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Username Post: If money was no object....what would you have?        (Topic#1561021)
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I would finish my basement so that I could put my scraproom downstairs. I would have black kitchen cabinets from Ikea on one wall and 2 8"ft tables in the middle of the floor for scrapping. I would put a fireplace and couch in my room for family yo join me along with a TV. I would put in a wood floor and I would buy the 24" Black cat instead of the 18" one I'm saving for. I would buy a pc so that I could run MTC on it until they make a MAC version for me. I would take a SCRAP Cruise and take family on cruise around the World for a year. I would home school DS so he can really enjoy the year off.

I would pay off our debt/house and set up Funds for DS and nephews. I would give money to Brother so he can start a collectible company that feature American African heros that he would like to start. I would send SIster-in-law on a trip with her Sisters, Mom and 2 friends where ever they want to go. I would buy my Sister and Mom each a home closer to me. I would buy Hubby his dream work equipment and build him his man cave with all the bells and whistles. I would buy my younger brother a franchise of his choice. I would give a sizable portion my church and my Great grandmother's church and have the grave stones redone there. I would put head stones for my Grandmother and Step-Grandfather up in Chicago.

I love your cruise idea and it's wonderful that you want to do so much for your family

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My hubby made me the perfect area in my office, to my spec's, but I'm realizing that I want to branch it out.
If (when )I win the lottery (my dh makes me play every wk)
First & formost.. shoes, shoes, shoes & clothes.
Finish paying bills off (yep, responsibilities suck, but then just fun, fun, fun)
I would enlarge my desk area; then I would have
to buy a new computer setup because my office would be out of there.
Then a huge, cozy reading chair with ottoman! A new tv & dvd.
Then shelving, shelving, shelving.
Then fill them all with everything that makes me say Ohhhh!! at stores as well as web shopping.

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