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Username Post: ~*~January~*~Anything Goes Challenge***Sign Ups Open til 1/10/10!        (Topic#1523389)
Megan Ann
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Megan Ann

JANUARY is on the way! Time for sign ups!

Are you ready for an exciting month of challenges that will spark your creativity and make you to step outside your comfort zone by challenging you to try variety of techniques? You may even complete that project you always wanted to finish. If so, welcome to JANUARY's Anything Goes Challenge!

As usual, we will enjoy daily challenges, weekly challenges, weekly photo challenges and a monthly challenge.

SIGN-UPS will be open until JANUARY 10th.

If you are playing for points/prizes please send me $8.00 via USPS no later than JANUARY 15th. If you don't want to pay, you can always play motivational (but you won't be eligible for the prizes).

Please mail to:
Megan A. Walker
DURHAM, NC 27705-3606

Alternately you can pay via PayPal by sending money to
[email protected]
If you select this method, you will have to pay $8.55 to cover PayPal fees but that’s not that bad considering a stamp would cost you $0.44

Only pages that are NEWLY completed and uploaded on or after JANUARY 1st count towards your total points and layouts. This challenge ends on JANUARY 31st at 11:59 PM PST. All LOs, cards, pics, or other projects to be counted for points or towards your LO goal must be uploaded to your gallery AND linked to this thread with your point details. Going forward all daily/weekly/monthly pics, LOs and point details must be posted to the thread by the deadline which is Sunday 12 midnight PST.

PRIZES: Gift certificates to!

**Prize Categories**
(prize amounts will be based upon the number of players)

1 - Most points overall - no matter what your goal was or how many layouts you complete, if you have the most points at the end of the month, then you win this category...

2 - Most points 10 or less layouts - if you set your goal for 10 or less layouts and complete 10 or less layouts for the month, then you are eligible for this category - if you complete more than 10 LOs then congrats to you, but that moves you to the other categories...

3 - Most points 11-25 LOs. If you set your goal for 11-25 layouts and complete your goal of 11-25 layouts for the month, then you are eligible for this category - if you complete more than 25 LOs then congrats to you, but that moves you to the other categories...

4 – Most daily challenges completed - I will post a new challenge everyday and if you do them, keep track of how many you complete, then you will be eligible for a prize at the end of the month. If there is a tie, then there will be a drawing. (To be eligible for this category, please start a blog at to list your challenges completed.) Daily challenges are meant to be completed on a layout, a card, or an altered project. There will be few day specific challenges but generally you will be able to complete those challenges at your own pace and you may combine several of them on a same layout, card, or altered project.

5 – Random drawing of everyone who meets their goal - very simple, meet your goal and I will put all names into a hat at the end of the month and draw one name.

***** You will only be eligible for prizes having met your LO goal. You can only win in one category.*****

Layouts are counted towards your goal in the following manner:

*8x8 or above (6x12, 8.5x11, 12x12) = 1 layout (2 pagers count as 2 layouts)
*2 6x6 = 1 layout
*3 4x6=1 layout
*4 mini layouts (3x3, 4x4 etc.)= 1 layout
*Cards do not count toward your layout goal, but you can count points for them*

Altered items and other projects can be counted as "layouts" based on the amount of work in them. If you aren't sure how many to count, just ask!

**A note for people who'd like to play for prizes, but not keep track of points; as long as you link/post your layouts to the thread, you can still be eligible for categories 3 & 5 of prizes!**


When you post your cards, LOs, or altered projects please post all points details inculding any daily, weekly, or monthly challenges you are counting them for.

