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Username Post: ~*~AUGUST 2011~*~Anything Goes Challenge!!!!**Sign Up til 8/10/11**        (Topic#1562027)
Megan Ann
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Megan Ann

AUGUST is on the way! Time for sign ups!

Are you ready for an exciting month of challenges that will spark your creativity and make you to step outside your comfort zone by challenging you to try variety of techniques? You may even complete that project you always wanted to finish. If so, welcome to AUGUST's Anything Goes Challenge!

As usual, we will enjoy daily challenges, weekly challenges, weekly photo challenges and a monthly challenge.

SIGN-UPS will be open until AUGUST 10th.

If you are playing for points/prizes please send me $8.00 via USPS no later than AUGUST 15th. If you don't want to pay, you can always play motivational (but you won't be eligible for the prizes).

Please mail to:
Megan A. Walker
DURHAM, NC 27705-3606

Alternately you can pay via PayPal by sending money to
[email protected]
If you select this method, you will have to pay $8.55 to cover PayPal fees but that’s not that bad considering a stamp would cost you $0.44

Only pages that are NEWLY completed and uploaded on or after JULY 1st count towards your total points and layouts. This challenge ends on AUGUST 31st, 2011 at 11:59 PM PST. All LOs, cards, pics, or other projects to be counted for points or towards your LO goal must be uploaded to your gallery AND linked to this thread with your point details. Going forward all daily/weekly/monthly pics, LOs and point details must be posted to the thread by the deadline which is Sunday 11:59 PM PST.

PRIZES: Gift certificates to!

**Prize Categories**
(prize amounts will be based upon the number of players)

1 - Most points overall - no matter what your goal was or how many layouts you complete, if you have the most points at the end of the month, then you win this category...

2 - Most points 10 or less layouts - if you set your goal for 10 or less layouts and complete 10 or less layouts for the month, then you are eligible for this category - if you complete more than 10 LOs then congrats to you, but that moves you to the other categories...

3 - Most points 11-25 LOs. If you set your goal for 11-25 layouts and complete your goal of 11-25 layouts for the month, then you are eligible for this category - if you complete more than 25 LOs then congrats to you, but that moves you to the other categories...

4 – Most daily challenges completed - I will post a new challenge everyday and if you do them, keep track of how many you complete, then you will be eligible for a prize at the end of the month. If there is a tie, then there will be a drawing. (To be eligible for this category, please start a blog at to list your challenges completed.) Daily challenges are meant to be completed on a layout, a card, or an altered project. There will be few day specific challenges but generally you will be able to complete those challenges at your own pace and you may combine several of them on a same layout, card, or altered project.

5 – Random drawing of everyone who meets their goal - very simple, meet your goal and I will put all names into a hat at the end of the month and draw one name.

***** You will only be eligible for prizes having met your LO goal. You can only win in one category.*****

Layouts are counted towards your goal in the following manner:

*8x8 or above (6x12, 8.5x11, 12x12) = 1 layout (2 pagers count as 2 layouts)
*2 6x6 = 1 layout
*3 4x6=1 layout
*4 mini layouts (3x3, 4x4 etc.)= 1 layout
*Cards do not count toward your layout goal, but you can count points for them*

Altered items and other projects can be counted as "layouts" based on the amount of work you put into them. If you aren't sure how many to count, just ask!

**A note for people who'd like to play for prizes, but not keep track of points; as long as you link/post your layouts to the thread, you can still be eligible for categories 4 & 5 of prizes!**


When you post your cards, LOs, or altered projects please post all points details inculding any daily, weekly, or monthly challenges you are counting them for on this thread.

Note on embedding:

1. Go to the layout in your gallery.
2. Click on 'Edit Image' tab under the layout.
3. Scroll down to the bottom left side.
4. Check the box that says, ‘Allow Public Embedding’.

1. Go to the layout in your gallery.
2. Click on 'Share AnyWhere' on the 'share' tab beside the layout.
3. Click on 'IMG code' button.
4. Copy and paste the code which starts [url...] into the forum thread.

