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Username Post: ~*~October 2010~*~Anything Goes Challenge!!! Sign up til 10/10/10!        (Topic#1543805)
Megan Ann
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Megan Ann

OCTOBER is on the way! Time for sign ups!

Are you ready for an exciting month of challenges that will spark your creativity and make you to step outside your comfort zone by challenging you to try variety of techniques? You may even complete that project you always wanted to finish. If so, welcome to OCTOBER's Anything Goes Challenge!

As usual, we will enjoy daily challenges, weekly challenges, weekly photo challenges and a monthly challenge.

SIGN-UPS will be open until OCTOBER 10th.

If you are playing for points/prizes please send me $8.00 via USPS no later than OCTOBER 15th. If you don't want to pay, you can always play motivational (but you won't be eligible for the prizes).

Please mail to:
Megan A. Walker
DURHAM, NC 27705-3606

Alternately you can pay via PayPal by sending money to
[email protected]
If you select this method, you will have to pay $8.55 to cover PayPal fees but that’s not that bad considering a stamp would cost you $0.44

Only pages that are NEWLY completed and uploaded on or after OCTOBER 1st count towards your total points and layouts. This challenge ends on OCTOBER 31st, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. All LOs, cards, pics, or other projects to be counted for points or towards your LO goal must be uploaded to your gallery AND linked to this thread with your point details. Going forward all daily/weekly/monthly pics, LOs and point details must be posted to the thread by the deadline which is Sunday 12 midnight PST.

PRIZES: Gift certificates to!

**Prize Categories**
(prize amounts will be based upon the number of players)

1 - Most points overall - no matter what your goal was or how many layouts you complete, if you have the most points at the end of the month, then you win this category...

2 - Most points 10 or less layouts - if you set your goal for 10 or less layouts and complete 10 or less layouts for the month, then you are eligible for this category - if you complete more than 10 LOs then congrats to you, but that moves you to the other categories...

3 - Most points 11-25 LOs. If you set your goal for 11-25 layouts and complete your goal of 11-25 layouts for the month, then you are eligible for this category - if you complete more than 25 LOs then congrats to you, but that moves you to the other categories...

4 – Most daily challenges completed - I will post a new challenge everyday and if you do them, keep track of how many you complete, then you will be eligible for a prize at the end of the month. If there is a tie, then there will be a drawing. (To be eligible for this category, please start a blog at to list your challenges completed.) Daily challenges are meant to be completed on a layout, a card, or an altered project. There will be few day specific challenges but generally you will be able to complete those challenges at your own pace and you may combine several of them on a same layout, card, or altered project.

5 – Random drawing of everyone who meets their goal - very simple, meet your goal and I will put all names into a hat at the end of the month and draw one name.

***** You will only be eligible for prizes having met your LO goal. You can only win in one category.*****

Layouts are counted towards your goal in the following manner:

*8x8 or above (6x12, 8.5x11, 12x12) = 1 layout (2 pagers count as 2 layouts)
*2 6x6 = 1 layout
*3 4x6=1 layout
*4 mini layouts (3x3, 4x4 etc.)= 1 layout
*Cards do not count toward your layout goal, but you can count points for them*

Altered items and other projects can be counted as "layouts" based on the amount of work in them. If you aren't sure how many to count, just ask!

**A note for people who'd like to play for prizes, but not keep track of points; as long as you link/post your layouts to the thread, you can still be eligible for categories 4 & 5 of prizes!**


When you post your cards, LOs, or altered projects please post all points details inculding any daily, weekly, or monthly challenges you are counting them for.

Note on embedding:
Hope this helps:
1. Go to the layout in your gallery.
2. Click on 'Edit Image' tab under the layout.
3. Scroll down to the bottom left side.
4. Check the box that says, ‘Allow Public Embedding’.

1. Go to the layout in your gallery.
2. Click on 'Share AnyWhere' on the 'share' tab beside the layout.
3. Click on 'IMG code' button.
4. Copy and paste the code which starts [url...] into the forum thread.