Megan Ann
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Megan Ann
In response to Megan Ann


Money Received=

MelissaW 25/15 GOAL MET!!!20593 pts 29DCs
JMorales 58/20 GOAL MET!!! 21157 pts 31 DCs
northernmemories 28/15 GOAL MET!!! 14980 pts 31DCs
Inspired.By.Love 8/6 GOAL MET!!! 14185 Pts 31 DC's
iheartaslan 7.5/4 GOAL MET!!! 10565 pts 22DCs
pookie09 34/20 GOAL MET!!! 9859 pts
JayAndXansMom 10/10 LOs GOAL MET!!! 3454 pts 6DCs
2lilbugs 7/6 GOAL MET!!! 4514pts 15DCs
scrapriquez 23/20 GOAL MET!!! 14466pts 27 DC's

AmandaTina 21/20 GOAL MET!!! 11,916 pts 24DC's
jadecook 24/20 GOAL MET!!! 12877 pts 26DCs
senora_x 18/15 GOAL MET!!!9481 pts 21DCs
B2Hearts 21/15 GOAL MET!!! 6855 pts 9 DCs
scrappitymom 23/15 GOAL MET!!! 11865pts 19dc
sgrcookie 13/10 GOAL MET!!! 5,368 pts 16 DCs

kayla-upsidedown 0/25
scrappitymom 0/15
Quay 0/10
Mrs.Coder 6/20 4,286 pts
jjfer 0/10
carnese 0/10
princessvespa3 0/20
Margy 0/40
MommyMarci 0/12
cschissell 0/15

TOTAL MONEY: $192.00

jamariel 0/10
scrapinbabygal 0/20
KCScrapDiva 0/20
ammielou 0/25
00elly00 0/15
ScrappyNewMom 0/10

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Megan Ann
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Megan Ann
In response to Megan Ann

~*~Daily Challenges~*~
Each day a new challenge will be posted. These challenges can be done at your own pace unless specified in the challange. These can easily be incorporated into any card or LO. You can take +10 pts for completing the challenge on the same day it was posted.

1/1: Let's start off the year with an easy one: Set up your signature line and daily challenges blog for +110 pts.

1/2:For today, tell me what you did on New Year's DAY (yesterday) in a 75 word blog (please use your blog if at all possible so everyone can comment on it) for +100 pts. Use that blog as journaling on a LO about what you did for the 1st day of the New Year for an additional +50 pts. So you can just do the blog for +100 pts OR you can do the blog and use it as journaling on the LO (but you still have to post it as a blog) for +150 pts total.

1/3: Go to and pick out a sketch to create a LO with. Once you have created that LO and posted it here with the sketch you used take +225 pts.

1/4:My favorite challenge! Change your avatar for 50 pts. Use your new picture on a LO for 100 extra points!

1/5: Today is National bird day. Use a bird on a LO for 80 pts.

1/6: Use something new on your layout or card. It doesn't have to be something new you bought, it can also be anything in your life that is new. (or in someone else's life) so do a LO about a baby, or a new house, new changes you've made for 2010. Or do a card welcoming a new baby. This challenge covers pretty much anything! 80 pts

-edit- Also for the daily, the LO doesn't have to be "about" something new it can just have something new on it. Like put a rattle, a scale ("new" you) or something like that. I really hope this makes sense! I'm confusing myself!

1/7:Use something music related on your LO. (music notes, song title, lyrics etc) 80 pts

1/8:Since we have a few birthdays this month, do a LO or a card that is birthday themed! 100 pts

1/9:I see some people are lacking inspiration!!! Pick a page map from here and lift one sketch. If you post this in the next 24 hours (3 a.m. central time) then take 250 pts. If you do it any time after that, take 100 pts. Now get moving

1/10:Use fruit on your LO. 150 pts

1/11:Use clear stamps on your LO for +75 pts.

1/12: Use your favorite type of embellie on your LO (flowers, buttons, chipboard shapes, etc.) tell us what your fav embellie you used is and why for +85 pts. (please post why to the thread, and not in your description so we can all appreciate it even if we are derelicts who never leave comments.)




