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Stetz, rofl about the royal lectures. There are days where I do things at work that just annoy myself to no end. Nothing drives me nuttier than my own mistakes. Sorry you have to wait on the painting.

Andrea, that is really cool that the Misti is created and marketed by the one person. I can understand the magnets. I hope this idea takes off for her.

Ashley, I hear you on wearing dresses everyday in grade school! Me, too. There is nothing like catholic school to suck the fun out of dresses. What names do these people call you? I just can't imagine adults calling names, other than the B word.

Becky, I could have typed that entire paragraph myself! I did track down that woman today and I was very nice and pretended that I didn't know she was dodging me. She has a nasty habit of pretending not to know things just to get out of doing them. Sometimes she probably doesn't know the answers, but neither do I, and I end up being the one going the extra length to do the research and gather all of the information. That's OK. I'm good at tooting my own horn at work. I will never take credit for the work of others, but I will let it be known that I took care of business. Besides, I know what she makes. She used to make more than me because she's worked for the company far longer, but over the years I've jumped far ahead of her. So, clearly, my boss sees that she is a work dodger.

I am cropping at the expo on Saturday, and have put packing off to the last minute. No surprise there! LOL! Hopefully I will log on tomorrow night, but if I don't, then you know where I am!

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