and post a picture.


Sort and organize my photos (Digital and Printed)


Sort and organize my software


Sort and organize my memorabilia and greeting cards


Organize wooden/foam stamps

Create Stamp book

Organize my negatives


Create Idea Book


Organize frames and photo corners drawer:


Find storage for my brads/eyelets boxes:


Buy and hang curtains


Iron my hanging ribbon and cut to 1 yard:


Find new storage for mat stacks:


Cover drawer fronts:


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scrapbook girl
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scrapbook girl
In response to Josiology

scraproom album

Here are my goals:

~Get journal for scraproom

~Build shelf for top of cs paper tray

~Do something w/ ribbon

~make wicker drawers even (they are about 1 1/2" unlevel)

~hang rod in closet

~build shelves for closet

~organize closet storage space

~make a 14" shelf to hold all of my albums!! I want to desplay them in the hallway.

~put wood work up.

~Make / buy shelf for Cricut carts.

~alter labels on blue and pink boxes.

Boxes for "stuff" new labels!
By Scrapbook Girl

~Alter Spice rack

~get more milk bottles.

~get a new table, bar hight.

~bar stools

~alter mini garbage box.

~alter Paint cans 4 storage.

~Alter coat rack

~Find a place for mm magnet board

~Wash all the walls down

~Touch up paint

~Wash mirrors

~Wash windows

~Clean screens

~Clean off desk and take out leaf

~Fix crown molding

~Hang a hook for small bags

~Alter ink pad storage

~Paint top of CS tray

Painted top of paper tay!!
By Scrapbook Girl

~Sell desk

Grey = decided not to do
Red = done

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Vivian loves BLING
In response to scrapbook girl

Vivian's Craft Room These are all the pix from over the years, literally. I've finally gotten the before pix up.


⌂ Make tables and get desk to proper height (current desk/table is bit too high and causing wrist problems for me)

⌂ Get 4x8 peg board, white, for deco scissors, hand punches and various other tools.

⌂ Stamping station to include heat gun and embossing powders. Use current smaller peg board for this station and the foam stamp boards. Make this station at standing height.

⌂ Set up painting station with paint spinner and brushes. Maybe UNDER the Stamping Station.

⌂ Get things ready to move into new space.

⌂ Get/make bar height tables for Sizzix (& future Cuttlebug), punches, circle & oval cutters, Fiskars Shaper Cutter, Blade runner & templates and for large trimmer.

⌂ Set up station for card stock for sale. Maybe under the Cutting Station?

⌂ Curtain rod for embellies
My scrap room By Marine-wife

⌂ Paint old desk white and move into space. Put my papers carts under these.

⌂ Set up a sewing area, for actually sewing on fabrics but available for scrappers. Set up ribbons and buttons in this area.

⌂ Set up storage areas for other people to leave their things.

⌂ Set up station for my computer. Use small rolling file cards for All-in-One. Make room for laser printer?

⌂ Fine light fixtures and/or use lamps with natural lights.

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Scrappin Kitty
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Scrappin Kitty
In response to Vivian loves BLING

~ get a power cord that has enough spots to allow me to not have to un plug the diffrent printers and camera charger
~transfer all of my pics from my computer to photobucket for storage.
~Scan in all of my pics not on the computer and put them on photobucket as well.
~instal photoshop
~ remove cabnet doors.
~go through fabric and get rid of most of it
~find better storage for ribbon/ flowers/ stamp pads/ wooden stamps/ embossing powders/ cuttle bug dies
~Make my dinning room presentable to company
~alter a clock and the word Hope for my area
~clean out and use at least 1/2 of my swap drawer
~go through all old mags and get out what I want, give away rest
~redo swap mail out basket
~get some of this stuff off of my desk
~purge ugly paper/ embelies
~go through paint and remove dried ones
~find diffrent contaners for glitter/purge ugly ones
~get EVERYTHING that is stored on the floor off.
~get rid of large stackable drawers, purge what was in them, finding a new home for ribbon, and swap goodies.
~ find a new home for dresser, and hopefully kids computer area. Replace with wall unit for storage.
~get all of my hard copy pics transfered to white photo boxes, sorted by family member
~transfer all of the ideas & tecniques in my sketch book to idea roledx for quick refrence.


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In response to Scrappin Kitty

Scraproom album May-July

clean off desktop
organize photos
start and alter an idea book
organize my drawers
clean out tool caddy
make a photo collage on the wall
put complete lo's into albums
organize ribbon
buy a trashcan
paint my homemade Clip It Up
buy some kind of shelving unit
Need to buy wood drawer for chipboard alpha's Ikea

I'm sure I'll be adding more goals as I clean out this room.

