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What exactly is a swap,? I'm new and kinda heard of them but want everything clear, what i did hear sounded pretty cool. How do I go about starting my own?

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Hi!! From what I understand, a swap is where you have a group of people and one person starts a themed scrapbook and does a page or two and then sends it to the next person who does a page and continues to send it down the line until all pages are filled and then its sent back to the original owner. You then have an awesome little scrapbook of wonderful ideas and personalities from all around! I found out about it about a month ago and have fallen in love with the idea. I cant seem to find a group to join but I would love to start one!!

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I'm new too! I'm just starting to get into scrapbooking, All these swaps sound fun, but I'm sure my pages would never compare to some others. It would be nice to have a beginners swap. Just to get the hang of things!

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I'm new to this board, but have been on another discussion board before. I used to do swaps all the time but stopped because of time. I am looking to get back again. Usually someone starts a theme and people sign up for one element of the page and then makes a specified number. For example, if the theme was pool fun everyone would design their one item (journal box, title, shaker, photo mat, deco squares, file folder, tag, etc) using the theme of pool fun. If there were 10 participants (and there for 10 different items for your page) you would make 10 titles. You would send them to the hostess who would collect, sort, and redistribute the items. When you get your package back, you would have 1 of what everyone made with 10 different items to place on your own Pool Fun page.

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Out of ALL the swaps I've been reading about on this site, the one you described seems like it would be fun and interesting to see how everyone's page would turn out!!! I think I might have to look into starting a swap like that! That would help out the beginners as well!!! Thanks for the inspiration ladies!!!

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Ladies you have to read each swap very closely. I was under the impression pretty close to what you were. That is just how we did a swap here locally. But each swap is different. You may swap cards, gifts, embillishment, little mini's you name it. Just go to different swaps and read the whole thing then you'll get an idea of what is considered a swap here.

Good luck.

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I am looking to join a swap. I am new and find it hard to join swaps because of that I would like to participating in a few before I start my own swaps for obvious reasons. I have read the rule on swaps that scrapbook has laid out and promise to do my best haha this is starting to sound like scouts honor haha
Hope to hear from you soon

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