1/16: Use this sketch to create a LO for +150 pts!
August 08 RoundMap by Pagemaps By Iheartaslan


1/18: Today we are going to honor Martin Luther King with our daily challenge.
So today scrap “your dream”. He gave a speech called “I have a Dream.” You can scrap a page to honor him or anyone you admire. The page could be about his dream maybe it is a picture of two children of differing races interacting together. Or you can interpret scrap your dream to mean ANYTHING: dream vacation, wedding, future plans, or even someone sleeping. This is worth 300 points.

we are going to play a game of guess who. I’m going to ask a small list of questions. Copy and paste these questions into a PM , and send the PM with your answers to me. Do not answer any that you feel maybe too revealing because I will combine the answers you provide to create a guess who game that we will play later this week. AGAIN do not give your answers in the thread send them privately to me. I will use these answers to create the guessing game so revealing your answers will give everyone else an advantage. Answer only the ones you feel comfortable sharing. After you have PMed me give yourself 50 points. For an added 100 points create a layout about yourself OR use a picture of yourself in a layout to answer one of these questions.

Here's the questions:

1. How did you parents pick out your name?

2. If you could change your name what would you want as a name or if your parents considered other names what were they?

3. Name one interesting childhood memory.

4. Who was your first childhood crush?

5. How old were you when you kissed for the first time? And what was the person’s name?

6. When you graduated from high school what was your favorite song?

7. When your extended family gather together name one childhood memory they commonly share about you?

8. Name all the member of your family including pets?

9. How did you discover you were pregnant?

10. While pregnant did you have any weird cravings?

11. What sports have you played?

12. Currently what sports do you play?

13. What sports do you enjoy cheering for?

14. What is your favorite food?

15. What is your favorite drink?

16. What is your favorite restaurant?

17. Share one favorite memory of one of your children?

18. Describe a family tradition.

19. Describe the “wildest” thing you can remember doing and are willing to share?

20. Do you have a tattoo? If so of what and where?

21. Describe an interesting thing you own. Think about your jewelry or any collectibles you own.

22. Tell one funny thing about your child or pet.

23. Tell one funny thing about your significant other or parent

24. If you have a pet what is the one unique story of how you acquired this pet.

25. What do you collect and maybe why.

26. List three other facts about yourself.

1/20: Name the Layout Challenge. Make a layout without a title but leave a spot to place the title later. This is worth 100 points. When you post it here let us know it’s for today’s daily and it needs a name.

To earn added points suggest names for any layout posted for today’s challenge. You can get 5 points (MAXIMUM 25 points) for suggesting a name to each layout. You CAN suggest multiple names for a layout; it is 5 points per LAYOUT you help name.

Suggest on 5 or more layouts= 25 points
Suggest on 4 layouts= 20 points
Suggest on 3 layouts= 15 points
Suggest on 2 layouts= 10 points
Suggest on 1 layout= 5 points

To earn an added 25 points add a title to the page and repost the layout to show it off. You have free will so you DO NOT have to take a title suggested!

I created this page for a similiar game/challenge:

Flamingo Girls By Ms.Schwiet

This is the final layout with the title suggested by Karen AKA scrapriguez
Pink Passion By Ms.Schwiet

I would earn 100 for the first post and an added 25 points for the second post plus points for the guess up to 5.

1/21: to honor National Hugging Day give a hug worth 50 points. For an added 100 points, scrap a hugging layout or someone or something you love.

1/22: pagemap or sketch day...create a layout using a pagemap or sketch 100 points

1/23: in honor of national handwriting day...journal on your page in your own handwriting 85 points

SUNDAY DAILY Finish the guessing game. Using your answers, I created 25 statements. What you must do is guess who is who for each statement. For most statements you will need to just make guesses; however, you may know your fellow scrappers well enough to answer these questions. I encourage you to check out their galleries, profiles, and blogs for any clues.

Reply to the thread with your guesses, just for trying to answer all questions you will earn 100 points. I used each person twice if that helps you pick who is who.

For an added 50 points scrap friendship since the idea is about building our friendship here....or ....scrap about the event expressed in the game and see if anyone catches it!!!

Here's the game:
Mrs. Coder,


She said , she said…Guess who said what.

Many of you have interesting stories behind how you got your names. Some of these name-guess-who’s may be easy to guess with a little research.

1. Whose mom saw her name in a family cemetery when she was a child & thought it was a pretty name combination?

2. Whose mom was a big Gone With the Wind fan, so that is how she got her name?

3. Whose name should have been Jeremy, but she didn’t come out with the right parts?

4. Whose name came from a character that Brook Shields played?

5. Who was suppose to have the name Cricket?

6. Who would change her name to Allene?

Now let’s talk about childhood memories.

