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Username Post: Teaching People To Smile vs. Hide!        (Topic#1505271)
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eh. there is always nature. lol

or catch them off guard

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My MIL doesn't like to have her photo taken at all.

My aunt has a tendency to take photos that are... inappropriate.

I might be the most shy person I know around a camera... but I will let people take my photo if absolutely necessary.

And unless it is a group shot, I normally don't say too much of anything before taking a photo. I just snap.

As for ways to get people to loosen up or even let me take the photo, I have a couple of ideas:

Remind the person (probably only works for adults) that they aren't getting any younger or most likely thinner than they are at that moment. Depressing but true.

And the second thing I've found that will let you take good photos of people is a mascot. I often travel with a trip mascot. You would be surprised how many people will let me snap their photo and even look pleased about it, when you hand them a silly stuffed animal to pose with. I even used this last idea (sort of anyway) at a family get together. I have two round smiley face pillows in my house (where the gathering was). I demonstrated to the kids that they would look especially silly if they each posed holding one in front of their faces. I took a photo to show them. Of course then, a second photo with their faces revealed was also necessary. Eventually, everyone did it and had fun with it. (My MIL wasn't present though.)

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The mascot idea is a good one, I will have to try that.
Love scrapping, not so much love the photo taking part. I am pretty lucky though, my family is so used to me snapping pics that they tend to ignore me for the most part. Or they are pretty good sports about it because they know I will not go away.

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Sassy Suzi
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On camera shy, I tell them to either let me get a good photo or they wont like the one that I will get when they least expect it. Amazing how they can pose so pretty then.

Kids doing the silly gestures like picking their nose etc, I just walk away and refuse to take their photos. They tend to act normal then.

With groups you tell the to pose for a great photo and after you get a good one, then they all can do something silly for the last photo.

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