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that you find the perfect lace to use on a LO...but it's in the form of clothing. How would you go about dismantling the garment so you could use the lace as desired?

The uneducated part of my brain wants to just dive in and cut it up. Should I start with the hems? What would you do?

ACK, YOU SAW ME!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear to GOD I only cut a SMALL piece of that lace,,,,ok, TWO small pieces,,,,,,,,off the SHOULDERS of that teddy bear's dress,,,,,,,,,my DD won't even MISS it,,,,,,

you can't even tell I cut it,,,,,,all that gorgeous lace on that teddy bear's dress and it's going to WASTE because all that bear does is sit in the bottom of a toy box!!!!!!!!!!

What could two TINNNNNNNNNNY pieces matter?? I mean really, it was the PERFECT lace to add just the teeeeeeeensiest bit of lacieness to my calendar,,,,,,,I just needed a teeeeeeeeeeeeensie bit of different lace,,,,,,,,,,

just two teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeensie snips with the scissors,,,,,,,,,and,,,,, ,,

she'll never know,,,,,,,,,,,

you won't tell on me will you, Anne???????

My lips are sealed!

Oh, and as soon as my wedding was over, I wanted to rip that dress to pieces. Eventually, I would have made something from it but just ripping it apart would have felt good, too. I attached too many moments of frustration to that infernal thing!

Leslie Guerrero
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Leslie Guerrero
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OMG you girls are too funny!

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shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Andrea, if I did a LO on it, honeypie, my dd would FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and for the sake of shalom in the home,,,,we are PRAYING SHE NEVER FINDS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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