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Username Post: ***AUG MSC/Anniversary 10 Day Sketch Contest!!~Finalists Polls Posted!!***        (Topic#1539577)
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Welcome to the Monthly Sketch Challenge!

Hello fellow Scrap-a-holics! One of my favorite & most used tools in my scrapbooking happens to be sketches. I've been using them for years & love how a great sketch makes a page seem so much simpler to put together when you are feeling overwhelmed by the # of photos/all the embellies/different papers, etc. or when you can't seem to come up with an original idea for the page you want to create. I am in constant search of inspiration & I've found sketches to hold a wealth of it when I am stuck or in need of an idea to get me started on my next project.

So this challenge is for anyone in need of a little creative jump-start or inspirational push to get them back to scrappin' & preserving those treasured memories...or for those of you who like me have used sketches and know how valuable they can be & love them as much as I do--and did I mention there will be Prizes awarded for the winners? Yes I said winners meaning more than one! That's right--I will be giving away prizes, [in the form of various scrappin' goodies from my own personal collection], to the creators of the LO's w/the most votes @ the end of the month.

Do I have your attention NOW?

If so, here's how to play:

1. Reply to this topic & let me know you are game!
2. Every Monday during the month of August, [starting Monday August 2nd & ending Monday August 23rd], I will post a new sketch that you will have exactly 1 week to complete & upload/share with the rest of us.
Entries MUST be posted to the thread NO LATER than the following Monday by 1pm PST/4pm EST to be eligable to win a prize.
3. Any size LO 6x6 and larger is welcome!
4. Digital LO's are also welcome.
5. Players may join at anytime during the month and DO NOT have to complete all of the sketches posted to qualify for a prize. However they DO have to check in more than once a month & be actively involved in the thread if they would like their work to be eligable for a prize.

***I am making a revision. Since the popularity of this thread has grown to having 30+ consistent players during any given week, I realize that leaving comments on that many LO's can become quite time consuming. Therefore commenting on the work of others is no longer a requirement of this challenge. I would still encourage you to do so if you wish and are able to, however it is now completely optional and up to each individual player to decide if they will or will not. I have found just maintaining this challenge can be overwhelming and I DO NOT wish to turn any willing players away who find inspiration in the sketches but are limited by time/family responsibilities/work schedules, etc., I mean, this is supposed to be fun, not stressful and I don't want any of my players feeling stressed because they feel like they are falling behind leaving comments. Real life is more important.***

6. At the end of the month-immediately following the close of the last week's deadline-all players should PM me their top 3 Favorite LO FOR EACH WEEK & the 3 LO's for each week w/the most nominations will then be put to a vote. ALL members of will be eligable to vote for their favs...after which 4 winners will be selected...(one for each week of the month). Winners will be announced & then will need to PM me their contact info, [shipping address/email], so that I can send them out their prizes!

**~You are also always welcome to play along just for fun & all the scrappy inspiration & share your LO's whenever you complete them.

**When selecting your top 3 favs please do not vote for yourself since I already award you a vote just for voting. If your LO makes it to the monthly finals you are of course, welcome to vote for yourself!**


***~Public Embed and Upload to Challenge~***

1. Once your LO is uploaded to the gallery Go to your gallery and click on it. Next click "EDIT IMAGE"
2. Under small pick of LO check box for "Allow PUBLIC EMBEDDING"
3. Click "SUBMIT

NEXT, to Upload to the Challenge Thread...
1. Go to box that says "Share"
2. Click the 'Share Anywhere' option
3. A Box will open up with a small pic of your LO. Where it says 'Embed This Image' select "IMG CODE" above the image.
4. RIGHT CKICK and COPY the code it gives you. (you can also change the size of the image if you desire.)
5. Go to Challenge
6. Go to any Reply Box and RIGHT CLICK and then PASTE the code.

It's Monday August 2nd and here's the Week 1 Sketch!

