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Username Post: Scrapbook store in Eugene Oregon!        (Topic#1523785)
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Have checked out Running With Scissors in Independence, Oregon. I found them on FB thought I would check it out, I was so suprised to find the cutest store ever. Everyone that was cropping was having a great time. The selection in fantastic and they have all kinds of stuff going on as far as classes and events. What I loved most other than the friendly service and atmosphere was the table space. I couldn't believe it, a whole dinner sized table per person. I live in Eugene, so I can't go every week-end but can't wait to get my friends together to go.

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Hi Everyone!

I wanted to let you know that myself and my best friend have opened a new scrapbook store in Eugene!

We had been going to classes and crops in the area for a long time, and our favorite shops closed - so we decided to open our own.

We have LOTS of classes on scrapbooking, cardmaking, fiber arts, mixed media, crops, and whatever we get interested in next - which is a lot!

We have open studio tables and tools available all the time, a kids playroom, and tons of fabulous supplies.

I hope you will come check us out. We'd love to chat and see your latest projects!

Come Play with Us!


The Artist's Palette Studio
1710 Oak St.
Eugene, OR 97401

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