Megan Ann
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Megan Ann
In response to Megan Ann



Megan Ann (iheartaslan) 6/4 GOAL MET!!! 7065 pts 19 DCs
senora_x 10/10 GOAL MET!!! 6711 pts 14 DCs
B2Hearts 29/15 GOAL MET!!! 11987 pts 17 DCs
JayAndXansMom 0/5
GentlewoodFarms 0/12
MelissaW 0/12
JMorales 0/6
PamStewart.Iowa 0/4
jadecook 15/15 GOAL MET!!! 15557 pts 29 DCs
Fortunes Fool 0/10
NewSnow0518 9/8 GOAL MET!!! 9489 pts 26 DCs
amancuso 0/10
SB1280 0/5
BJscrapsalot 0/5
Katiemylady 16/8 GOAL MET!!! 9068 pts 18 DCs


Edited by MeganAnn iheartaslan on 11-03-10 05:36 PM. Reason for edit: Adding Totals! PM me yours!

Megan Ann
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Megan Ann
In response to Megan Ann


BONUS POINTS: YOU MAY TAKE +10 pts for completing the daily challenge by 11:59 pm (PST) on the same day/date that it was posted for! (SO the 9/2 challenge needs to be completed by 11:59 pm on 9/2 to take the +10 bonus points.)

10/1: Make a list (in your blog) of about 10 scrapbooking related goals that you hope to accomplish during the month of October 2010 for +250 pts. Think about these carefully, b/c they will be relevant and can earn you +10 points for each one completed (up to 10 goals completed) per the points list for Oct 2010.

10/2: Add 10 things to your wish list on for +100 pts! Please link them to this thread so we can see what you like!

10/3: I love to stitch on my layouts, especially on a Sunday...why Sunday? No good reason, but it seems to go with the relaxing feeling I always felt Sunday should have. SO, HAND-STITCH on your LO or card 1-50 stitches for +50 pts, 51-100 stitches for +100 pts, 101+ for 150 pts or machine stitch on your card or LO for +90 pts!

BONUS: If you use a mask on your LO as well as stitching take +75 pts (BUT you must have stitching on your LO in order to take the points for a mask!)

10/4: Today is National Taco Day. Use the following colors on your layout. 50 points per each color.

Brown - (Taco Meat)
Green - (Shredded Lettuce)
Red - (Chopped Tomatos & Salsa)
Cream or White - (Chopped Onion and Sour Cream)
Gold - (Shredded Cheese & Taco Shell)

10/5: Today is Do Something Nice Day.

Update your blog and tell about something that you did for someone else today, not because you had to but just because you wanted to be nice. 150 points

10/6: Today in history - 1783 - Benjamin Hanks patents the self winding clock.

Use clocks in your layout.

50 points for clock embellishments.
50 points for clocks in the patterned paper.
50 points if it's a mask.

10/7: Today is National Denim Day!

There's nothing like a favorite pair of bluejeans to make you feel terrific.

Scrap with or about denim today. Use denim scraps to make embellishments, use a photograph of your favorite pair of jeans, use denim colored cardstock, use the lyrics to "Forever In Blue Jeans," or just use your imagination!

150 points

10/8: Today is "Tag Day." The game of tag is honored today, but we're going to find a new way to play it.

Create a tag for your page today.
You'll get 25 points for each technique you use on your tag, up to 150 points.

Examples would include - inking, stamping, embossing, adding ribbons or fibers, punching, piercing, embellishing (buttons, brads, chippies, etc).

Have fun. I can't wait to see the beautiful tags you create today!

10/9: I'm working for Scrap Pink today at my LSS job. We're hosting a Scrap Pink event to raise money for the Susan B Coleman Foundation to help find a cure for breast cancer.

I have a couple of survivors in my family. My mother got her first annual checkup and got a clean report. My husband's sister is also finished with her chemo and radiation and is also currently cancer free.

However, my husband's sister-in-law, in the middle of her radiation treatments for breast cancer, just found out that the cancer has spread to her liver. She is extremely sick, and we're all praying for a miracle in her life.

Today, in honor of breast cancer warriors everywhere, Scrap in Pink for 300 points.

10/10/10: Today is National Angel Food Cake Day. Seriously. It is. I checked.

Scrap angels on your layout for 100 points.
Scrap cake on your layout for 100 points.
Add 50 points if your layout includes both.

10/11: So todays 10/11 Daily Challenge is to have a conversation with your family about Organ Donation. This is not a conversation you want to have after a bad situation. Worth 100 points. If you have already have this conversation give yourself 125 points.

10/12: 10/12 is International Moment Of Frustration Scream Day
So do a lo on what drives you to scream, or want to really bad! This can be pics or no pics, your choice. Worth 150 points.

10/13: Yesterday was about Frustration and today is about Delight. Do a lo about what makes you smile/happy. Worth 150 points

10/14:This is for all you flower lovers. Use flowers on your lo for 125 points. Flowers on pattern paper count as well as stickers and dimensional flowers.