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Marking my spot, I will post goals this evening!

Wow Vickie you got in quick and ya better stay in!! hehehe

Hi Janet, Hi Joda! Few now I know I have got to get everything completed! Will post goals left, later.

If you would like to check out what I have completed in the first challenge click here!

Also, I have made a new album for part to as well, part 2! Thank you Joda for you collective late night thoughts! I love what you have done with your room thus far!

Hi everyone else that has joined!


Finish painting - the small wall where my tv is.
Ink pads, and stamps – Find a storage solution whether it is the cassette holder or some other logical storage. Maybe a art bin container, take the lid off and stand it up with inks upside down. Need rubber stamp storage not sure if I will take them off the blocks.
Foam stamps – Get an art bin for all my rubber stamps
Chipboard and Diecut - Purchase another art bin for my chip board and diecut letters
Flower Storage - I am thinking to make sure to get the 2 drawer cube and the deviders for my flower storage.
Stickers and Rub-ons – I think in altered ziplock bags
Chipboard embellishments – Get all of these in one general location. (cubes)
Other Embellishments – Purchase another
Trimmers – Need to figure out where to put my blade trimmer that will be easy to use and not in my way.
Hand tools – These need to be within reach, most used items on desk top. I bought a 12x12 sterlite container for my tools and much used supplies now I need to organize it.
Ribbons – Organize my candy jar of loose ribbon with floss cards. Use push pins to keep my spooled ribbon neat in my drawer.
Large Sterlite Drawers – after purchasing cubes for my desk move the large drawers to my black shelves.
Shelf for desk – try to figure out a way to add a shelf for my desk top for additional storage, not sure if this will work.
Organize and Archive Photo’s – I plan to add all my photo’s currently on my computer to my picasa web album for easy use, then archive them to cd’s.
Find a definite home for all my supplies – purchase metal sheet to hang for metal containers. Debating on purchasing a peg board.
Finish Altered Room Projects - to decorate my room and buy curtain and rod.

I am pretty sure that I will be adding more to my goals.

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In response to ReadySetDistress

I am "IN" again...

1..Finish removing rubber stamps and orgonizing them
2..Wash curtains and do some painting
3..redo one section of shelves.
4..clean out one corner that has become a "Junk Drawer"
5..go through paper and do more sorting
6..orgonize photos so I can find what I want.
7..Go through, orgonize, Fonts (28000+ I am not kidding) and delete the ones I don't like and put on CD's
8..Alter several items (to be picked out)
9..I'm sure I will come up with more "To Do's" befor this is over.

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In response to Vivian loves BLING

I'm going to give this a shot. DH is in the middle of painting our den aka my scrap area and I so need to do something...hope this will motivate me!

Scrapbook Room Album


Finish painting.
Move all scrap related stuff onto the one wall.
1. Organize pre-digital photos by date
2. Organize enlargements, pro/school, and printed digital by person and album
3. Organize digital photos on computer by date, event and/or person
4. Back up digital photos to disk and
5. Re-vamp organization to match computer
1. Birthday cards and other memorabilia by person, by year
2. Christmas cards and letters by year – separate the kids cards by person and year
3. Anniversary cards and other memorabilia by year
4. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards by year and layout – put in page protectors
5. Trips – separate into individual albums
6. School, Sport, and Artwork by person and year (sort, organize, purge!) ~this WILL have to happen AFTER the challenge as it's split between 2 states & I'm not sure when we'll get the rest of our stuff out of storage
7. Misc. memorabilia by album and/or layout (sort, organize, purge!) working on
Organize “work in progress”
1. Create kit for each project with a note of what is needed to finish I consider this done but am still adding to it
2. If have the supply needed to complete kit, pull and add to kit
3. Note any purchases needed to complete kit
4. Order photos needed to complete kit
5. Put kits in order of least to most work needed to complete and store in file box
Organize theme albums:
1. Father’s Day – add photos to page protectors where they go in album
2. Mother’s Day – add photos to page protectors where they go in album
3. Christmas – add photos to page protectors where they go in album
4. Reunion – organize memorabilia and order photos
5. Baby – finalize structure, organize memorabilia, create layout kits, and order photos
6. School – finalize structure, organize memorabilia, create layout kits, gather photos, and place in page protectors where they go in album ~this WILL have to happen AFTER the challenge as I've decided it needs to happen after I've dealt with the school paperwork, art, etc. and know what there is that I may want for each album, which as stated above is in 2 states at the moment

7. Sport – finalize structure, organize memorabilia, create layout kits, gather photos, and place in page protectors where they go in album
Create something to organize cards in
Organize digital kits working on
Organize Quotes and Poems in one space
Organize Sketches and Layout ideas in one space working on
Organize Scrapafrass papers
Create a space I want to be in every day! LOL already do and am but I'm not crossing it off until the decorating is done!