AUGMthlySketchChallengewk 1 By Jamariel

*Optional Twist~ Lets Scrap the Music this week. Incorporate music into your LO somehow. You can scrap about your FAV song or artist, add lyrics instead of traditional journaling or use a line from a song as your title. Anything that has something to do w/music will work for me! Worth 3 extra votes come voting time!!!


Me & You By Jamariel

**I decided to use a few lines from one of my FAV Kenny Chesney Tunes instead of traditional journaling and my title is the name of the song.

Week 1 LO's:

*1. Saber left By PamStewart.Iowa

*2. No More Daddy's LITTLE Girl By Trend Shetta

*3. Rubber Ducky By Miss CA

*4. "When It's Cold Outside, Show The World The Warmth Of Your SMILE" By Inspired.By.Love

*5. Storybook Love By Knittykittybelle

*6. Happy birthday to you... By TexasMomOf4

*7. Reach for the Top By SuperAllyFan

8. Finland By Ncyankee

*9. tiny bubbles By MommyMarci

10 slide By Corareads

*11. Happiness By Claggy

*12. bad habit By MelissaW

13. learning how to ride By Vincarash

*14. Prom Night By Bubblegirl

15. Croquet By Scrapalooza

16. Mime By Dianne1304

*17. Stop in the name of love By Ruthiez

18. Saturday in Newport By Scrapperbee

*19. Life is Good - Prom page 2 By Provinca

*20. For the *heart* of Rock By DYnKY

21. Great Grandparents By Jenny2003

22. Week 1 Aug Sketch Challenge By Swonders

*23. we are family By Lindaj3

24. I Still Do... By GentlewoodFarms

*25. I Will Lift By TeriScraps

26. First Day By Jjfer

It's MONDAY August 10th and here's your Week 2 Sketch!

AUGMthlySketchChallengeWk 2 By Jamariel

Optional twist~Summer is winding down and the kids will be back in school before you know it, so lets scrap some last minute summer FUN! Any summer pics you have from this year or years past that you have not yet scrapped will do! Worth 2 extra votes come voting time!! : ]

Week 2 LO's:

*1. Life on the Lake By SuperAllyFan

*2. Week 2 August Sketch Challenge with Summer Theme Twist By Swonders

*3. Summer 'Caching - Week 2 Sketch By Knittykittybelle

*4. Splash By MommyMarci

5. Fast friends By Jenny2003

*6. week 2 By Lindaj3

*7. Catch a Wave, Taiya By Trend Shetta

*8. Texas Memorial Museum By TexasMomOf4

*9. Dog Days By Claggy

10. The Girls -- Monthly Sketch Challenge week 2 By Flamingo

*11. Cousins By Bubblegirl

*12. 123 Jump By TripletMother

13. Air Mail By Scrapperbee

14. zoom zoom a By PamStewart.Iowa

15. A halloween moment By Smileyfacegirl80

16. Boys Rock! By Laura C

*17. Creation Museum By Jnzmom

18. Flower girl By Ruthiez

19. Lovely Ladies By Miss CA

*20. Birthday Presents By Provinca

21. OUCH By TeriScraps

*22. Pool Cool By MelissaW

*23. Splish splash on the 4th By Scrapinbabygal

24. Crazy By Dianne1304

It's MONDAY August 16th and here's the Week 3 Sketch!

AugustMSCWeek3Sketch By Jamariel

Week 3 LO's:

1. austin By TexasMomOf4

2. Splash By Scrapalooza

3. june 5 By Lindaj3

4. laughter By Scrapperbee

5. Friends -- Monthly Sketch Challenge Week #3 By Flamingo

6. DARREL@ By PamStewart.Iowa

7. Without Walls By Dianne1304

8. Sisters are Forever - Week 3 By Knittykittybelle

9. I gotta feeling that tonight's going to be a good night By Ruthiez

10. US: Then... and Now! By Trend Shetta

11. Picking Dandelions By TripletMother

12. Beware of the Ravens! By SuperAllyFan

13. Time with Daddy. By Jnzmom

14. Ready to dress for success By MelissaW

15. Where The Wild Things Are By Claggy

16. Sweet Smile By DYnKY

17. Nonna's Garden By Provinca

18. bouncing with Carlos By Scrapinbabygal

19. Amber By Bubblegirl

20. Celebrating in Pigion Forge By Sassy-Still Suzi

21. Advent 2009 By MommyMarci

22. School Pictures By Jjfer

23. Dandelion Fluff By Miss CA

It's MONDAY August 23rd and here's the Week 4 Sketch!

