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Username Post: All done for this month!!!! June Anything Goes - Congrats to the Winners        (Topic#1464985)
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Welcome to June! It's time for another fun month of AGC!! We will have daily challenges, weekly challenges, weekly photo challenges and a monthly challenge.

Only pages that are completed and uploaded on or after June 1 count towards your total points and layouts.

If you are playing for points/prizes please send me $8.00 via USPS no later than June 15th. Please mail to Jessica Chaney, 6749 Barnes Drive West, Theodore, AL 36582.

Or you can pay via PayPal by sending money to [email protected] . If you choose to pay this way, you must pay $8.55 to cover paypal fees.

PRIZES: Gift certificates to !

**Prize Categories**

1 - Most points overall - no matter what your goal was or how many layouts you complete, if you have the most points at the end of the month, then you win this category...

2 - Most points 10 or less layouts - if you set your goal for 10 or less layouts and complete 10 or less layouts for the month, then you are eligible for this category - if you complete more than your goal of 10 (or less) then congrats to you, but that moves you to the other categories...

3 - Person who sets the highest goal (AND meets that goal) - we all like to be challenged to get layouts completed every month - if you set the highest goal, and meet or exceed your goal, then you win this category...

4 - Random drawing of everyone who meets their goal - very simple, meet your goal and I will put all names into a hat at the end of the month and draw

***** You will only be eligible for prizes having met your LO goal. You can only win in one of the first three categories, but everyone has a fair chance for the random drawing.*****

Count your layout according to the following list:

8x8 or above= 1 layout (2 pagers count as 2 layouts)

2 6x6 = 1 layout

4 mini layouts (3x3, 4x4 etc.)= 1 layout

***Cards do not count toward your layout goal, but you can count points for them***

I know some of you like to alter items, and you make things other than layouts and cards, so you can count them as "layouts" based on the amount of work in them. If you aren't sure how many to count, just ask!

*A note for people who'd like to play for prizes, but not keep track of points; as long as you link/post your layouts to the thread, you can still be eligible for the other categories of prizes!

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In response to CrazyScrapbooker


Layout/Project points:

- PER word of journaling (does NOT include title, quotes, poetry or pre-made embellies)
- PER photo corner
- PER eyelet
- PER button
- PER staple
- PER any other metal item not listed above (brads, paper clips, etc.)
- PER loose jewel/rhinestone used
- PER die cut, stamped, chipboard, or sticker alpha/number — alpha s in title only

- PER cardstock/pattern paper used
- PER scripture, quote or poem (includes song lyrics)
- PER chipboard shape (NOT letters or numbers)
- PER card or swap item (full points for first, 5 pts for each identical one)
- PER stamped image (not including alphabets or numerals)
- PER layout smaller than 8x8 (must have a link in this forum)
- PER ribbon and/or fiber used (includes all types of fibers)
- PER rub-on
- PER flourish/swirl
- PER 3D flower
- PER bling shape/border/words (not individual jewels)
- for using scallops on your layout
- for having a tag (hidden or showing)
- for using felt items
- for using vellum
- for having a journaling block OR journaling strips
- for creating a LO for another challenge here at (must tell which challenge it was for)
- for using paint, chalk, ink or embossing on your layout or card
- for following a sketch, or scraplifting a member of this month’s AGC
- for using ghost items (alphas or shapes)
- for doodling
- for paper tearing
- for using non-scrapbook items on your page (includes memorabilia other than pics)
- for using the following themes: Beach, Swimming, Daddy or Hubby
- for having hidden pics or journaling—to take these points, you must include a close up of the hidden items in your gallery and link

- PER 8x8 or larger layout (must have a link in this forum)
- PER altered item created (must have a link in this forum)
- PER mini-album created (may still take points per page)
- for using hand-cut embellies (that you cut out w/ scissors)
- for using overlays
- for using handwritten journaling on your page (or 20 pts for 50+ wds)
- for creating a layout entirely about Yourself (you must be the only person pictured on page)
- for sewing (hand or machine)
- for using bling (Rhinestones, glitter etc.)
- for doing a layout with no pictures
- for putting embellies or journaling on the photograph (actually on, not just overlapping)


- PER picture (4 pics = 20 pts.)
- PER person or animal in pic
- PER picture over 5 years old OR less than one month old
- PER black & white or sepia toned picture