Can't wait to meet you all.

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In response to GrandmaG

Yeah! This is my first challenge! I'm definitely in!

To convert our office into my scraproom!Organize all of my stuff in 1 room (it's currently in 4 different locations).
Stop buying & start scrapping! Okay, to be quite honest I haven't completely stopped buying, but I've definitely slowed down & I've definitely started scrapping!

1. DONE!12 x 12 paper storage - out in the open so I can actually see what I have without digging through a huge stack in the closet!
2. In ProgressRibbon storage - currenty I don't have much ribbon to store, but what I do have is just thrown in a little rubbermaid box

3. Alter & label wood storage drawers from ikea

4. DONE!Put shelves up & get rid of some of my rubbermaid storage bins (the more storage I have, the more I seem to buy to fill it!)
I think that's it for now... we already redid the floor & painted last month so I don't want to give my DH too much more work to do!


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In response to AshleyNicole*83

im in! i will post my goals later! i have just started organizing and getting my scraproom together so hopefully this will motivate me!

New Kid On the Block
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In response to AshleyNicole*83

Ok...I'm in. This is my first challenge too, but I am inspired by all the beautiful Scraprooms out there. My brain is working overtime right now thinking of all the possibilities...

New Kid On the Block
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In response to swillsh

OOps. I got so excited I forgot to post goals.

1. Getting everything off the floor and that means the closet floor too.

2. Getting rid of old computer eqiupment to make room for Scrap table.

3. Oranizing everthing so that I can quit
personally encouraging the economy.

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In response to swillsh

I'm inspired as well! I was so excited this morning I actually took pictures of my current office SITUATION and posted them! Now I just have to finish clearing stuff out so my husband can get in hear to do the new flooring!!!

I have definitely been doing my part to personally stimulate the economy as well! LOL!

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In response to AshleyNicole*83

Here's a link to my  Scraproom  as of today!I'd like to join too! :)Although I've just started scrapbookiing.. I have a bunch of stuff.. but nothing that really warrants purging.. and I've sort of already started the transformation.. however I will try to find some before photos! or at least show the current space!My Goals:- a wrap around desk with several station.. - one for the computer/printer/cricut- a "messy station" glueing/embossing etc.- a station for cutting so i don't have to move my stuff around, with a basket attached to the end for the cuts.- I want tons of shelving and misc boxed/baskets etc to keep scraps in, - some nice 12x12 paper holders and a great colour scheme! :)- I want a large table sort of in the middle so I can keep a few layouts there as I go.. I'm so tired of having to move my layouts out of the way everytime I need to cut or draw or glue or whatever.. - organize ribbon- store stickles/inks/embossing powders etc..- Organize embellishments- take more pictures!!!- organize chipboard alphas and shapes- create an inspiration book- find a creative way to store scraps - find paper storage- organize photos on the computer into categories/dates.. not sure which yet.- organize thread/floss for stitching.

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In response to swillsh

  • swillsh Said:

3. Oranizing everthing so that I can quit
personally encouraging the economy.

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In response to doriscraps

Count me in again! I will think of some more goals!

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In response to doriscraps

I would like to participate! I'll post my goals later! Thanks!!

My scrap area Before.
This is my scrap area now 5-1-08 By Baby2Thousnd

Organized closet By Baby2Thousnd

Ribbon storage By Baby2Thousnd
Papmpered Chef utensil lazy susan By Baby2Thousnd
alterd lazy suzan By Baby2Thousnd
Drawers before By Baby2Thousnd
Containers after By Baby2Thousnd
clear stamp storage By Baby2Thousnd
My clean organized desk By Baby2Thousnd

    keep a clear desk when finished a lo/project
    better storage
    storage for ribbonsCricut storage
    Make covers for both cricut machines!
    Maybe paint wall behind my desk?
    Sort and organize my memorabilia
    Sort and organize my photos (Digital and Printed)
    Buy a trash can! lol

I know that there is more.

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In response to Baby2Thousnd

I'm so in and need all the help as I can get from you all. my scrap room is shared with my bed lmao.

as far as goals
organize better
make my space more my own and cozy.

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