AUGMthlySketchChallengeWk 4 By Jamariel

****Optional Twist~Less IS More! Now lets prove it on our LO's! Excluding your photo(s) and adhesive, pick 3 scrappy products to make this week's page with. Paper counts as 1, cardstock 1, stickers 1, you get the idea. Can use more than one kind of paper or stickers or cardstock, or whatever your 3 items are if you choose, but only 3 total supplies. Worth 5 bonus votes come voting time!!!

Week 4 LO's:

*1. Amour-Te Quiero-Love By Trend Shetta

*2. seven By MelissaW

3. Birthday Hugs By Laura C

*4. Needful Things By DYnKY

*5. UT Museum By TexasMomOf4

*6. Sisters? By Sassy-Still Suzi

*7. dear santa By Lindaj3

*8. Sushi By Bubblegirl

9. Snowflakes By Scrapalooza

10. family By MommyMarci

11. Thomas caught a fish By PamStewart.Iowa

12. Walk By Scrapperbee

*13. Graduate By Scrap-Police

14. CKC Manchester By Provinca

*15. Team 4125 By Claggy

*16. Summer By Jenny2003

17. A Picture of Innocence By TripletMother

18. Great Grandmas By Jjfer

19. taking OFF By Scrapinbabygal

20. I Love the Beach By Dianne1304

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I want to play this.

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Did you know it has been exactly one year since the start of the Monthly Sketch Challenge? Well it sure has been an eventful year for me & I have enjoyed hosting this challenge so much that I have decided an Anniversary Celebration is in order!

So in the spirit of the MSC and in celebration of its 1 year Anniversary I am bringing back a revised version of the 12 Days of Xmas Sketch Contest full of Sketchy FUN and InSpiRatIon and LOTS & LOTS of PRIZES!!!

MSC Anniversary 10 Days of Celebration Sketch Contest!

This is a game I've put together to try & offer a few more sketches to the fabulous scrappers who play along every month on the monthly sketch challenge I host. It is also open to anyone & everyone who would like to play, whether or not you are already a member of the Monthly Sketch Challenge!

How it works:

*Players will have 1 day ONLY (24hrs), to complete the sketch posted & get their LO up on the contest thread.

**Sketches will be posted by 4pm(EST)/1pm(PST-the same as time) each day--which means you will have until 4pm(EST)/1pm(PST) the following morning to get your entries up on the thread!

***Paper & Digi LO's are both welcome!

****Points will be awarded in a number of ways & the top 3 players w/the most points @ the end of the contest will each win an assortment of scrappy goodies hand picked by yours truly!

How you earn points:

*Sign up to play & start yourself off with 25pts!
**If you're also a member of my monthly sketch challenge give yourself an extra 10 pts!
***Each completed LO you do earns you 20 pts!
****Complete the given twist on your LO & earn 10 extra pts!
*****First completed LO posted to the thread each day earns 25 bonus pts!
******Complete the most LO's during the game(no more than 1 a day=10 total) & earn yourself an extra 50 pts!
*******Invite a new friend to play along & earn 10 pts. for each LO they complete!(cannot be someone who is already playing themselves & they have to tell me who invited them by the time they post their 1st LO for you to get credit!)

Additional Details...

~**PARTIAL POINTS can also be earned if you start after Day 1 & want to make up any of the sketches you missed or if you don't get your LO posted to the thread before the deadline: 10 for each completed page, 5 for the twist & 5 if you were invited by another player(for the one who invited you)!

~Your LO must be NEW as of AUGUST 1st & the contest will end promptly @ 4pm(EST)/1pm(PST) on AUGUST 11th.

