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Username Post: ~*~MAY 2011~*~Anything Goes Challenge!!!!**Sign Up til 5/10/11**        (Topic#1557603)
Megan Ann
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Megan Ann

MAY is on the way! MAY IS HERE!!! Time for sign ups!

Are you ready for an exciting month of challenges that will spark your creativity and make you to step outside your comfort zone by challenging you to try variety of techniques? You may even complete that project you always wanted to finish. If so, welcome to APRIL's Anything Goes Challenge!

As usual, we will enjoy daily challenges, weekly challenges, weekly photo challenges and a monthly challenge.

SIGN-UPS will be open until MAY 10th.

If you are playing for points/prizes please send me $8.00 via USPS no later than MAY 15th. If you don't want to pay, you can always play motivational (but you won't be eligible for the prizes).

Please mail to:
Megan A. Walker
DURHAM, NC 27705-3606

Alternately you can pay via PayPal by sending money to
[email protected]
If you select this method, you will have to pay $8.55 to cover PayPal fees but that’s not that bad considering a stamp would cost you $0.44

Only pages that are NEWLY completed and uploaded on or after MAY 1st count towards your total points and layouts. This challenge ends on MAY 31st, 2011 at 11:59 PM PST. All LOs, cards, pics, or other projects to be counted for points or towards your LO goal must be uploaded to your gallery AND linked to this thread with your point details. Going forward all daily/weekly/monthly pics, LOs and point details must be posted to the thread by the deadline which is Sunday 11:59 PM PST.

PRIZES: Gift certificates to!

**Prize Categories**
(prize amounts will be based upon the number of players)

1 - Most points overall - no matter what your goal was or how many layouts you complete, if you have the most points at the end of the month, then you win this category...

2 - Most points 10 or less layouts - if you set your goal for 10 or less layouts and complete 10 or less layouts for the month, then you are eligible for this category - if you complete more than 10 LOs then congrats to you, but that moves you to the other categories...

3 - Most points 11-25 LOs. If you set your goal for 11-25 layouts and complete your goal of 11-25 layouts for the month, then you are eligible for this category - if you complete more than 25 LOs then congrats to you, but that moves you to the other categories...

4 – Most daily challenges completed - I will post a new challenge everyday and if you do them, keep track of how many you complete, then you will be eligible for a prize at the end of the month. If there is a tie, then there will be a drawing. (To be eligible for this category, please start a blog at to list your challenges completed.) Daily challenges are meant to be completed on a layout, a card, or an altered project. There will be few day specific challenges but generally you will be able to complete those challenges at your own pace and you may combine several of them on a same layout, card, or altered project.

5 – Random drawing of everyone who meets their goal - very simple, meet your goal and I will put all names into a hat at the end of the month and draw one name.

***** You will only be eligible for prizes having met your LO goal. You can only win in one category.*****

Layouts are counted towards your goal in the following manner:

*8x8 or above (6x12, 8.5x11, 12x12) = 1 layout (2 pagers count as 2 layouts)
*2 6x6 = 1 layout
*3 4x6=1 layout
*4 mini layouts (3x3, 4x4 etc.)= 1 layout
*Cards do not count toward your layout goal, but you can count points for them*

Altered items and other projects can be counted as "layouts" based on the amount of work you put into them. If you aren't sure how many to count, just ask!

**A note for people who'd like to play for prizes, but not keep track of points; as long as you link/post your layouts to the thread, you can still be eligible for categories 4 & 5 of prizes!**


When you post your cards, LOs, or altered projects please post all points details inculding any daily, weekly, or monthly challenges you are counting them for on this thread.

Note on embedding:
Hope this helps:
1. Go to the layout in your gallery.
2. Click on 'Edit Image' tab under the layout.
3. Scroll down to the bottom left side.
4. Check the box that says, ‘Allow Public Embedding’.

1. Go to the layout in your gallery.
2. Click on 'Share AnyWhere' on the 'share' tab beside the layout.
3. Click on 'IMG code' button.
4. Copy and paste the code which starts [url...] into the forum thread.