Megan Ann
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Megan Ann
In response to Megan Ann



Megan Ann 7.5/3 GOAL MET!!! 11614 pts 23 DCs
senora_x 20/20 GOAL MET!!! 9954 pts 17 DCs
Nana Linda J 21/20 GOAL MET!!! 12669 pts 22 DCs
suzilea 0/15
jadecook 0/7
amancuso 0/10
AshleyLadd 0/20
MrsCDJ 16/20 10276 pts 25 DCs
Momma Said 4/4 GOAL MET!!! 19 DCs
NewSnow0518 0/8
dkscrapper 12/12 GOAL MET!!! 13336 pts 24 DCs
njr007 9/8 GOAL MET!!! 14114 pts 28 DCs

Mother Goose 0/20
kdsmommy 0/15

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In response to Megan Ann


BONUS POINTS: YOU MAY TAKE +10 pts for completing the daily challenge by 11:59 pm (PST) on the same day/date that it was posted for! (SO the 9/2 challenge needs to be completed by 11:59 pm on 9/2 to take the +10 bonus points.)

8/1: Let's get the month started off with a clean and organized scrap space.....errr.....well a clean-er and more organized scrap space! Take a before picture of your space, exactly how it is now--then work on organizing your space for 30 minutes and share your before and AFTER pictures on the thread for +150 pts! If you work on organizing your space for 1 hour then share your before & after pics on the thread, take +300 pts!!! Go forth and CLEAN!!!

Another Manic Monday

bonus challenge
by Megan Ann

So we have survived. The first day of August and the first day of the school/work week--YAY! I think y'all should be rewarded! But you don't get off that easily--you need to do something to earn your reward, so I was thinking about the craziness that Monday's seem to bring--even if they are no different than any other day of your week (which is true for me, every day is pretty much the same, I don't work & school is not in session) but I still seem to have crazy Monday's. I seem to be on an organizational kick since yesterday, so I am going to challenge you to organize and prioritize. Sit down and be still for 2 minutes. (Really, actually do it, allow your body and mind to relax, even if only for 2 minutes!) Think about what you would like to accomplish in relation to scrapping this month. Then make a list of your goals you wish to accomplish in August. I write down all the goals I can think of, then go back through the list and ID which ones are my priority and what is a reasonable amount to expect myself to accomplish in one month. Re-write your list with your most important goals at the top, down to your lower priority goals near the bottom. FOR NOW, only include the number of goals you think you can accomplish in August. Don't throw your other goals away, they are important too. Just put them in a different place for now. Focus on these August goals. Create a blog entry on your blog and share your scrappy goals with us for the month of August. If you post the link to your blog on this thread by Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 6:00 PM EST then take 200 bonus points for completing this organizational exercise!

If you complete at least ONE of your goals by 6:00 PM EST Monday, August 8, 2011 take an additional 100 bonus points for being proactive in accomplishing your goals!

8/2: I have tons of stamps that I do not use nearly enough...Get out 3 different stamps (they can be from the same set) and use at least those 3 different stamped images/words/etc. on a project: Altered Item/Layout=+150 pts, card/atc/tag=+100 pts!

8/3: My favorite!!! Use a misting product on your LO today (such as Glimmer Mists, Shimmerz Spritz, Smooch Spritz, Maya Mists, etc.) for +150 pts! If you don't have any of those products--here is a tutorial on how to make your own: -gli...

8/4: Change your avatar (profile pic) for +120 pts!!

8/5: Find a product you own and have used in the superstore and write a review of the product! Share the link to the product page after you have submitted your review on this thread. Take +100 pts for writing one review. If you review 2 different products take an additional +50 pts for a total of +150 pts! (Sometimes the reviews are not published right away, so if yours doesn't show up immediately, don't worry--you can still get the points.)

8/6: Get out those needles and thread so you can do some hand-stitching on your project! Take +2 pts (in addition to the +1 pt per hand-stitch on the points list) for each hand-stitch on your project up to 75 stitches (or +150 pts)!