10/15: Use a border punch on your lo. If you don't have a border punch then just embellish a border in any way you choose. Worth 100 points

10/16: Today's challenge is to put a heart on your layout. Worth 200 points
Bonus: If you use the heart picture from your weekly photos then give yourself an extra 100 points.

10/17: We can all use a tip or two for saving time while scrapbooking.

For 150 points, share with us, one of your tips. Post your tip in this thread.

10/18: For each comment you leave today, get an additional 2 points per comment, up to 150 points.

10/19: Use this sketch from to make a page today for 150 points:

10/20: It seems many of us are suffering from lack of motivation. So I am about to provide you with some in the form of lots of points! Make a new goal today, different from the ones you made at the beginning of the month. It can be as simple as finishing one page or even just starting one page. Once you complete the goal, take 300 points.

10/21: Today is my most awesome husband's birthday. He's 34 years old (sooooooo old, is what I call it. lol). In honor of his birthday, we're going to do a countdown (you had to know one was coming!):

4 buttons
3 patterned papers
2 photos
1 star

You may add more items to the page, but no more or less of the specified items. 140 points

10/22: TGIF! I'm always thankful it's Friday. Today's challenge is to do a page using the following acrostic of Friday goodies:

F - Flowers (at least 2)
R - Ribbon
I - Ink
D - Dots (as in polka)
A - Amethyst (as in the color [any purple will be fine])
Y - Yellow

120 points

If you include the word Friday somewhere on your page, take 30 bonus points.

10/23: Today, let's make a page about something opposite. Something big, something small. Something short, something tall. Something dark, something light. Whatever your opposite is, is up to you. You can use supplies that are opposites, or you can use a subject of opposites. 150 points

10/24: It's Sunday, bloody Sunday. At least, according to U2's song. Use the title of any song on a page for 75 points and a lyric on a page for another 75 points. Do one or both. It's up to you.

10/25: in honor is Halloween week I want to start off you telling everyone what are you Halloween plans? What are you planning to dress up as? Goin trick or treating? Going to a Halloween party? Tell us on this thread for 150 pts!

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Megan Ann
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Megan Ann
In response to Megan Ann

~*~Weekly Challenge and Photo Challenge~*~
These challenges MUST be posted WITH POINTS DETAILS by midnight PST Sunday to take points for the weekly challenges.

NEW RULE: If you take a pic of your computer screen because you do not have the item asked for in the weekly photo challenge you will only get half points for the picture of your computer screen. So if the challenge was originally worth 100 pts, you would get 50 pts; worth 50 pts, you would get 25 pts; etc.


Weekly challenge:
Since this week if Halloween week I thought it would be fun to do a play on that. You know how after you complete you Halloween LO's you still have Halloween PP, embellies and etc left over. Well we are going to use all those Halloween theme products on a non Halloween themed LO. I don't care what you scrap as long as it doesn't involve Halloween party, Halloween costumes, Halloween deco! So you can use Halloween colors for your theme: orange, green, black and purple. Or you can use Halloween theme PP and embellies and punchs, or you could even use a play on words title like Bootiful, or whatever you can come up with. Just remember if has to be made with Halloween theme stuff, but not about anything Halloween.
+400 pts
if you have questions please ask. I am ALWAYS on here

Photo challenge:
witch hat
black cat
spider web
Halloween costume
50 pts each for total of 250 pts


Weekly Photos:

Total Points: 250

Weekly Challenge:
Get 50 points for each of the following on your page, up to 400 points:
- favorite fall activity
- using the color orange
- using the color brown
- using the color yellow
- using the color red
- using the color green
- using one or more apples
- using one or more leaves
- using one or more pumpkins
- using the word "autumn" in title or journaling

10/11 Weekly Challenge Do some stitching on Embellishments. Flowers, Felt, you name it - 50 points per embellishment and yes if you embellish a border that counts too. But the rest of the embelly's should be stitched on a different paper/material and then attached to your page. Good up to 300 points = 6 embellishments

Photo Challenge

all worth 50 points each.

Weekly Challenge for Oct 4-10.

It's National Pickled Pepper Week. Seriously. I kid you not.

Create a LO using a Tongue Twister as the topic for 300 points. Use the same tongue twister in your journaling or your title for an additional 100 points.