~I will do my best to keep track, but it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to know how many points you have earned just in case I miss something. I'm only human & do make mistakes from time to time. I would recommend doing a running total in your signature so you can update it daily as you post New LO's.

~After the contest is over, please send me a PM with your total # of points & I will compare it to what I have recorded to verify. Should there be any discrepancies, I will recheck my total & let you know if I can't find what I missed.

~The top 3 in points will be posted after all points totals have been verified!

~Top 3 point earners will then PM me their contact info & I will do my best to get the prizes mailed out by the end of the month!

~In Addition to the Top 3 Point Earners...Anyone who completes ALL 10 Sketches within the Contest guidelines/time frame REGARDLESS of point totals will earn themselves a small RAK from me just for playing & completing all 10 Days!!

So Who's Game???


Paper Obsessed-180
TripletMother-motivationa l
*[R-MelissaW]Iheartaslan- 265

Day 1 Sketch

MSCAnniversary10DaysofSke tchesDay1 By Jamariel

****NO TWIST****

Day 1 LO's:

*1. Young at Heart By SuperAllyFan

2. Beach By Swonders

3. TV Tower By Ncyankee

4. 2nd Grade Notes By Laura C

5. August Day 1 Challenge By Courtett

6. Blow By Corareads

7. Face of an Angel By TripletMother

8. Dream By PamStewart.Iowa

9. Zoo By TexasMomOf4

10. Ruiz By MommyMarci

11. Sants Stop-HO HO HO By Lindaj3

12. Summertime By Senora_x

13. Proud Moment By Jjfer

14. Faneuil Hall By Scrapperbee

15. Animals By Tltsingleton

16. Man's best friend By Jnzmom

17. family By Pookahbot

18. Meet Molly By Jenny2003

19. Day 1 - Love to Run By Knittykittybelle

20. Hattitude By Bubblegirl

21. Shopaholic By Scrapinbabygal

22. Mama's Dolls By Miss CA

23. slow down By MelissaW

24. Mess By Sugarcrystalz

25. I still love you By Paper_obsessed

26. A Day in the Life By Jordannichole

27. Waiting for Daddy By Provinca

28. You By Claggy

29. How do others view me? By TeriScraps

30. Drive By Dianne1304

31. What Was That? By GentlewoodFarms

32. Shine On By DYnKY

33. sweet By Iheartaslan

Day 2 Sketch!

Day2AugAnniversary10DaySk etchContest By Jamariel

**Day 2 Twist-Homemade embellies are all the rage right now, so make some of your own for this page and don't forget to tell me what you used/how you made it and earn yourself 5 bonus points for today on top of the regular 10 for completing a given twist!

Day 2 LO's:

*1. lil' miss molly By Jenny2003

**2. Easter By TexasMomOf4

3. Honeymoon Geoaching - Day 2 Sketch By Knittykittybelle

**4. sad girl By MommyMarci

5. Big Blue Eyes By Jordannichole

**6. Grad By Ncyankee

7. 4th of JULY By Corareads

**8. mom in waiting By MelissaW

**9. I'm Here By Claggy

**10. Snowball Fight By Inspired.By.Love

**11. cats By Tltsingleton

**12. Pals By Bubblegirl

**13. Saber -left By PamStewart.Iowa

**14. Sight Seeing Day 2 of 10 Days of Sketchy Fun! By Swonders

15. Ready Set Go! By Laura C

**16. dont WORRY Gma's got your BACK By Scrapinbabygal

**17. Han's Birthday tree By TeriScraps

**18. Bubbly Fun! By Sugarcrystalz

**19. Friends in High Places By SuperAllyFan

**20. My Cuddlebug By TripletMother

**21. The Semi Formal By Provinca

22. let's go for a the BEACH By Dianne1304

**23. Piano Man By Miss CA

24. CARS By Jjfer

**25. 7 By Pookahbot

**26. Good-bye Grade School By DYnKY

**27. babys first By Lindaj3

**28. getto pool! By Courtett

**29. Spoiled By Paper_obsessed

**30. Thrill rides By Jnzmom

31. Fun in the City By Scrapperbee

**32. Graduate By GentlewoodFarms

33. LN - Blessed By LelaScraps-n-Stamps

Day 3 Sketch!