8/7: Let's help welcome Crystal's puppies to the world! Use an animal embellishment or a photograph of an animal on your project for +100 pts! If it is a dog/puppy embellie or photo take +50 additional points for a total of +150 pts!

by Megan Ann

  • dkscrapper Said:
  • SplendidMoments Said:
  • dkscrapper Said:
8/1 Clean and organize work space.
1+ hour – 300
completed today - 10

Paid before 8/5 – 300
Update sig - 5
Total = 615

Sorry again, your blog is going to mine too

I think it is going to mine now!

NOPE! FYI--EVERYONE! If you post a blog entry on and the address is the same as the one above--it will take whoever clicks on it to their own blog. (So it seems like the link is working b/c it takes you to your own blog, but it does that for everyone. You must post the new blog entry, then click on the "My Blog" link near the top of the entry and then when it takes you back to the list of all your entries, click on the link to the entry you want to share with us and THEN copy the link. It should look like this: 313.html

It will always end in a number(dot)html

So to practice, if you have not already make a Daily Challenge tracking blog to keep track of what daily challenges you complete throughout the month, make one. If you share the right link with us so we can view your entry take +50 pts! If you have already made a DCs tracking blog, just share the correct link with us and take the same +50 pts!

8/8: I woke up very late this morning, and I hate running late! Use a clock of some sort on your page today for 150 points, or a card for 75

8/9: Today lets make some handmade flowers. There are tons of youtube videos and tutorials online for flowers if you need inspiration! Use at least 3 on your page today for 300 points! Have fun and try to make a new kind, that you've never made before!

8/10: So it has been super hot here in Texas. We are on our 41st day in a row over 100 degrees. Records of high temperatures keep getting broken, and tomorrow we will break the record of the most consecutive days over 100 degrees. Today lets use something that symbolizes heat on your project. You can use a sun, fire, a temperature gauge...use your imagination! 150 points.

8/11: Lets share the love today! Take double points for any comments you leave up to 150 extra points (75 comments)

8/12: Use 10 or more buttons on your page today for 100 points.

8/13: It rained today in Dallas! I can not remember the last time I saw rain clouds and rain! Lets use some clouds on your project for 150 pts. It can be on patterned paper, die cuts, stickers...anything you want. Just show me them clouds!

8/14: Use some sort of sparkle or bling on your page today for 150 points. It can be glimmer mist, glitter, name it!

8/15: paper piece Your card or LO. For each paper-pieced item, take 50 points up to 150 points.

For example, if you paper piece a sun on your LO or card, take 50 points. If you also paper piece an animal on the SAME project, take 50 more points for a total of 100 points. Then if you also paper piece a boat on the SAME project, take another 50 points for the maximum possible points of 150 total.

8/16: I feel grungy and I want to get messy. Get messy on your card or LO. So melt crayons or wax on your LO, or splatter paint, or finger paint on at least one half your LO for 150 points or on one half of your card for 100 on a card.

8/17: Make a LO only comparing prices now to prices of the same type items when you were a child for 150 points. Compare at least 10 items.

For example, I was a child in the 1960s, so I will look up the average cost of gas, bread, cars, milk, steak, houses, telephone service, TVs, haircuts, a movie in 1965 compared to the cost of the same items now in 2011.

8/18: Make a very dark LO or card for 125 points. Not necessarily dark in color, although it most likely should be to fit a dark subject.

Think spooky Halloween or scraps of darkness type stuff. Delve into a dark subject.

I've been meaning to scrap about a romance writer's retret at a haunted hotel in Indiana where we went ghost hunting. Boy was it spooky but fun!

8/19: Embellish your title on a card or LO for 125 points:
Pick one or more of the following options:
1. Stamp the title letters
2. Doodle around the title letters
3. Or add flowers, buttons, or ribbons to them.

8/20: Use hardware such as doorknobs or hinges on your LO or card today. 150 points for using real metal or wood. 125 points for using paper facsimiles of the hardware.