Weekly Photos (50 points each)
1. Outdoor Landscape
2. Family Blessings
3. Fall Sports Event
4. Time for Outer Wear
5. Chilly Morning


Weekly Challenge: Do a LO that has 2 groups of 10 and 1 group of 1 for +250 pts!

Weekly Photos

something 10 for +75 pts
1, 2, 3 for +75 pts

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Megan Ann
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Megan Ann
In response to Megan Ann


Pick one week in October to do a mini album with the theme "A Peek Into My Week". Minimum size should be at least 4x6 and at least seven pages and a front and back cover. Each page should describe your day, a time line or moment by moment, be sure to include decision making thoughts as well. Record your joys in life or lack of joy. You could include Halloween preparations with emphasis on which decorations have special meaning. Or if you don't celebrate halloween, why. The idea is to let someone into your life for one week to see what your days are like.

Just think what a treasure this would be if you had a peek into your Grandmother's life!

Journaling should play a large part in this mini album.

worth 700 points

Megan Ann
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Megan Ann
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If you get your money in by the 5th of October take +300 pts,
if you get the money in to me by the 10th of October take +200 pts,
and if you get the money in to me by the 15th of October (the due date) take +100 pts!


- PER photo corner, eyelet, button, staple, brad, paper clip, grommet, jewel, pearl, metal clip
- PER letter/number used in title only (stamped, sticker, chipboard, rub-on, die cut, etc.)
- PER sticker used EXCEPT letters/numbers in title
- PER hand stitch

(example: if you use three different pattern papers take 15 points)
- PER cardstock/pattern paper used
- PER stamped image or word (NOT individual letters)
- PER type/kind of ribbon or fiber or embroidery floss/thread used
- PER hand-cut embellie (that you cut out w/ scissors)
- PER rub on shape or word (border, frame, flower, “love” etc. NOT individual letters or numbers)
- PER chipboard (or chipboard-like—i.e. technique tiles, grungeboard, etc) SHAPE
- PER type of distressing
- PER color of ink, stickles, or glimmer mist used
- PER ghost shape, ghost letter, transparency, or vellum used
- PER card or swap item made (full points for first, 10 pts for each identical one)
- PER layout 6x6 or smaller (MUST have a link in this forum)
- PER bling shape

(only take 5 points once for each item you use, no matter how many times you use it)
- for using glossy accents/crackle accents/other epoxy/enamel accents
- for using paint or chalk
- for using a punch OR die-cuts
- for doodling
- for non-scrapbook items used on your page (includes memorabilia other than pics)
- for using foam, flocked, felt, fabric, foil, or vinyl
- for using metal items (excluding brads and eyelets)
- for having journaling strips or a journaling block
- for creating a LO for another challenge on or on another blog/website (MUST tell what challenge it is for AND if it is not an challenge you MUST post the website link to the challenge!)
- for using the following themes: fall; family; Halloween!
- for having hidden pics or journaling—to take these points, you must include a close up of the hidden items in your gallery/blog and link to this thread

- PER 8x8 or larger (6x12, 8.5x11, 12x12) layout (MUST have a link in this forum)
- PER layout about yourself
- PER altered item created
- PER mask used
- for using scraps
- for using wet OR dry embossing
- for putting embellies or journaling on the photograph
- for scraplifting a member of OR using a pagemap/sketch (link the original page too, always possible even if it is just the link-that starts with http://-- cannot take points without link)

- for using your OWN design that is NOT based on someone else’s design or sketch
- PER layout with no pictures

50 POINTS (yes, you read that correctly!):
- for creating your own SKETCH (you DO NOT need to create a LO with it), posting it in your gallery and linking it to this thread


- PER picture (4 pics = 20 pts.)
- PER person or animal in each pic
- PER picture over 5 years old OR less than two months old
- PER black & white OR sepia toned OR colored picture

- PER picture that YOU are in
- PER picture with NO people or animals in it
- PER photo larger than 4x6 OR 3x3 (2x3, 2x2, etc.) or smaller
- for using a photo of an animal

-1 point PER word of journaling (not pre-printed embellies) up to 400 points
-25 points for every 50 words over 400 (E.g. Total of 500 words would equal 450 points)
-10 points for using handwritten journaling on your page (or 20 pts for 50+ words or 50 points for 100+ words)


- PER comment you post in a gallery/blog/my place
- PER new photo taken by you, posted to your gallery, and linked to this thread

- PER any new BLOG entry (NO POINTS FOR UPDATING A BLOG) (MUST have a link to this forum)
- For cleaning up your scrap area after you completed the posted layout
- For updating your siggy-points & layouts info IMMEDIATELY after posting points up to 4 times per day

- for doing a THOROUGH cleaning of your scrap area when it is messy! YOU MUST POST A BEFORE AND AFTER pic to take the points! (MAX # of times you can take these points per month: 5)
- for completing a goal on you list of “Goals For the Month of October” list made on the 1st of the month (MAX # of goals you can take points for per month 10!)