MSCAnniversarySketchConte stDay3 By Jamariel

***Day 3 Twist~Today is Use Your Scraps Day! The only piece of non-scrap paper allowed is your background. Everything else on the LO needs to be a scrap/leftover supply. Please list all the scraps you used because whoever uses the most scrap items on their Day 3 LO will earn 5 bonus points for today's twist!

Day 3 LO's:

***1. family By Scrapinbabygal

***2. field day By TexasMomOf4

3. Evening Whale Watch By Knittykittybelle

***4. Love By Jordannichole

***5. Sam & the Gang By Laura C

***6. Jump! By SuperAllyFan

***7. Family Time By Lindaj3

8. Sr. Prom 10 By Swonders

9. July 4 By PamStewart.Iowa

10. Gleek By Jenny2003

***11. '10 Carnival By Inspired.By.Love

***12. Rubber Ducky pg 2 By Miss CA

***13. Duke By Bubblegirl

***14. Outdoor Boys By DYnKY

***15. easter By Tltsingleton

***16. LN - Smitten at the Zoo By LelaScraps-n-Stamps

***17. For The Birds! By Courtett

***18. Thanksgiving By Smileyfacegirl80

***19. MMM Good By Sugarcrystalz

***20. The Flamingo By Jnzmom

***21. Follow the Leader By TripletMother

***22. Mange' By Jjfer

***23. bits of baby By MelissaW

***24. Beach Bums By Ncyankee

***25. USA By Corareads

***26. braces! By MommyMarci

***27. Sleepy Summer Days By Provinca

***28. Traxxas Summit By Paper_obsessed

***29. Roar! By Dianne1304

30. Brookfield Zoo By Scrapperbee

***31. Psalms 113:3 By TeriScraps

***32. Bowling at the 300 By Claggy

***33. Friends Make Life Blossom By GentlewoodFarms

Day 4 Sketch!

AugMSC10DaysofSketchesDay 4 By Jamariel

****Day 4 Twist~Today we're making our LO with the help of a mini-countdown. Here is what you do. Start w/5 photos, then pick 4 different paper's(cardstock or pp, whichever you like), 3 embellishments(whatever you choose), 2 pieces of ribbon/fabric trim(whatever you have), and one journaling space.
If you don't scrap 2 pg LO's pick one of the sides of this sketch and come up w/your own mini-countdown starting w/the number 3 and let me know what yours is when you post your LO.

Day 4 LO's:

*1. flight of the b17 By MelissaW

*2. dinos By TexasMomOf4

*3. that time again page 1 By Tltsingleton
That time again page 2 By Tltsingleton

*4. Mt. Roberts - Sketch Daily 4 By Knittykittybelle

*5. Vertigo By Ncyankee

*6. Lunch with Chuck By Claggy

*7. Sweet Birthday By Inspired.By.Love

8. Celebrate By Dianne1304

*9. Snow Cute By Bubblegirl

*10. Junior Prom Photos By Provinca

11. Home . . . By Scrapperbee

*12. Hat-itude By SuperAllyFan

*13. Feeling lucky 1 By Jnzmom
Feeling lucky 2 By Jnzmom

*14. CKC What I Thought By Iheartaslan

*15. Aquarium By Laura C

*16. You Have No Fear By DYnKY

*17. Catch A Wave By Swonders

*18. First Dinner By Scrapinbabygal

19. Volleyball -2 page By PamStewart.Iowa

*20. You are the God of all Creation By Miss CA

*21. Connor Geoffrey By Jjfer

*22. Kitty's First Walk By Paper_obsessed

*23. Naima By Sugarcrystalz

*24. wonder land By Lindaj3

*25. graduate 2010 By Corareads

*26. countdown to Christmas By MommyMarci

*27. The Gang By Jordannichole

28. LN - How Sweet By LelaScraps-n-Stamps

Day 5 Sketch!