Megan Ann
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Megan Ann
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Megan Ann 1/2 504 pts
sugarcrystalz 0/25
kdsmommy 0/12

senora_x 22/20 GOAL MET!!! 10173 pts 18 DCs
AshleyLadd 22/20 GOAL MET!!! 14,482 pts 23 DCs
dkscrapper 20/10 GOAL MET!!! 21147 pts 25 DCs
amancuso 25/20 GOAL MET!!! 6884 pts 8 DCs
njr007 10/10 GOAL MET!!! 18050 pts 26 DCs

MommaSaid 0/14
jadecook 0/6
GentlewoodFarms 0/8
Inspired.By.Love 0/4

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Megan Ann
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BONUS POINTS: YOU MAY TAKE +10 pts for completing the daily challenge by 11:59 pm (PST) on the same day/date that it was posted for! (SO the 9/2 challenge needs to be completed by 11:59 pm on 9/2 to take the +10 bonus points.)

5/1: Set up your daily challenge tracking blog and signature line. Also come up with 3-10 monthly goals and write them in your "Monthly Goals Blog." Once you have completed all 3, share the links to your 2 blogs and take +150 pts!

5/2: Take +150 pts for signing up this month!!!

5/3: This Saturday is National Scrapbooking Day!!! To celebrate scrapping, do a LO or project that shows how scrapbooking has impacted/changed your life for +150 pts. This can be something serious, such as now you do memorial pages for loved ones you lost, to something funny like now you are broke all the time! Really think about what this lifestyle choice means to you.

5/4: Share with the thread your 5 favorite basic, go-to scrapbooking tools/products. Supplies you think everyone should have. NOT PAPER/CS though! for +125 pts!

5/5: Use your favorite color on your project for +135 pts!

5/6: Get ready for NSD!!! Get everything ready for tomorrow! Prep your scrap area, get your snacks/drinks ready, all your tools out and schedule your me time! Make sure you have a babysitter/dog walker, charge your laptop, and get your playlists ready! Do anything you might need to get done so you can play along tomorrow and have a NICE/RELAXING day of scrappy fun! +140 pts!

5/7: HAPPY NSD!! Take 50 pts for each NSD activity you complete that is posted on! For example, +50 pts for simply signing in on the door prize thread, +50 pts for doing the all day challenge and +50 pts for EACH hourly/bi-hourly challenge you complete, etc!

5/8: Everyone on worked soo hard on the NSD challenges. I think they deserve a little love! Go to the NSD forum and leave comments on any of the NSD challenge entries and take an additional +2 pts per comment left up to 150 pts (75 comments)! **You also get the regular points for comments off the points list!**

5/9: Memories Monday

Scrap an OLD photograph for 50 points. Take an additional 50 points if the photograph was taken before you were born. Take 50 more points if it was taken before your PARENTS were born.

5/10: Technique Tuesday

Today is all about "technique." I think one of the best ways to learn a new technique is to just do it. So today I want you to ATTEMPT a technique that it totally new to you, but it has to be something that you have NEVER tried before.

Some ideas might include : creating a handmade flower that you've never done before; a distressing technique that you've never attempted; creating a stick pin with beads; pieceworking an embellishment - there are literally hundreds of ideas out there!

It doesn't matter what technique you try, you get 50 points just for trying it.

You get ANOTHER 50 points if your attempt actually makes it to a final project!

Enjoy the creative process!


There are so MANY things to wish for here at

I wish that I could find time to scrap today. Take 50 points if you manage to do it.

I wish I could find time to get caught up on love. Take double points for leaving comments in just one of your challenge forums. You can make this work in your favor by choosing the forum you're farthest behind in!

I wish I had more time just for me! Take 50 points for taking an HOUR out and doing something special just for yourself. Scrapping doesn't count - this is about rediscovering yourself FOR yourself.

Enjoy your day!

5/12: Thoughtful Thursday

Today is about journaling our thoughts and getting those thoughts onto our projects.

On my layouts, I always put journaling on the back so that I can get the layout DONE and do the journaling whenever I "get around to it." But sometimes, getting around to it doesn't happen so easily.

Set aside time today to go through your albums and update the journaling on some older layouts that might be missing the REAL stories behind the pictures. You can add a tag, put it on the back, or just write it around the margins of the layout. Be creative, but get those stories told!

50 points for each story that you get done - up to 3 - for a total of 150 points for today.

5/13: Favorites Friday

I have over 300 layouts in my gallery of Favorites. I keep thinking one of these days, I'll get around to scrap lifting them all. I know what you're thinking. It's not the least bit reasonable to think I could pull that off.

But I could do ONE. That is, of course, if I was given the right motivation.

Well consider today to BE that motivation. I'm giving points today for lifting from your favorites! Go to your favorites and lift a project. You may choose either a layout or a card.

150 for a layout
50 for a card

5/14: Sketchy Saturday

Of course, we ALL know Prima, but I don't know how many of you know about Prima's Build A Page sketches.