Edited by MeganAnn iheartaslan on 10-01-10 02:30 PM. Reason for edit: Added Points List!

Megan Ann
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Megan Ann
In response to Megan Ann

Challenge Volunteers! These are the new rules for people who want to volunteer to do a week of challenges.
1.The weekly challenge cannot be worth more than 400 pts.
2.The daily challenges can only be worth 150 pts with one exception per week up to 300 pts. So 6 days of 150 points or less and one challenge up to 300 points.
3.The daily challenges should generally be something that can be incorporated into ANY LO. Not a challenge that you must make a LO for that you wouldn't have made otherwise. But it CAN require you to make a whole LO for one challenge per week.
4.Picture challenges can only be worth up to 250 pts total added up for all pictures. There should not be more than 6 pictures for the weekly photo challenge.
5. You MUST post the challenge by 10 AM EST (which is 7AM PST) OR post the challenge the night before, preferably after 9PM your time.

****Weeks will run from Monday to Sunday!****
1-3 MeganAnn (iheartaslan)
4-10 GentlewoodsFarms
11-17 B2Hearts
18-24 MelissaW
25-31 jadecook

Megan Ann
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Megan Ann
In response to Megan Ann

Here is the link for the October Anything Goes Challenge !!! Come sign up!!! AND there will be 2 additional RAKs that will be awarded to the person who gets the most new people to sign up (the person must post that you sent them when they sign up for you to get credit for the referral ) and one to a new player who was referred by a regular player to the challenge! So let everyone who doesn't play know that there is going to be a random drawing of all the NEW players who sign up by October 10th, 2010 and continue to be active on this thread for a NICE medium sized RAK from my stash! NOTHING IS required except signing up and being active on the thread--they can be playing motivational or for points. SO in addition to the 5 Gift Certificate Categories there are 2 NEW RAK Categories! GO FORTH AND GET NEW PLAYERS!!!

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In response to Megan Ann

I'm in this month! I've missed this challenge and my scrapping has been non-existent! i need to get back into a groove! So set my goal at 10 please! That may be pushing it but I need to make up for lost time! I've met my personal yearly layout goal every year and exceeded it! This year isn't looking very promising though!

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In response to senora_x

I'm in again for October. I will pay but will not keep points because of the wedding. I hope to do 4 layouts in October - and that will be pushing it

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In response to PamStewart.Iowa

Juile and Pam!
I was very modest last month and set goal for 10 LO, but I did 20. I had no idea I would do so many. So I will go in between and say goal 15.

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In response to jadebrit

Hi Jade! Yep you whipped out some awesome 2 pagers! Those always help! I'm hoping to get around to scraplifting those this month!

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In response to senora_x

I know and I never do 2 pagers! But I had some photos that were just overwhelming me then Sabrina introduced me to her blog and I fell in love! Her sketches and her LO's are so great! I cannot wait till next sketch week!

Fortunes Fool
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Fortunes Fool
In response to jadebrit

I will try this this month. I'll set my goal for 10 Lo's.

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In response to Fortunes Fool

yay a new face!

Posts: 9602
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In response to jadebrit

Okay Ladies... I'm gonna try it again! This challenge has really really kept me moving on my scrapbooking!! Sometimes I think life with kids makes it easy to "forget" but this did my progress some good!

Megan, I sent my $8.55 by paypal and I think I would like to set me goal at 8 lo's! I will up it a bit from September.. Thanks!

Posts: 8660
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In response to jadebrit

Count me in as always! I'll stick to 10 LOs again.

Posts: 11574
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In response to amancuso

I'd love to try this! I've been away from for over a year and haven't scrapped a single page since Jan 2009! I really want to get back into scrapbooking and participating here. My goal is going to be 5.

Posts: 20831
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In response to SB1280

i'll do motivational and 8 LOs please.

Posts: 18256
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In response to Lamoo12

Put me down again, hopefully I get something more done next month. I am just gonna my my goal at 5 again... will paypal later.

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