7. Which ornery little girl amongst us helped her aunt put a dead fish in her uncle’s bed?

8. Which one of us admitted maybe she was a bad girl one year because of a Christmas gift she got: One Christmas I had the biggest present under the tree and the suspense was killing me! I was so excited only to open it Christmas day to discover it was a snow shovel. I still don’t know what my parents were thinking that year cause normally we got awesome gifts. Maybe I was a bad little girl that year!

9. Which one of us is reminded of this childhood memory: one day when we were riding on the church bus and I was walking to my seat, the bus took off before I got to my seat and I sorta fell forward. When I did, I fell into this boy and they teased me all the time saying that we were kissing, when we got home from church that day they told mom I was kissing a boy and to this day I hear about it!

10. Which of us was a picky little eater when we were a child and admit that: When I was a kid we had a china cabinet in the dining room. When we had vegetables that I didn't like I would hide them under the cabinet after everybody left the table. My dad found the pile when it started to smell. My brother and sister have never let me live that down.

So with these stories it is no wonder that we have some wild tales (and some sweet stories about our own kids.

11. DISCLAIMER: This story may sound a little “dirty” at first, but read through and you’ll hear the surprise:
my son came home from the hospital just before Christmas, he wouldn't keep his pajamas on, and we lived in a drafty old farm house. (He was just over 2yrs at the time.) I told him I would take him back to the hospital if he didn't, so he put his PJ pants back on. He was smacking his private area and I asked him if he needed changing, he said no he was smackin’ his monkey. I turned all shades of red with a house full of people for the holidays, and went after him thinking where in god’s name did he hear this from. Come to find out, he had his stuffy (monkey) under his pants and there he was smacking his monkey!

12. Now who amongst us retells the story when her son met his baby sister – he put out his arms and said “my baby!” HE was so happy.

13. Everyone has SEEN the child that scores the goal in the wrong goal during a soccer game. Which person among us is the mom to this child?? Pookie09

14. Speaking of sports which of us the current sports she plays are only on the Wii?

15. Some of us found love early. Who was known as kissy girl in the 1st grade and would pull boys into the bushes and kiss them?

16. Who admits their first child hood crush was on Tony Thornhill in first grade, and that they got married on the playground!?

17. Who had a childhood crush on Nick Carter from Backstreet Boy?

18. Significant others are full of surprises and one us admit ours when he threw up in my college roommate’s shoes?

19. Who has the significant other that puts their cash in a certain order?

20. Which of us has a significant other that microwaves their ice cream?

21. One of have a significant other that calls fishing water therapy. Who?

22. Who said: I passed out before taking a shower the first time and took a pregnancy test to prove my coworker wrong about being pregnant.

In those BC days(before child days) many of us had a wild side. Guess whose wild side each of these are.

23. Who admits to drinking a little and dancing on tables?

24. Who admits to doing "donuts" in the parking lot of my high school and as an unrelated side note she ironically admits she hit the school’s portable building with my mom's car when I was a senior in high school? (I wonder if it was in those wild days of doing donuts?)

25. In an unrelated note who was hit by a car walking home from school?

26. Who says she used to have a tattoo, but paid to have them removed?

27. On the other hand who plans on getting a tattoo of a hummingbird for her Granny, probably on her right stomach/hip?

28. Who has the pet that sniffes her bottom when she passes gas ?

29. Which one of might eat spaghetti and mayonnaise sandwiches?

30. Who stated these three facts about herself: I have a new house, an old vehicle and a great job?

31. Which one of us loves and collects love antique China?

32. When asked about what she collects who said: I don't really collect anything except memories because they're important?

1/25:1/25 daily - today is opposite day so use a color on your LO you usually stray away from for 110 pts. If you choose to do this on a card take 85 pts.

1/26: today is spouse day. So to honor this day make a card for your spouse. If you do not have a spouse then make a card for someone you care about. Mother, friend, sister, etc. For 85 points.