8/21: Choose a theme for your LO (only) and journal a list of at least 6 random facts about it.
I.e. School - show pics of something about school and list at least 6 random facts about it
I.e. Cows - show a cow or just the cow hide design and list at least 6 random facts about cows.
I.e. - Cats or aliens (mention Hanger 52 or Roswell or the year you dressed up as an alien for Halloween, etc.)

Take 275 points. Have fun with this. Silly or serious or mix it up.

8/22:I absolutely HATE Monday’s. The only thing worse than a Monday is a Tuesday after a long weekend. For your challenge today, make a card wishing someone a “Happy Monday” for +100 points. Give the card to someone for an additional +50 points.

8/23: Tuesdays are family swim at our community pool - today's challenge is to make a LO or project (+150) or a card (+75) with a "water" theme - it can be the pool, sprinkler, beach, water slides - use a picture of a loved one in the water for an extra +25 points for either option (LO, project, card).

8/24: Look on the list on the first page, find your name and then count down 3 people (if you get to the bottom of the list, start back at the top) --> go to that person's gallery and choose a LO or project (+150 points) or card (+100 points) to "lift".

8/25: Come up with ONE word that describes your love of scrapbooking +100 points. Use this word on a layout, project or card for an extra +50 points.

8/26: It's Friday and it couldn't have come any sooner!! Enjoy today - do something for YOU today! Share with us what it was for +75 points; find a way to memorialize it (card, LO, project) for an extra +100 points.

8/27: Sign up for September AGC for +100 points! Cheers!

8/28: Finish strong - if you complete 1-3 LO's, projects, or cards today, take +75 points; if you complete 4-7 LO's, projects, or cards today, take +125 points; if you complete 8 or more LO's, projects, or cards today, take +200 points.

It can also be a combo - like 3 LO's, 4 cards, 1 altered project (this is just an example).

8/29: Today is all about catching up - so today if you haven't met your monthly goal and you do by the end of the day, take +150 points; if you are already at your goal, you get +200 points.

8/30: Yeah, in honor of the late challenge today - my husband bought me a new laptop and wireless printer yesterday and since I have never had a new computer of any kind before I had NO idea how much time it would take getting set up!

So, for being patient today take +100 points.

8/31: Ok...if you email Megan Ann your final points tally, you earn +200 points today.

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~*~Weekly Challenge and Photo Challenge~*~
These challenges MUST be posted WITH POINTS DETAILS by 11:59 PM PST Sunday to take points for the weekly challenges.

RULE: If you take a pic of your computer screen because you do not have the item asked for in the weekly photo challenge you will only get half points for the picture of your computer screen. So if the challenge was originally worth 100 pts, you would get 50 pts; worth 50 pts, you would get 25 pts; etc.

8/22-8/28 Photo Challenge:

Little one +50 points
Good time +50 points
Relaxing time +50 points
Boring time +50 points
Fun time +50 points

Weekly Challenge
Summer is quickly drawing to a close and school will be starting soon. For this week’s challenge create a mini album (paperbag, acrylic, chipboard) showcasing your summer highlights! Fill up 3-4 pages for +200 points; 5-7 pages for +300 points; 7 or more pages for +400 points


Weekly challenge:

MAKE a string of charms (at least 3 charms on the same string) for 200 points. Use the same string of charms on a project this week for another 100 points for a total possible maximum points of 300.

What I have in mnd for the weekly challenge for the charms, is for a dangling charm made on a string or chain with eye pins. Here are some links to tutorials. mp;a mp;a mp;a mp;a

I hope this helps.

Weekly photos:

50 points each -



Weekly - August is a month where I think about a lot of people near and dear to me. It is a month where I always stop and think about my dad who is gone, my nephew who is a thousand miles away and I miss terribly on his birthday, as well as my DH and best friend. Lets make a page about someone close to our hearts for 300 points. Tell us why in 50 words or more and take an extra 100 points!

