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Username Post: October No Shopping Challenge-Active and Closed        (Topic#1516547)
Vivian loves BLING
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Vivian loves BLING

Only post once if you're signing up. All questions and discussions can go to the September No Shopping Challenge thread.

Trying something new for October. Same rules as before but each person has to track their own stats.

Very simple. Sign up for how many layouts and/or cards you think you can get done in September without buying anything while getting those pages done.

Getting adhesives or photo development (inks & photo papers for printers) don't count against you.

Starts September 1st, unless you state before hand a different start time for yourself (now or later in the month). Then you scrap, scrap, scrap!

========================= =======
Some clarifications:

This challenges is about learning or exercising self-control more than anything else. It's also on the honor system. No one is gonna check your bank statements or your stash or your other posts to see if you've "goofed" or "cheated."

Gifts and gift cards for sb stuff do NOT count against you. You're not spending recklessly. But do try to use gift cards with thought and purpose.

It helps to have clear goals of what you would want to buy when you reach your layout goal. Just like trying to eat healthy or dieting, you don't want to binge/gorge on food when you reach your weight loss goal. So being deliberate in your shopping is another goal for this challenge.

Above all else, have fun with this challenge. Make it into whatever game in your head or scrapping so you'll want to continue doing these things even if you don't sign up for other similar challenges.

The true goal of scrapbooking is scrapbooking, NOT shopping/buying or hoarding pretty papers and embellishments. I know that for some time for me, it was about shopping and buying more than getting pages done. So this is why I joined other similar groups and started these monthly challenges, too.

========================= ======
First and foremost, this should be fun. If it starts getting to be too much, don't do it. Take a breather or state you're bowing out for the month. It's okay.

Second most important thing is not buying for buying's sake. Being deliberate in what you buy. No shopping for therapeutic reasons, learn to scrap or exercise or something that's healthier and less money and guilt involved.

Thirdly to create pages and projects.

Lastly, to encourage each other here.

No guilt with buying stuff either. If you goof, you goof. Get over it and learn and reset.


Here's a mini challenge if anyone wants to try it:

Find the oldest item you have bought but not used yet. It can be papers or embellishment. Put it on your work area and use it THIS month!!!

Or if it's really something you'll never use, not enjoy using, give it away! or trade it! You can post a photo of it and see what others have to get rid of.

========================= ===

************************* *******
Since everyone's gallery it automatically linked under their avatar, that's won't be necessary.

So I was thinking something like this:

20 layouts

10 card

To start with then as pages and cards get made

20 layouts
1. Title of your 1st layout
2. Title of your 2nd layout

10 card
1. Birthday Card
2. Get Well

Just link without the images since all those images on those first pages of the October thread will cause loading problems when we update our goals.

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Vivian loves BLING
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Vivian loves BLING
In response to Vivian loves BLING

My goal is 80 layouts

I'm way behind on my year's goal and will try to make even more.


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Nancy Keslin
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Nancy Keslin
In response to Vivian loves BLING

I'm in...finished last months layouts and then once again binged. LOL..ok, well, didn't binge yet, but thinking about it! hee hee

Better up me to 15 layouts. Less likely to finish that way!

1. Cheer
2. Bowling 4 Birthday
3. Carved (pg 1)
4. Carved (pg 2)
5. growing too fast
6. beach fun
7. make a wish
8. you are a miracle
9. fun stuff
10. let's make a deal 1
11. let's make a deal 2
12. beach bliss
13. play
14. soda pop science

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In response to Vivian loves BLING

Viv I'm in for 5 LOs. I am looking and will buy MS loops punch if I can find it. I will
hope for more LOs.
Glad your back Viv.

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In response to mollydog

I'm in for 50 pages (some of those will be pages of cards for my other scrapbooks) and 5 cards- need to get started making my Christmas cards!

Also, I'm holding off on my September shopping because there is one item I want to order that will not be in stock until mid-October. I'm going to wait to order to save on shipping costs. I'm not going to cheat, though- I have a very specific list for that order and won't be adding anything to it between now and then!


1. Sweet 16 (left)
2. Sweet 16 (right)
4. Love & Cherish (left)
5. Love & Cherish (right)
6. Once Upon a Time (left)
7. Once Upon a Time (right)
8. Jon & Beth
9. Louisville Zoo (left)
10. Louisville Zoo (right)
11. Project 365: September 6-12 (left)
12. Project 365: September 6-12 (right)
13. Project 365: September 13-19 (left)
14. Project 365: September 13-19 (right)
15. Wild Things (left)
16. Wild Things (right)
17. Happy Birthday Dad (left)
18. Happy Birthday Dad (right)
19. Sneaky Boy (left)
20. Sneaky By (right)
21. Project 365: September 20-26 (left)
22. Project 365: September 20-26 (right)
23. Project 365: September 27 - October 3 (left)
24. Project 365: September 27 - October 3 (right)
25. Project 365: October 4-10 (left)
26. Project 365: October 4-10 (right)
27. "Comfortably Unfashionable" mini album (part 1)
28. "Comfortably Unfashionable" mini album (part 2)
29. "Comfortably Unfashionable" mini album (part 3)



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In response to scrappyJedi

Hi Viv, I'm in again for October..same as Sept., 10 LO's, and 5 cards. I am looking for the MS loop punch so if I can find it, I'm going to purchase.