1/27: today is punch the clock day (whatever that means), I see it as an opportunity to use punches as a daily So heres the deal:
use 1 punch +100pts
use 2 punches +110 pts
use 3 punches +120 pts
use 4 punches +130 pts
use 5 punches +140 pts
6 or more punches +150 pts
They have to be different punches, cannot use a circle punch, the same size, 6 times for 150 points for example. But they can be border punch or a shape punch, any kind of punch!

1/28: I know everyone is excited about starting the 14 days of sketches. I hope to fill the void just a little with todays daily. Use this sketch sketch By Jadecook in a LO for 300 pts! I hope this can help get everyone though until Feb.1 ha ha

1/29:1/29 daily - today is free thinkers day. But I see it as Thickers day! We all love thickers! Use Thicker, letters or shapes, on a LO or card for +115 points!

1/30:1/30 daily - I have noticed a lot of people using owls on their LO's /cards. It is like the new big thing so have an owl, or hoot, or who on your LO for 150 pts. Use on a card for 85 points.

1/31: since it is the last day of the month and I am posting this a little late, tell us what you did this weekend. You can post it up here or on your blog. Whichever works for you. For 75 points.

~*~Weekly Challenge and Photo Challenge~*~
These challenges MUST be posted WITH POINTS DETAILS by midnight PST Sunday to take points for the weekly challenges.

NEW RULE: If you take a pic of your computer screen because you do not have the item asked for in the weekly photo challenge you will only get half points for the picture of your computer screen. So if the challenge was originally worth 100 pts, you would get 50 pts; worth 50 pts, you would get 25 pts; etc.

Weekly Challenges

Weekly challenge for week of Jan 25. - Jan 31.
Do a LO about all the things you are. Mother, daughter, sister, student, wife, also can do things like: personal chef (if you are the cook in the fam), taxi driver (if you drive your kids around everywhere lol), financial advisor (if you are the one that deals with the finances), you can get real creative with this. When I was planning my ds b-day party I thought I could add party planner to the long list of things I already am lol. Complete this LO for 300 points

photo challenge:
I know everyone else isn't having the same weather as I am, but we are having beautiful spring like weather and that has inspired me. So here is what I came up with
1. flower
2. sunset
3. tree
4. your front yard
each photo is worth 60 pts for a total of 240


Scrappers are always making pages about their family, holidays, and momentous occasions. We meticuously record the past for future generations. But who is that person scrapping? Who is behind the pages embellished with flowers and bling? For the monthly challenge, you must create 4 LOs based on 4 of the 75 following topics for +600 pts.

1)your favorite color and where you find it in the world
2)now and then
3)quotes, sayings, thoughts, poems
4)what makes you happy?/favorite things
5)your favorite book
6)your clothing/personal style
7)how you spend your day usually
8)A-Z about you (a letter for each adjective describing you)
9)what would you do if you won a million dollars?
10)your collections
11)the things you want to do before you die
12)one song that describes your life and why
13)why do you scrapbook
14)what are you afraid of?/fears and phobias
15)what animal best represents you and why
16)what color best represents you and why
17)5 things you use every day/5 things you can't live without
18)favorite day of the week and why
19)your talents
20)the sights you see while taking a walk/run
21)how you've changed since you were a kid (what's different? what's the same?)
22)showcase your team spirit for a favorite sports team
23)how do you take your coffee, eggs, steak, etc.
24)what your day at school/work is like
25)where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 20 years
26)your hero(s)
27)your circle of friends
28)each letter of your name is an adjective describing you
29)what are you obsessed with?
30)words you and your friends use a lot or have made up
31)sitting at home with your significant other, watching a movie and enjoying popcorn
32)your house (the rooms, the outside, etc)
33)a weekly ritual you do
34)what language(s) do you speak?
35)the decades you have lived in and what they were like (what did you dress like? etc)
36)a lesson/the lessons you have learned so far in life
37)neat items in your jewelry box
38)what do you enjoy doing when you're alone?
39)your nicknames, what they mean, and who calls you by them
40)your goals
41)your car and how you make it look unique
42)cool/unique items of clothing in your closet
43)bad habbits you want to get rid of
44)your best friend and why you love him/her
45)you and your siblings
46)write your love story
47)how you feel about nature
48)your beliefs (religious, political, etc)
49)your tatoos/piercings
50)your favorite scents (and where you find them)
51)favorite celebrities and what you like about them
52)a funny joke/inside joke
53)pet peeves
54)what you do/did on a rainy day
55)your physical features and which parent/grandparent you got each feaure from
56)a shopping trip/what you love to shop for
57)your favorite nick-nacks
58)best thing about being the age you are
59)preparing/cooking a meal
60)self portrait (take pictures of various body parts- feet, hands, etc- and describe why they are unique)
61)your zodiac sign
62)things that bring you luck (trinkets, numbers, etc)
63)highlight events that happen in each month
64)the view outside your window
65)a magic trick you or your friend knows
66)your political party/thoughts on the election
67)an award you won
68)your neighbors
69)your heritage
70)your family members and what each of them is currently involved with/doing in their lives
71)a few examples of you wearing a color that you usually wear
72)your favorite childhood toy/what is it that comforts you now?
73)the little things that cheer you up/make you smile when you are sad
74)your quarks/personality (how do other people see you? then contrast with how you see yourself)
75)where you live (how long have you lived there? if you grew up there, what was it like? how has it changed? what's it like compared to other places? what do other people think about it? etc)