Here's a link to their beautiful sketch site. Choose one of the sketches you find there for your project today.

Prima Build-A-Page Sketches

When you're done, post a link to the sketch as well as your finished project.

The steps to posting a linked image are as follows.
1. Copy the url of your sketch.
2. Open a new post here by clicking on the reply button.
3. Click on the link button (it's the blue one with two ovals on it).
4. Paste the url in the first window that pops up.
5. Post the words "Prima Sketch" in the second window that opens up.
6. Then post YOUR layout.

150 points

Let me know if you have ANY trouble and I'll be happy to help.

Prima Build-A-Page Sketches

Because it's been all day and you haven't even had the link, I'm extending this daily through tomorrow. If you post it by midnight Sunday, you can take Saturday points for it.

5/15: Scavenger Sunday

Today I want you to look through your stash and find the oldest thing there - the thing you've been hoarding and holding onto longer than anything else.

Use it on a layout TODAY.

150 points

5/16: On this day in history, the 1st Academy Awards Ceremony handed out its first Oscar in 1929. Today’s daily challenge is to create an award on a LO, card or other project—give it a name, a design, a recipient for +125 points. Write a “speech” presenting the award as journaling for an additional +75 points.

5/17: oday is my sister’s birthday. I remember the day she was born and how excited I was to finally have a sister (until her, I was a lonely only child). Create a LO, card, or other project showcasing your sibling (s) for +150 points—if you are an only child, choose someone who you considered a sibling.

5/18: In 1980 I was eating breakfast on the beach with my dad before my sister’s 2nd birthday party—we would go and build a fire and cook eggs, toast, and bacon and watch the sun rise. It was breathtaking. When we returned home, we learned Mt. St. Helens had erupted about 90 minutes for where we lived.

I have lived in Washington my entire life—except for the 3 years I lived in England and 2 years we lived in Idaho—and I have NEVER been to Mt. St. Helens. For today’s challenge, create a “bucket list” of things you want to do and see in your lifetime for +125 points. Create a LO, card, or other project about one of the things on your “bucket list” for an additional +100 points.

5/19: Catch up today! Use this day to finish a project, whether it’s scrapbook related or not. Don’t forget to share with us on the thread what you finished for +100 points. Share a picture for an extra +75 points.

5/20: It’s my husband’s 44th birthday today. Make a LO, card or other project about your spouse or significant other (this could be anyone you want it to be) for +150 points.

5/21: oys will be girls; Girls will be boys! What’s that you say? Use feminine papers & embellishments for a boys LO, card or other project; or use masculine papers & embellishments for a girls LO, card or other project. Be creative and open your mind to new possibilities for +150 points.

5/22: Choose your own challenge. Post it for +75 points; create it for +100 points. Have fun!!

5/23: For Monday May 23rd's daily challenge make a card or LO comparing how things were when you were a teenager versus how things are now.

For instance you might compare fashion now to that decade. Or maybe conveniences we have. Now that we didn't have then. Or maybe how much better or simpler life might have been. Show at least 2 pics- one then and one now.

For example I was a teenager in the 1970s so I might show a CB radio vs today's cell phones or the funky, foxy disco clothes and winged Farrah Faucet hair compared to today's styles. Have fun!

Take 200 points for making a card or LO.

5/24: Use the principal of the visual triangle on a card or LO for today's challenge. Explain to us what elements make up the points of the triangle.

Take 125 points for this challenge.

5/25: Make a card or LO using ONLY scissors (no trimmers and no punches and no paper shapers), paper, and ink (ink with stamps or distressing ink or pens okay) and NOTHING else. Of course you may use glue but NOT stickles.

Take 125 points

5/26: Use red, white, and blue ONLY on a card or LO today for 100 poiints. If you use stars and stripes on the same project take another 50 points.

150 points possible

5/27: make a card or LO about something crazy. It can be a crazy design or about a crazy event.

Take 150 points when done.

5/28: For today's daily challenge (5-28) make a picture collage for 75 points. Put the collage on a LO or card for another 75 points.

Here's a site where you can make collages for free: mt7Qod...

You don't have to use this site, but it's one I know of.




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~*~Weekly Challenge and Photo Challenge~*~
These challenges MUST be posted WITH POINTS DETAILS by 11:59 PM PST Sunday to take points for the weekly challenges.