Day5MSC10DayAnniversarySk etchContest By Jamariel

Day 5 Twist~Lets do some stitching today! Doesn't have to be a lot of it to get credit, but I want real needle & thread stitches for today's twist, unless you are a Digi-girl! If you scrap digitally, then virtual stitches will do!

Day 5 LO's:

**1. Austin By TexasMomOf4

**2. This defines fun By Tltsingleton

**3. So Lovely By Ncyankee

**4. at 3 By MelissaW

**5. Susi and Shelly By PamStewart.Iowa

**6. Linda By Lindaj3

**7. Oh, Abna - Day 5 By Knittykittybelle

**8. Baby Nancy By Claggy

**9. legends, red sox, power & pirates By DYnKY

**10. Sisters - Day 5 of 10 Day Sketch Challenge By Swonders

**11. Hangin Out By Bubblegirl

**12. Mission Kim Possible By Laura C

**13. Lovely By Sugarcrystalz

14. Letting Go By Jnzmom

**15. Life in 3D By SuperAllyFan

16. Friend By Dianne1304

**17. Homemade By Jjfer

**18. Little Angels By Miss CA

19. Old Habits are Hard to Break! By Jordannichole

**20. Baby Bump? By Inspired.By.Love

**21. Old Time Photo By Provinca

**22. proud new OMA By Scrapinbabygal

**23. Really Bad Habits By Paper_obsessed

**24. Stay True to Yourself By Scrapperbee

25. are we having fun yet? By MommyMarci

26. LN - Me and Mom (Pg 2) By LelaScraps-n-Stamps

27. Family By Tltsingleton

**28. mom 1950 By Jenny2003

**29. CKC Who Went By Iheartaslan

Day 6 Sketch!

Day6MSCAnniversary10DaySk etchContest By Jamariel

Day 6 Twist~Tell me a story. Today's twist is all about the journaling! I want to know why you are scrapping what you are scrapping today so give me the details behind the photographs! Who, what, why, where, how? You don't necessarily have to answer all of these questions on your page, especially if the photos answer some of them, but there is a reason you are scrapping them so just share a little. You'll be glad you did and so will your families!

Day 6 LO's:

*1. perfect spot By Scrapinbabygal

*2. Honeymoon - Sketch Day 6 By Knittykittybelle

*3. 1 boy + 1 box = Tons of fun! By MelissaW

*4. Face Painting By Miss CA

*5. Good to be one By Lindaj3

*6. fun day By TexasMomOf4

*7. Home is Where the Army Sends Us By Yadee87

8. LN - Me & Mom (pg 1) By LelaScraps-n-Stamps

*9. Statue of Liberty Fun By SuperAllyFan

*10. Climbing the Wall By TripletMother

*11. Mylee By Swonders

*12. All in the Family By Bubblegirl

*13. Yikes! By Jjfer

*14. Onions By Sugarcrystalz

*15. /2867571/...

*16. why i scrap ME! By Iheartaslan

*17. Look who got his wish By DYnKY

*18. Merry Christmas By Scrapperbee

*19. Flower Girl By Claggy

20. Got Milk By Ms.Schwiet

*21. Dinner By Ncyankee

*22. HEADING HOME By PamStewart.Iowa

*23. finally! By Paper_obsessed

*24. June 06 By TeriScraps

*25. CelebratingTwo Wonderful Women By Provinca

*26. Mother & Daughter tea By Jnzmom

*27. A Mind of Her Own By MommyMarci

*28. Disney '04 By Yadee87

Day 7 Sketch!

