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Now I just have to wait for it to be shipped to me. I have been researching it for a while and am just now getting a chance to set up a scrapbooking room, so I'm excited to be getting it and look forward to playing on it.

For those of you that have one, do you find the gypsy helpful? I found a website that has the gypsy pretty cheap, but I procrastinated and now its out of stock, so I still have a little bit of time to decide if I want one of those too.

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I have the expression and love it. I have about 60 cartridges and the gypsy. The gypsy is a great tool it allows you to manipulate the images on a cartridge to better suit your needs. An example would be a paper doll cut, with the gypsy you can hide the cuts on the face so you can use a peachy keen face stamp instead. You can also create new images by welding other images together. I can make a bird using a heart, star, snowflake and circle images welded together. I would suggest a gypsy or design studio to any cricut owner. I also have purchased SCAL 2 which is a third party software NOT affiliated with Provocraft the makers of the cricut. This software allows you to create your own images, download free svgs, buy svgs created by others and cut any true type font on your computer., But it will void your warranty(how they know u use it is beyond me) which is only a year. Enjoy your new toy! You will love it. While your waiting for it to come you can search cricut tutorials and gypsy tutorials on youtube. You'll be a pro in no time!!!

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love love LOVE my Gypsy!!!!!! It's amazing!

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you going to LOVE your expression! With or without the Gypsy! Congratulations!

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You will love it! I have an E and G and love them both, I use them pretty much on every LO I do!

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I love my expression!!! I don't have a Gypsy, but I do Have Design Studio and Jukebox. I totally love them!!! I think it's awesome for layering.

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The Expression is terrific and you will love using it for all kinds of sizes etc.

The Gypsy is a nice accessory, in that you can weld your letters and put things right where you want them on the paper which really allows you to use different papers on the larger mat for different cuts and images.

My only issue with the gypsy is getting it to do quantity cuts and shadow with things. It doesn't remember the settings, so if you are doing a title in which you have painstakingly sized and welded it together. You have to start all over again in shadow.
I often mess up the shadow part when welding it together, I never get the right alignment twice.

Congratulations on the Expression purchase!

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