Bonus Points:
-Do a 5th LO on one of the 75 topics for +100 pts.
-Have more than 200 journaling words on 1 LO for +55 pts.
-Create one LO with no pictures for +65 pts.
-Use a quote on one of your your LOs for +45 pts.

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Megan Ann
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Megan Ann
In response to Megan Ann

If you get your money in by the 5th of January take +300 pts,
if you get the money in to me by the 10th of January take +200 pts,
and if you get the money in to me by the 15th of January (the due date) take +100 pts!


- PER photo corner, eyelet, button, staple, brad, paper clip, grommet, jewel, pearl, metal clips, etc.
- PER letter/number used in title only (stamped, sticker, chipboard, rub-on, die cut, etc.)
- PER hand stitch

(example: if you use three different pattern papers take 15 points)
- PER cardstock/pattern paper used
- PER card or swap item made (full points for first, 10 pts for each identical one)
- PER layout 6x6 or smaller (MUST have a link in this forum)
- PER type/kind of ribbon or fiber or embroidery floss/thread used
- PER type of bling
- PER hand-cut embellie (that you cut out w/ scissors)
- PER rub on shape or word (border, frame, flower , “love” etc. NOT individual letters or numbers)
- PER challenge on that your LO was created for (must tell what challenge(s) it was created for)
- PER color of ink or glimmer mist used
- PER type of distressing (inking, tearing, etc...any type)

(only take 5 points once for each item you use, no matter how many times you use it)
-for using stickles or paint
- for using a punch
- for using ghost shapes, ghost letters, transparencies, or vellum
- for non-scrapbook items used on your page (includes memorabilia other than pics)
- for using felt or fabric
- for using metal items (EXcluding brads and eyelets)
- for having journaling strips
- for doodling
- for using the following themes: New Year, New You; Goals; Animals (must be the THEME, not just have an animal on it); Friends
- for having hidden pics or journaling—to take these points, you must include a close up of the hidden items in your gallery and link to this thread

- PER 8x8 or larger (6x12, 8.5x11, 12x12) layout (MUST have a link in this forum)
- PER layout with no pictures
- PER layout about yourself
- PER altered item created
- PER mask used
- for using quilling
- for using scraps
- for putting embellies or journaling on the photograph
- for scraplifting a member of OR using a pagemap/sketch (link the original page too, always possible even if it is just the link-that starts with http://-- cannot take points without link)


- PER picture (4 pics = 20 pts.)
- PER person or animal in each pic
- PER picture over 5 years old OR less than two months old
- PER black & white OR sepia toned picture

- PER picture that YOU are in
- PER picture with NO people or animals in it
- PER photo larger than 4x6 OR 3x3 (2x3, 2x2, etc.) or smaller

