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Gelidy Gelato
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Gelidy Gelato

When viewing the site on Mozilla Firefox the popup searh feature in the superstore does not work. (Basically I can not access anything in the superstore.)
And now the additional "search" window on most pages is corrupting the header across the top of the page and the pulldown menus, etc. I just see a bunch of lines of text.

I tried playing with a few display feature options and Firefox option but no luck. Do you have a fix for this?

Megan - ForumTech
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Megan - ForumTech
In response to Gelidy Gelato

I can't reproduce, on 3 different machines...I use Firefox 99% of the time.

3 suggestions.

1. Delete your temp files and cookies.

2. Check to see if there's a Firefox update.

3. Disable any Firefox add-ins that you have installed.

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