RULE: If you take a pic of your computer screen because you do not have the item asked for in the weekly photo challenge you will only get half points for the picture of your computer screen. So if the challenge was originally worth 100 pts, you would get 50 pts; worth 50 pts, you would get 25 pts; etc.


Go to the Internet to find old pictures of your family or friends that you don't have yet. It. Can be a genealogy sight, Facebook,,or a Google search, etc.

Take 150 points for searching, another 150 points when you find at least one good pic, 100 points for making a LO with it, and another 100 points if you journal about it on your LO (hidden journaling is okay). 500 points total.

This week's ppictures are (50 points each):



WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Every month I tell myself “I am going to meet my goal this month”, and every week, I tell myself “I am going to finish all of the daily challenges this week.” And every month and every week I fall a bit short. But still I traipse on.

For this week’s challenge: complete ALL of the daily challenges for this week and take +500 points.

And the photo challenge:



Morning ladies, and welcome to a week of, what I hope will be, fun and challenging challenges.

Weekly Challenge
I missed National Scrapbooking Day. My DH wanted to go see the Steam Engine Show in Pawnee (which is a good two hours from our house), and he insisted on me going too. I tried to explain, but he said, "oh, you can do that later, this is only for this weekend..."

My personal feeling is that real life is more important than scrapping, and you can't scrap photographs of things that didn't happen, so I went, and we had a fun day, created a nice memory, learned some fascinating things, and I took some great photos. You can't ask for much more than that.

But I wanted to DO some of those NSD challenges here at, so I got to thinking.... Why does National Scrapbook Day have to be just a DAY? Those challenges are still posted, and last night, there was a really nice little weekly that went up, and I thought -- let's extend the fun!

Here's the link to the NSD weekly challenge, which we'll make our weekly challenge HERE as well for 400 points. Let's make it 50 points for each page, and you can include the covers. That should make it a nice little weekly activity.

NSD Week Long Challenge!

Have fun!

Weekly Photos



Weekly Photos (worth +250 pts for completing "SCRAP" is for... must have a photo for each letter to take the 250 pts!)

"S" is for...
"C" is for...
"R" is for...
"A" is for...
"P" is for...

Weekly Challenge
It is national scrapbooking month! WOO HOO!!! What is scrapping without a place to do it? So this week in preparation for NSD, we will be working on our scrap space.

Clean up 2 areas of your scrap space (ex. table and paper rack or drawers and floor, etc.) and share before & after pics of the 2 areas for +150 pts!

Make something decorative for your scrap space--something to make it prettier (ex. a painted container, a sign, an altered clock, etc.) for +250 pts!

You must complete LEVEL 1 to earn the points for LEVEL 2 (so you must clean before you decorate)!

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There is an awesome resource on that I discovered last year, but rarely use. It is the scrap by color tool. If you have never used this, I will give a quick tutorial. You have 2 ways of choosing a main color for your page. You can either choose from the color wheel and pick any color you want or you can upload a picture or pictures and the colors are analyzed and then the main colors found in your picture(s) are displayed on the screen. Then you can choose the main color you want to use based on the colors that are in your picture.

For this month's challenge you are going to have the opportunity to use both of the options to choose a main color for your 5 LOs. At least 3 of these LOs must be done by uploading a photo and getting the colors that are in the photo and using them. One LO must be a color that you choose yourself. The 5th LO can be either the photo color analyzer or a color you choose on your own. And if you look at the top right hand side of the scrap by color page you will see 5 differnent ways of using the color wheel: Monochrome, Complementary, Triadic, Analogous, and Split Complementary. If you click on each of these after you have chosen your main color, it will show the other colors that are monochrome, complementary, analogous, etc. For the monthly challenge you are to make one LO using each of the 5 options available on the top right side of the scrap by color page. You are going to get your colors by uploading a minimum of 3 different pictures or sets of pictures for your LOs, 1 color you choose yourself, and 1 that can be either your choice or based on the photo analysis.

This is an example of 2 photos uploaded and complementary color scheme:
Scrap by Color Example #1 for the May AGC By Iheartaslan

Here is another example of 1 photo uploaded and an analogous color scheme:
Scrap by Color Example #2 for May AGC By Iheartaslan

Here is an example of using the color wheel to choose your main color and the color scheme of triadic:
Scrap by Color Example #3 for May AGC By Iheartaslan

Here is an example of uploading a photo, choosing a main color and choosing the color scheme, Split Complementary:
Scrap by Color Example #4 for May AGC By Iheartaslan

Here is an example of using a B&W pic for the main color and a monochromatic color scheme:
Scrap by Color Example #5 for May AGC By Iheartaslan

When you complete all 5 LOs please post all 5 LOs together in one post and label which color scheme each LO used, then take +950 pts for completing the May Monthly Challenge!