Thanks for hosting again!

6/10 LO's:
1. Summer of Smiles
2. You 2 Are Special People
3. Brave Girl
4. Oper. Enduring Freedom
5. Happiness is Family
6. Our Story

6/5 Cards:
1. Peace
2. Autumn
3. Autumn 2
4. HoHoHO
5. Merry Christmas
6. Jesus..Reason for the Season

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In response to KrickleScraps

I'm in.
10 LOs

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In response to Bubblegirl

I'm in. Only going for to go for five layouts this month. These next few months tend to be very busy at school.

1. Sweet 2413337.h...

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In response to LilacGal

I'm in. I really need to get busy on my layouts, although I find cards to be more fun sometimes.. 10 layouts, 5 ATC cards.

Layouts 3/10
1. Never go on trips
2. Aesop's Fables
3. Art is Created...

ATC Cards 7/5 DONE!!
1-3. Gingerbread ATCs
4-6. Christmas ATCs
7. Santa Express ATC

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Mrs. Gibbs
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Mrs. Gibbs
In response to JustJenScraps

I'm in again. 10 cards & 10 lo's. I only have 2 more weekends of work so I should be able to get more done.

I am going to buy the fall glimmer mist set but that's all for Oct. I have plenty of everything else!

1 & 2: Bride & Groom
2 & 3: Bride & Groon

1. Sew Cool
2. Happy Birthday

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In response to Mrs. Gibbs

im in for about 10

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In response to Mia1979

I'm back in for October. I took September off to stock up. :-) I'll only get my monthly kit clubs (SEI and Unity Stamp Co.) this month.

I'll do 20 lo's.

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In response to kristen622

I am in again for 10 los.
1. Trick or Treat
2. 8 Months
3. Drive My Car
4. So Little Time
5. Getaway
6. So Many Hats
7. Ticket 2 Ride
8. Deputy
9. The Daycare Provider
10. Go Huskies

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In response to SwtTxT

I really love the SPIRIT behind this one...and I know that I am just as much addicted to the collecting aspect of scrapbooking as I am to the actual hobby... please sign me up!

I think I need to do 12 layouts to complete all my challenges but I want to put down for 10 bc I think that is going to be pushing it...

1. Who Needs a Bathtub?
2. My Girl
3. Sweet Heart
4. Happy
5. Spring in Copenhagen
6. At Nanny's House
7. Stockholm, Sweden
8. Nanny's missing glasses
9. Kindergarten
10. St. Augustine, FL

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In response to TurtleLove

I'm in for 5 layouts, 2 cards. The MS loops punch won't be shipping until mid-October according to the MS web site so I guess the 15th is my due date.

I like the idea of tracking out own stats Viv, that is too much work for you!
1.Instant Love
2.First Communion
3.Happy New Year
5. Swinger
6. Stir Fry
7. Slate
8. Perfect Harmony
1. "Hi"
2. "Boo"

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In response to LotsToScrap

I am in again. I really need to watch my spending and working at Archivers is not going to help. I am going to go with 10 layouts this month.

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In response to godschild94

Im here!!

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In response to scrappinmomto2girls

Viv - As always, I am in again!!!!

12 lo's and 5 cards!! OMG - I changed my goals, whatever will I do!! Up in lo's but down in cards!!!
1. 1st Halloween
2. God Knows
3. Curiosity
4. Love @ 1st Sight page 1
5. Love @ 1st Sight page 2
6. Gaze
7. Changing Seasons
8. Game Day
9. Dream
10.The Look
12.Miracles to the 3rd power

1. Happy Birthday to you (Jacque)
2. Happy Birthday (Jessica)
3. Thanks
4. Happy Birthday (Sarah)
5. Hoo loves U?
6. Bouquet of Flowers

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In response to TripletMother

Viv, my goal is 20 LOs before I go shopping for more supplies


1. Fascination
2~3. Project 365 - Week 33
4. Picnic
5. A Sunny Day
6~7. Disneyland 2007

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Miss CA
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Miss CA
In response to Scrappin_baby

count me in. Just with 5 Lo's and we'll see how many I actually get done.

1. Fairy Princess
2. Aria pg 1
3. Aria pg 2
4. Voth Christmas pg 1
5. Voth Christmas pg 2
6. Zwarich Christmas pg 1
7. Zwarich Christmas pg 2
8. Somebody has to be the cutest
9. Brother and sister...
10. Jan 2007
11. Dream
12. Water Baby
13. Boys will be Boys
14. beans, beans
15. Valentine's Day
16. Wonder
17. I'm on the PHONE!
18. Vintage
19. The animals go marching 2 by 2...
20. Best of Friends pg 2

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