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hi all! ....woke to the ground covered in snow and its cold! so sick of winter!

we are working on the stairs again today the edge strips and touching up the paint

the shower in our bathroom needs some work/upgrades ....normally we would ask jeff to do it (we always paid him) but that isnt an option this time so we went to a kitchen and bath place ..... chose a new shower head and handle and shower door ....we are also replacing the tile on the floor of the shower .....because we didnt want to gut and start over the salesman recommended a friend (licensed independent) to do what we want ....Im pretty excited to get this project started

kim the new house sounds really nice but I know what you mean about selling/moving ...I think if its everything you want then go for it!

mandi Im glad you decided to go with your gut ...hope one of your options works out for you

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