N.B. There is a video tutorial that you can find on the Scrap by Color page (see link in 1st paragraph) because I don't think I did that great of a job explaining how to use the scrap by color tool. Though the tool is pretty self-explanatory and user friendly. Also PLEASE ask any questions you have, chances are someone else had the same or a similar question.

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If you send your money by MAY 5th take +300 pts,
if you send your money by MAY 10th take +200 pts,
and if you send your money by MAY 15th (THE DEADLINE!) take +100 pts!!!



- PER photo corner, button, staple, brad, paper clip, jewel, pearl, or metal clips.
PER letter/number used in title only (stamped, sticker, chipboard, rub-on, die cut, etc.)
- PER sticker (except letters/numbers in title)
- PER hand stitch

(example: if you use three different pattern papers take 15 points)
- PER cardstock/pattern paper used
- PER scripture, recipe, quote or poem (includes song lyrics)
- PER type/kind of ribbon or fiber or embroidery floss/thread used
- PER rub on shape or word (border, frame, flower,“love” etc. NOT individual letters or numbers)
- PER unique texture on your LO (velvet, spackle, bubble wrap, smooth metal, embossing, foam, flocked, felt, fabric, foil, or vinyl, etc.)
- PER stamped image or word on your project
- PER color of glimmer mist or ink used
- PER hand-cut embellie (that you cut out w/ scissors)
PER type of distressing (inking, tearing, etc...any type)
- PER chipboard/grungeboard shape
- PER card or swap item made (full points for first, 10 pts for each identical one)
- PER layout 6x6 or smaller (MUST have a link in this forum)

(only take 5 points once for each item you use, no matter how many times you use it)
for using bling
- for using glossy accents or crackle accents or other epoxy/enamel accents
- for using paint or Stickles
for having a subtitle
- for using die cut shapes (not letters/numbers!)
- for having MORE THAN ONE font in title
- for using a punch
- for having a journaling block OR journaling strips
- for using metal items (excluding brads, staples, and eyelets)
- for using the following themes: love, life changes, spring
- for creating a LO for another challenge on or on another blog/website (MUST tell what challenge it is for AND if it is not an challenge you MUST post the website link to the challenge!)
- for having hidden pics or journaling—to take these points, you must include a close up of the hidden items in your gallery and link to this thread


- PER 8x8 or larger (6x12, 8.5x11, 12x12) layout (MUST have a link in this forum)
- PER transparency/overlay/ghos t shape used on your project
- PER mask used
- for using embossing (wet or dry)
- for using 5+ shape stickers on your LO (“shape” meaning any stickers except letter stickers)
- for using the following themes: Mother’s (or mother figures); Book of Me; SCRAPBOOKING/NSD!!!!
- for machine sewing
- for using scraps
- for scraplifting a member of OR using a pagemap/sketch (link the original page too, always possible even if it is just the link-that starts with http://-- cannot take points without link)

- for using your OWN design that is NOT based on someone else’s design or sketch
- PER layout with no pictures
- PER altered item created

50 POINTS (yes, you read that correctly!):
- for creating your own SKETCH (you DO NOT need to create a LO with it), posting it in your gallery and linking it to this thread


- PER picture (4 pics = 20 pts.)
- PER person or animal in each pic
- PER picture over 5 years old OR less than ONE month old
- PER black & white, sepia toned, OR colored pic

- PER picture that YOU are in
- PER picture with NO people or animals in it
- PER photo larger than 4x6 OR 3x3 (2x3, 2x2, etc.) or smaller
- for single page LO w/ 3+ pics OR double page LO w/ 7+ pics
- for WRITING ON or having an EMBELLISHMENT ON or OVERLAPPING the picture


-1 point PER word of journaling (not pre-printed embellies) up to 400 points
-25 points for every 50 words over 400 (E.g. Total of 500 words would equal 450 points)
-10 points for using handwritten journaling on your page (or 20 pts for 50+ words or 50 points for 100+ words)


- PER comment you post in a gallery/blog/my place
- PER new photo taken by you, posted to your gallery, and linked to this thread
- posting a quote you find inspirational, encouraging, or just plain funny (give credit to author if possible!)

- PER any new BLOG entry (NO POINTS FOR UPDATING A BLOG) (MUST have a link to this forum)
- For cleaning up your scrap area after you completed the posted layout
- For updating your siggy-points & layouts info IMMEDIATELY after posting points (Max. 5 times per day!)