- PER picture that YOU are in
- PER picture with NO people or animals in it
- PER photo larger than 4x6
- for single page LO w/ 3+ pics
- for double page LO w/10+ pics


- PER comment in a gallery/blog/my place
- PER new photo taken by you, posted to gallery and linked to this thread

- PER any BLOG entry (must have a link to this forum)
- For updating your siggy points & layouts info IMMEDIATELY after posting points
- For cleaning up your scrap area after you completed the posted layout

Scrapbook Challenges:

These can be completed at your own pace unless otherwise stated, but earn an extra 10 points if completed on that day.

June 1 – Set up your siggy line with layout and points total - 100 points if done today! done after today, 30 points.
June 2 - Got tags? Use at least one tag on your layout. It can be showing or hidden (but remember to link a pic if its hidden) - 20 points.
June 3 - Paper edgers... use some type of edged paper on your layout... can be store-bought or made by you (scissors, tearing, fancy trimmers) - 30 points.
June 4 - Leftovers - make a layout using only scraps - can be cardstock and/or pattern paper - 50 points.
Jun 5 - Love it? Wish you never bought it? Load up the superstore with product reviews. Earn 10 points per review, but be sure to post which products you have reviewed.
June 6 - Ribbons... Make a layout using only ribbons as embellies... can use cardstock, but no stickers, buttons, brads, eyelets, jewels, pattern paper, nothing! Just cardstock and ribbon... be creative! You can use stickers, rub-ons, stamps, etc. alphas only for a title. Worth 75 points. BONUS - use 10 or more different ribbons for an extra 25 points!
June 7 - April showers, May flowers... in June! Create a layout or card with flowers (stamps, rub-ons, diecuts, 3D, ghost, any type of flower)... 30 points.
June 8 – Let’s be patriotic… create a red, white, and blue layout… no other colors allowed… 50 points.
June 9 - Monochromatic… do a layout using all the same colors, but they can be various shades of that color, but all in the same color family. 40 points.
June 10 - Make a layout or card using 10 or more staples (any color) for 25 points.
June 11 - Make a Father's Day card for 30 points.
June 12 - Eyelets... use from that stash... 20 or more eyelets for 45 points.
June 13 - Use 3 or more printed/patterned papers on your layout for 50 points.
June 14 – Punches (diecut shapes)... use at least 5 punches (or diecut shapes) on a layout or card for 30 points.
June 15 - Wish daddy and/or hubby a Happy Father's Day and give yourself 100 free points!
June 16 - Stamps... use 5 or more stamped images on your layout for 40 points.
June 17 – Resources… add a cooking/grilling quote or poem or title to the resource forum for 15 points.
June 18 – Buttons… use 12 or more buttons on your layout for 30 points… 30 or more buttons gets you 50 points.
June 19 – Doodle on your card or layout for 20 points.
June 20 - Happy 1st day of SUMMER!! Get out your sunscreen and take the day off! 200 free points IF posted today! 100 free if posted later…
June 21 – Use rubons on a layout or card for 30 points.
June 22 - Brads... 10 or more brads on your layout will earn you 45 points... extra 5 points per brad that is not round or square.
June 23 – Catch up day – double points for any comments made today!
June 24 - Make a birthday card. (can takeextra 10 points if done on June 25) 30 points.
June 25 - Use a one word title on your layout for 45 points.
June 26 - Make your own pattern paper for 50 points.
June 27 - Do a layout using something layered (flowers, diecut shapes, paper, etc.) you choose what to layer... 50 points.
June 28 - Use chalk on your layout or card for 20 points.
June 29 - Make a "summery" themed card... 45 points.
June 30 - 3 part "challenge"
1. 5 points for every layout completed over your goal.
2. 50 points for PMing me your final numbers for the month (layouts and points totals).
3. 50 FREE points, because you ladies ROCKED this challenge this month!! WOOOHOOOO!!!

Monthly Scrapbook Challenge
Must be uploaded/linked by midnight, your time, on June 30th.

Do you tend to use the same techniques/products on your layouts over and over again... sometimes you have a scrappers block and can't figure out something new to do... Well I have a solution to that...