Day7MSCAnniversary10DaySk etchContest By Jamariel

Day 7 Twist~Life isn't always Rainbows and Sunshine, but who doesn't love them on scrapbook pages??? Use a Rainbow or a Sun somewhere on your LO for today's twist! Doesn't have to be the actual thing to get credit though, I'd love to see some of you use those creative minds of yours and come up w/a way to incorporate one of these items into your page in a more abstract way! ; ]

Day 7 LO's:

*1. reunited By Scrapinbabygal

*2. natural science center By TexasMomOf4

*3. Sketch Ch Day 7 - Midnight Sun By Knittykittybelle

*4. Honey I Shrunk The Kids! By Laura C

*5. sunny By MommyMarci

*6. play By MelissaW

7. Sweet By Scrapperbee

8. Commitment By Dianne1304

*9. The Boys By Miss CA

10. The same look By Ruthiez

*11. Molly By Claggy

12. 1st place By Jjfer

*13. Serenity By Swonders

*14. Bidding On A Bad Habit By Inspired.By.Love

*15. Going to the Prom By Provinca

*16. Granny By PamStewart.Iowa

17. Fun All Star Characters By DYnKY

*18. Life is not all rainbows and sunshine... By Iheartaslan

*19. Basket Ride By Sugarcrystalz

*20. Flower Girl By SuperAllyFan

*21. Stuck On You By Bubblegirl

22. Rainbow By TeriScraps

*23. Pre K By Lindaj3

*24. Family By Tltsingleton

25. Baby face By Jenny2003

Day 8 Sketch!

Day8MSC10DayAnniversarySk etchContest By Jamariel

Day 8 Twist~Stamp something on your LO today. Can be an accent, the title, the journaling space, any kind of stamped image will do for today's twist! : ]

Day 8 LO's:

*1. 100% ORIGINAL By Iheartaslan

*2. Nature Boy By SuperAllyFan

*3. Dinosaurs By TexasMomOf4

4. Caught on Film By PamStewart.Iowa

5. In Bloom By Jenny2003

*6. Parade By Jnzmom

*7. Boston By Scrapperbee

*8. Day 8 10 Days of Sketchy Fun By Swonders

9. suprise By Lindaj3

*10. My Guy since 1986 By DYnKY

*11. Nemo By Sugarcrystalz

*12. opening gifts By MelissaW

*13. The Dress - Day 8 sketch By Knittykittybelle

*14. New friends By Scrapinbabygal

*15. Day 8 - 10 Days of August Sketch Challenge By Provinca

*16. He's Still Got It By Jjfer

*17. Praise By Bubblegirl

*18. My Little Bugs By Miss CA

19. Thunderbirds By Dianne1304

*20. And we're off! By Claggy

21. Feelin' Groovy By MommyMarci

*22. Texas Cows By Tltsingleton

Day 9 Sketch!

MSCAnniversarySketchConte stDay9 By Jamariel

Day 9 Twist-Bring on the BLING ladies and lets glam up those pages today! Any kind of bling you have will be good-glittered paper, alpha's, rhinestones, pearls, stickers, etc.-just let me know what it is & whoever has the most Blinged-out LO--(the scrapper w/the most bling-y items on their page)--will earn themselves an additional 5 points for today's twist!!

Day 9 LO's:

**1. USA By Bubblegirl

**2. Sky High By SuperAllyFan

**3. Our First Christmas - Day 9 Sketch By Knittykittybelle

**4. capitol By TexasMomOf4

**5. Protection By MommyMarci

**6. Cake By MelissaW

7. You Have Enthusiasm By Scrapperbee

**8. the everyday Captured By Scrapinbabygal

9. watching By PamStewart.Iowa

**10. Cheerleader-Day 9 By Swonders

**11. Sweethearts By Jnzmom

**12. Chub Cheeks By Sugarcrystalz

**13. Diamond in the Rough By Dianne1304

**14. I Take You By Claggy

**15. Beauties By TripletMother

**16. I *heart* sleepovers By DYnKY

**17. Mi Casa Lunch Date By Inspired.By.Love

**18. A Special Friendship By Jjfer

**19. Day 9 - 10 Days of August Sketch Challenge By Provinca

***20. JUST ME By Iheartaslan

**21. Kanopolis By TeriScraps

**22. Easter Princesses By Miss CA

23. Missy age 3 By Jenny2003

24. me and my dad By Tltsingleton

**25. day 9 with twist By Lindaj3

Day 10 Sketch!