- for doing a THOROUGH cleaning of your scrap area when it is messy! YOU MUST POST A BEFORE AND AFTER pic to take the points! (MAX # of times you can take these points per month: 10)
- for completing a goal on you list of “Goals For the Month of May” list made during the month (MAX # of goals you can take points for per month: 10!)

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Challenge Volunteers! These are the new rules for people who want to volunteer to do a week of challenges.
1.The weekly challenge cannot be worth more than 400 pts.
2.The daily challenges can only be worth 150 pts with one exception per week up to 300 pts. So 6 days of 150 points or less and one challenge up to 300 points.
3.The daily challenges should generally be something that can be incorporated into ANY LO. Not a challenge that you must make a LO for that you wouldn't have made otherwise. But it CAN require you to make a whole LO for one challenge per week.
4.Picture challenges can only be worth up to 250 pts total added up for all pictures. There should not be more than 6 pictures for the weekly photo challenge.
5. You SHOULD post the challenge by 10 AM EST (which is 7AM PST) OR post the challenge the night before, preferably after 9PM your time.

****Weeks will run from Monday to Sunday!****
MAY 2011
1 Megan Ann
2-8 Megan Ann
9-15 GentlewoodFarms
16-22 kdsmommy
23-29 AshleyLadd

Megan Ann
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Megan Ann
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5/1: Set up your daily challenge tracking blog and signature line. Also come up with 3-10 monthly goals and write them in your "Monthly Goals Blog." Once you have completed all 3, share the links to your 2 blogs and take +150 pts!

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Yay!! I'm here... I'll say an ambitious 25- I hope to get a ton of NSD crop challenges done next weekend. Now I'd better go clean up all the yarn that's collected on my scrap table over the last month!

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I'm in again, Megan.

I'm setting my goal for May at *8*. That's two a week, and I'm not sure I'll even be able to do THAT many.

I can host a week if you need me too, but I'd really rather NOT host the Week of May 16. That's the last week of school, and it's going to be just NUTS.

As far as the monthly challenge goes --

Could we do that "Scrap By Color" thing again? That was SO much fun, and the projects I did that cycle were some of my absolute favorites!

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In response to GentlewoodFarms

I'm in again this month and I'll volunteer to hostess a week of challenges. Just let me know which week is good for you!

Sending my $$ now!

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In response to kdsmommy

I'm in again!

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In response to dkscrapper

I'll go with 12 LO's again this month.

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I'm Here With The Goal Of 4 ... That's If I Get Motivated, I Have A Feeling This Will Be A Stressful Month. *Sigh

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Yeah! I'm in for 20 layouts! Missed not playing last month and only got 11 pages done

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In response to senora_x

Count me in again. I'll host a week of challenges. Let me now which one if you's like me to do so.

I'll send my money via PayPal in a couple.

Put me down for 20 LOs this month.


Ashley (Elaine)

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Tell Me About Heaven By AshleyLadd

Journaling for Tell Me About Heaven By AshleyLadd

Close up of pull tab for hidden journaling on Tell Me About Heaven By AshleyLadd

Here's my first LO for May 2011. It was inspired by a LO in the "Scrapbooking Family Heritage" book. The artist who made the inspirational LO is Jennifer McGuire. My aunt and uncle gave me this picture of my mother when we visited two weekends ago and I've been meaning to scrap it. When I saw this LO by Ms. McGuire this morning, I knew it would be a perfect idea for mom's photo.

I hope you like it. It's a hybrid as I typed my title and journaling on vellum. I like the effect as if I can see Mom who is behind the veil.

20 pts for 12 x 12 LO
15 for 3 pps (I cut the extra flowers from a different paper)
5 for foam squares to lift the flowers
5 for one pic
5 for one person in pic
5 for black and white photo
5 for photo more than 5 years old
5 for two types of lettering in title
5 for journaling strips
17 for title letters
140 + 223 words journaling
300 for sending payment today
5 for updating siggy

total points for May 2011 = 755

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I have been working on a complete cleaning of my scrappy area today so I'll be ready for NSD!! I have scrubbed my tables, vacuumed, dusted, even washed all the windows inside and out! Just gotta put away a few things and nothing like a clean space to put me in the mood to scrap! Yeah!

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I forgot to say put me down for 10 lo's.

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Is the points list the same as last month? I'm mainly wondering about the 5 for updating sig...

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