-1 point PER word of journaling (not pre-printed embellies) up to 200 points
-25 points for every 50 words over 200 (E.g. Total of 300 words would equal 250 points)
-10 points for using handwritten journaling on your page (or 20 pts for 50+ words or 50 points for 100+ words)


- PER comment you post in a gallery/blog/my place
- PER new photo taken by you, posted to your gallery, and linked to this thread

- PER any new BLOG entry (NO POINTS FOR UPDATING A BLOG) (MUST have a link to this forum)
- For cleaning up your scrap area after you completed the posted layout
- For updating your siggy-points & layouts info IMMEDIATELY after posting points up to 3 times per day

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Challenge Volunteers! These are the new rules for people who want to volunteer to do a week of challenges.
1.The weekly challenge cannot be worth more than 350 pts.
2.The daily challenges can only be worth 150 pts with one exception per week up to 300 pts. So 6 days of 150 points or less and one challenge up to 300 points.
3.The daily challenges should generally be something that can be incorporated into ANY LO. Not a challenge that you must make a LO for that you wouldn't have made otherwise. But it CAN require you to make a whole LO for one challenge per week.
4.Picture challenges can only be worth up to 250 pts total added up for all pictures. There should not be more than 6 pictures for the weekly photo challenge.
5. You MUST post the challenge by 10 AM EST (which is 7AM PST) OR post the challenge the night before, preferably after 9PM your time.

****Weeks will run from Monday to Sunday!****
1-3 iheartaslan
4-10 -Jenn-
11-17 pookie09 & iheartaslan
18-24 Ms. Schweit
25-31 jadecook

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Wow, Megan! you were reading my mind! I was just thinking that I wished you would put the Jan AGC up so I have people to talk to!! haha!! You are awesome! I am in!!!

I can do a week of challenges if you need someone!

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Missed You Jenn Jenn!

Megan Ann
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Megan Ann
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Great to have you back Jenn! I'd love for you to do a week of challenges. Is there any week you would prefer?

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Awwh thanks Andrea!! I haven't really talked to you in a while! I missed you too!!

Megan, I would prefer not the last week, my 21st birthday is the 25, and I plan on getting pretty drunk all week lol! Any other week is fine with me!

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sign me up and put me 20 LO- will send you the money on first of week of Jan..

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Oh yea!! I want to do 25 LO's this month

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Megan- forgot to ask yu.. can you help me out with Daily challenge or weekly challenge.. also i need partner to help me out with pt till i aware with these pts... let me know ...

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First thing I thought of when I saw signs up was Jenn. I wonder if she knows signs up are up. And then I saw she was the first one here lol. I am in. I want to say 15 LO's. but it is so early to say. I will let you know if it chances

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I am in, but motivational this month. We may be moving in February if the Army will give us orders. Its an overseas move to Germany, so I will have lots to do before the movers come.

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I'm in again. I'll try for 20 LO's

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  • jadecook Said:
First thing I thought of when I saw signs up was Jenn. I wonder if she knows signs up are up. And then I saw she was the first one here lol. I am in. I want to say 15 LO's. but it is so early to say. I will let you know if it chances

hehe I told you i've been checking the challenges area about every half hour when i'm not doing anything haha!! I'm desperate to start new challenges so I can get into gear with scrapbooking again!!

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i'm in! put me down for 20 please!

i will do a week of challenges unless a newbie wants to try it

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oh no Tina! When will you find out if you have orders? We might be getting some to leave this summer.

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I'm in! I think I will just set my goal at 10! I took the Library of Memories Class with stacy julian last year but was too overwhelmed to get much done. Luckily she opens it back up to alumni and we can take the class again for free! So with that starting soon I have alot of organization ahead of me! I've never fully integrated her system but that's my new years resolution!

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  • jadecook Said:
oh no Tina! When will you find out if you have orders? We might be getting some to leave this summer.

We hope soon. Our report date is suppose to be Feb.10th. Without orders we cannot ship a car or send hold baggage ahead of us. If they keep dragging thier feet hubby will have to go without us and I will be left here to deal with the movers myself. Cross your fingers for us that we have orders by Monday.

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