I've seen an example posted about making a small box that holds little cards... on these cards are listed different techniques or embellishments that you could use on a page... when you get this scrappers block and just don't know what to add to your page, just reach in your box and pull out a card or two or three and make your layout using the techniques/embellies that your cards say...

Here are the examples:
This is the box,
Altered Jello Box for Techniques

These are the cards for the inside,
Technique Challenge Cards

You can count points for your cards and your box based on the points list. This is a little involved, so I'm allowing you to count this as 2 layouts towards your goal... It will also be worth 500 points, in addition to the points for each card.

1. CrazyScrapbooker 1/10 and 2437
2. Senora_x 73/30 and 12891 - MOST POINTS OVERALL
3. Pookahbot 14/36 4965
4. BJscrapsalot 6/30 and 3230
5. cporter 10/10 and 3959
6. Gabigabs 10/10 and 11856
7. iheartaslan 10/10 and 13843 :bigrin: MOST POINTS 10 OR LESS LAYOUTS
8. Robinbird79 25/15 and 5120
10. GypsyMama 10/10 and 4545
11. 2lilbugs 23/15 and 7542
12. CGMoon 10/10 and 5218
13. Teresakay 10/30 and 1062
14. colbycheesecat 3/30 and 665
15. Msnickers2 41.5/30 and 8198
16. ScrappyNewMom 47/35 and 5557
17. jjfer 31/30 and 10278
18. _courtney_ 16/35 and 5299
19. blue elephant 36/15 and 11506
20. B2Hearts 9/7 and 2714
21. sugarcrystalz 7/5 and 1621
22. livn4change 50/50 and 13484 - SET AND MET HIGHEST GOAL
23. angel debi 18/10 and 6288
24. BootSctn4Fun 9/10 and 2641
25. loveangelmommy – motivational
26. lv2scrpbk – motivational

- $$ received
- goal met

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In response to CrazyScrapbooker

I'm in! I will challenge myself this month and say 10 pages!

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In response to senora_x

i'll play! i think i'm going to REALLY challenge myself and go for 15 layouts. *gulp*
jess, i'd rather mail the fee to you. will you pm me your address? =)

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In response to Pookahbot

you know Im in again.. still thinking on how many I want to commit to this month though. It took alot of work for me to get to 31 in May!

points for...
using supplies older than 6 months

do away with OR clearer point rules for
Outside the Box
photo altering

I also think someone shouldnt be able to post one pic, take points for updating siggy, then right away post another one and points for updating siggy again. Same with comments. Ive seen posting for like 10 comments on its own post then an hour later another one for posting 10 more comments. I could see if it was once a day OR when posting a layout.

Also, if you are going to have days to play catch up on missed challenges I think it would be fairer to have it a revisit past challenges day. It is like a punishment the other way of you already did the other challenges.

Okay.. I'll get down off my soap box now.

Will think more on challenges and items for the list. Thanks much for hosting this again Jess, it's a great encouragement to get things done!

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In response to BJscrapsalot

my $$ just went pay pal to ya Jess

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In response to BJscrapsalot

Hi, I would like to play this month, I will send payment via paypal

1 – my goal is 10 layouts
2 – I haven't played since Nov so I'm interested to see what points are for, no suggestions really
3 – I like blog challenges, its probably the only time I actually utilize that area of the site.
4 – for the monthly challenge suggestion...not sure, maybe something about Father's day, that would sure help me to get a page done on the subject

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In response to BJscrapsalot

ok, so here's the deal, let me know if its ok. I like to come up with the points stuff cause my brain is really numbery and I just like that stuff. However, if I pay the money and compete for points, I get really competitive and will work on los until I am always ahead. Well, in the month of June, I really should not be scrapping. I should be packing and and sorting, not scrapping. So what I am thinking is that on the los I do, I can count up points and share for no apparent reason other than just to share (I know I don't need to count points then, but I like that, I'm crazy). I can also update you all on how I am doing on teh cleaning and sorting ideas! lol Oh yeah, to husband found out a week ago we are transfering to Chicago in a month as opposed to moving to Nebraska in December so things are moving way faster than we had planned. Anyway, would that be okay? Sorry for teh LONG message!

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In response to taeklund

Hi Ladies,

I have checked this challenge out a few times, but I have never joined. Mainly because I am just not quite sure what to do! Let me see if I get the drift...