10DayAnniversarySketchCon testDay10! By Jamariel

Day 10 Twist~Let's Grunge it UP today! It's the last sketch so don't hold anything back ladies. Bring on the inks, paints, mists, stains, anything you can use to grunge up your LO will work for me!
Here's a few Grung-y examples in case you need a lil' help or inspiration... 2866785.h... 2858743.h... 2850333.h... 2822247.h...

Day 10 LO's:

*1. I Make You Pretty By SuperAllyFan

*2. dig in By MelissaW

*3. {Let's Ride!} By MommyMarci

*4. Love you By Iheartaslan

5. Spectators By PamStewart.Iowa

*6. Friends & Mountaineers By DYnKY

*7. MSC Day 10! Irresistible By Swonders

8. Day 10 no twist By Lindaj3

*9. sister-in-law By Dianne1304

*10. PJ Game By Bubblegirl

*11. Day 10 - Lookout, Vancouver By Knittykittybelle

*12. Pirate Day By Claggy

*13. capitol By TexasMomOf4

*14. Dady and me By Tltsingleton

*15. It's Tribe Time By Inspired.By.Love

16. As seen on TV By Jnzmom

*17. Rollerskating Party By Jjfer

*18. HOT MAMA By Miss CA

*19. Visits to the Dentist By Provinca

*20. Ball games By Scrapinbabygal


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In response to jamariel

I'm in--love this challenge!

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In response to jamariel

I am in.

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In response to lindaj3

Are all you ladies in for the 10 Day sketch contest as well???

PLEASE let me know if you will be playing along w/us in the 10 Days Celebration Contest or not so I can start a list of players and start giving out points!! Thank YOU!! : ]

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In response to jamariel

I have really missed this challenge! I want to play!

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In response to paper_obsessed

Oops, sorry i just saw that you want us to let you know about the other challenge too. I want to do both!

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Oh Jenn, so nice to see you again! How are things with the fiance? He is home safe now I presume? My boyfriend popped the question last month and now we are engaged too! I have been so slack on here cuz we're planning a wedding in November! Welcome back woman!

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I have never participated in a challenge. This looks like fun! I will probably have tons of questions~is that okay? If so, count me IN!

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  • jamariel Said:
Oh Jenn, so nice to see you again! How are things with the fiance? He is home safe now I presume? My boyfriend popped the question last month and now we are engaged too! I have been so slack on here cuz we're planning a wedding in November! Welcome back woman!

Its so nice to see you again too!! Things are going wonderful with my honey. he got back from his deployment July 1st, and now I am waiting for him to propose again, then we will be getting married right after that happens, then our ceremony is in March That is awesome that you are getting married!! Wow! November?? Good luck with that! We tried to shoot for an early date, but it got too stressful. It's a lot of work. I am SO happy for you!

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Yes I am in for the 10 day challage as well...looks like I will have a busy month.

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In response to lindaj3

I am in for the 10 day challenge
So uber excited!

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In response to Claggy

Welcome to the sketchy fun Claggy girl! Ask away whatever it is you aren't sure about and I'm sure someone will be able to answer your questions if I'm not around at the time. : ]

Do you want to play w/us for the 10 Days of Sketches as well or just the regular monthly?

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I'm in for the monthly challenge and the 10 days of celebrating contest. I'm so annoyed with myself that I didn't manage to get in on last month's!

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In response to SuperAllyFan

I'm in for both! I don't know if I can do a page a day, but I'll try anyhow. lol

Ladybing Tammy
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Ladybing Tammy
In response to SuperAllyFan

I'm in for the regular but not the 10 day - I am on vacation and my fiancee is visiting for the first 2 weeks so 10 days ain't gonna happen!

And congrats on your engagement woman!

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So excited -- I loved the 12 days of Christmas.

I haven't played in 2 months (out of town toooooo much) -- but I'm definitely in this month.

Let the games begin!

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Verification -- I'm in for both Challenges!

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  • ncyankee Said:
Verification -- I'm in for both Challenges!

We can try and keep each other going, Eileen I don't go back to school until the 16th so the 10 days challenge should be over by then, shouldn't it, so no excuses not to get my butt in gear and get scrapping

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