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The Biscuit Scraps
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The Biscuit Scraps
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I make my own elements out of whatever I have in my scraproom. To keep my elements/embellishments having a current look, I have begun to keep idea I see that I want to "scraplift" on my Pinterest board that I dedicated for that purpose...feel free to scraplift any idea...

I don't make cards, but I get a LOT of ideas from card makers. I just scraplift the elements they make, or use a design I see in a card. I buy very few embellishments, ever. Buttons, buttons, buttons...felt and creating paper elements from felt ideas. Goodle felt or search Pinterest for felt.

Ideas are endless in the gallery here. Keep all your scraps in an organized way. I keep mine by color and size. I NEVER go a whole piece of paper before searching first in my small scraps, then my medium scraps...first.


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Just clicked on you link, and you have some amazing ideas in there! TFS!

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I did as well- Thank you. That happy birthday ribbon, amazing... sure to give it a try.
Thanks again. Jazz.

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