You can accumulate points based on things you do (layouts, keeping your points updated in your signature, and that's about all I really know). Is there a point goal we are working toward? How do we know how many points to give ourselves?

If you wouldn't mind, just a bit more explanation for me would be just great. Thanks so much!

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In response to Meak72

I like the way this challenge has always been run and the update siggy thing I thought was only get points on that when you update your siggy in the very beginning of the month. Like Mine still said Dec I would update it to say June AGC and I would take points for that update ONLY. I like the fact I can take points for all the comments on LOs I make and would hate if that were capped off. I don't feel that you should get points for simply posting on threads but only on comments to blogs, pages, and when you tell someone hi in thier my place comments.

I love the daily challenges and the fact that we all live very busy lives and can't always get to that days challenges and that we can do them as we can fit them into our lives. I hope that NEVER changes.

With that being said, I would like to play this month now that my computer is back up and running and I need you to PM me your addy.

I want to try 12 pages and points for using stamps (not alphas) I have tons of stamps and need to get my moneys worth out of them.
Also points for getting 5 or more pics on a page.

What about getting points for using sketches. I have a huge binder full of sketches I have printed from various sites or monthly kit clubs. I am in so many I can't even count and I haven't used but one kit in the year I have signed up.

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In response to jazzescrapper

I'm in and as my goal will be 10 layouts.

I notices BJ's comments regarding signature updates and absolutely agrre that it should not be allowed to take points that way. i mean if you want to post layout, than few pics hour later , than a card another hour later, that's perfectly fine but the siggy point should be limited to once a day. I really don't think there is a need to update siggy more than that.

Also would like to asked about the stamped image points since I want to make sure I'm adding them correctly. I really like the category - makes me use my stamp and find creative way to use them - so I definitely would like to see points for stamped images again but how does it work ets say if I have a frame and stamp the same flower in every corned. The point list say 5 point per stamped image. Would I get 20 points - it is stamped 4 times - or only 5 points since it is the same image.

Thank you.

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In response to Gabigabs

WOW! Gone for a few hours and there are some great suggestions here... I will get you ladies added! Thanks so much for joining us for June

Julie - so glad you are joining us again this month! I'm sure you are glad that school is out

Genie - glad to have you!

BJ - so happy you are playing again! Thanks for your input! Received your $$$, just don't forget to let me know about your layout goal!

Celena - glad to have you join us! Received your $$$ too! Father's Day is a good suggestion - thanks!

Anne - you are more than welcome to play for prizes without counting points - forgot to add that to the first post!

Carrie - PM'd you some more info - if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask! I hope that you decide to join us!

Sue - glad your computer is back up and running! Added you to the players list! Thanks for your suggestions too!

Gabi - so glad you are playing again! As long as they are separate stamps, then you would get 5 points per each time you stamped the page - for images... alphabet stamps would only count as 1 point.

I am updating the post with players names and layout totals... I will post my address in the first post for those of you that need to snail mail your $$$.

Thanks everyone for joining!

Megan Ann
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Megan Ann
In response to CrazyScrapbooker

i will play...get back to you on LO goal after i see whether or not i make this month's

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In response to Megan Ann

Megan - thanks for joining us again for June... I will get you added just as soon as I get home...

gotta runto my moms and finish some letters for my cousin's new baby

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In response to CrazyScrapbooker

Ok I'm back in on this challenge. This is one of my favorite ones. I haven't been around really since Dec. So now school is out here I will have more time to scrap.
As far as points go I'm game for anything. So I will say 5 pages for my goal.

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In response to lv2scrpbk

Is it too late to join in for June? I'll come up with a LO goal once I see if I can get in.

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In response to lv2scrpbk

Just thought of something. I have tons of punches in my drawer but arely use them. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Maybe we could get points for punched shapes.What do you ladies think?

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In response to Gabigabs

Martha - thanks for joining! Will get you added!

Robin - its not too late! I just posted this today! Would love to have you join us!

Gabi - thats a great idea! That could be a daily challenge!

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In response to CrazyScrapbooker

OK, thanks to Jessica's PM, I think I get it now. I would love to join! This sounds like lots of fun.

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In response to Meak72

Forgot my layout goal. I think I will try 10.

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