Photos - 50 pts each
Favorite Scrappy thing


Weekly Challenge: Create a layout about yourself. Must feature YOU in at least 1 (ONE) picture on the layout. Must have at least 75 journaling words about YOU! Focus this week on exploring yourself and your thoughts, hopes, desires, experiences, dreams, etc. This is a chance to reflect and an opportunity to identify things you may wish to change. +400 pts

Weekly Photos:
a self-portrait +100 pts
something that represents your passions +75 pts
something that represents your fears +75 pts

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Something that has become incredibly popular very fast is video tutorials for making different embellishments and how-tos for a variety of techniques. This month I challenge you to make your own scrapbooking video tutorial! (You do not need special equipment or computer programs--the majority of digital cameras have a video feature that allows you to shoot video footage using your digital camera. If your camera does not have this feature & you do not have a video camera, borrow one from a friend!)


1. Must be a minimum of 1 minute and 30 seconds long.
2. Must be related to/about scrapbooking (i.e. a technique, or embellishment, or advice/tips for new scrapbookers, etc).
3. You must upload the video to the internet so it can be shared with the other AGC players. Currently, does not allow for video uploads by members. I suggest using YouTube or Facebook--both allow you to control the privacy settings on your videos & give you a link to share the video with others. After the prizes are awarded for the month of August, you may remove your video.
4. Relax! Have FUN!

Once your video is posted and you have shared the link on this thread, Megan Ann will verify that your video meets the minimum requirements and then you can take +800 pts!!!

BONUS POINTS OPPORTUNITY: Make your video at least 2 minutes and 30 seconds long!!! +250 pts

Thank you to AshleyLadd for the idea for the monthly challenge!!!!

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Megan Ann
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Megan Ann
In response to AnythingGoesChallenge


Take +300 bonus points if you pay by AUGUST 5th,
take +200 points if you pay by AUGUST 10th,
take +100 pts if you pay by AUGUST 15th, the deadline!


- PER photo corner, button, staple, brad, paper clip, jewel, pearl, or metal clip
- PER letter/number used in title only (stamped, sticker, chipboard, rub-on, die cut, etc.)
- PER sticker (except letters/numbers in title)
- PER hand stitch

(example: if you use three different pattern papers take 15 points)
- PER cardstock/pattern paper used
- PER scripture, recipe, quote or poem (includes song lyrics)
- PER type/kind of ribbon or fiber or embroidery floss/thread used
- PER rub on shape or word (border, frame, flower,“love” etc. NOT individual letters or numbers)
- PER 3D flower
- PER stamped image or word on your project
- PER color of glimmer mist, paint, or ink used
- PER punch used (5 pts for each punch, not for each punched shape/each time you punch--so if you use a heart punch to punch out 7 hearts, a star punch to punch out 1 star, and a scallop border punch along the entire edge of your paper, you get 15 pts--5 pts for each different punch used)
- PER type of distressing (inking, tearing, etc...any type)
- PER chipboard/grungeboard/car dboard (not cardstock) shape (NOT letters or numbers in title)
- PER card or swap item made (full points for first, 10 pts for each identical one)
- PER layout 6x6 or smaller (MUST have a link in this forum)

(only take 5 points once for each item you use, no matter how many times you use it)
- for using glossy accents or crackle accents or other epoxy/enamel accents
- for using Stickles (or glitter glue OR loose glitter)
- for using flocking (or a pre-flocked embellishment)
- for having a ONE word title
- for having doodles (doodling you did on your project)
- for using die cut shapes (not letters/numbers!)
- for having a journaling block OR journaling strips
- for using metal items (other than brads, staples, and eyelets)
- for using one or more of the following themes: school/education, shopping/buying/purchasin g, OR “habits”
- for creating a LO for another challenge on or on another blog/website (MUST tell what challenge it is for AND if it is not an challenge you MUST post the website link to the challenge!)

- PER 8x8 or larger (6x12, 8.5x11, 12x12) layout (MUST have a link in this forum)
- PER handmade CHARM or PIN (like the ones made with beads)
- PER hand-cut embellie (that you cut out w/ scissors)
- PER transparency or overlay used on your project
- PER mask used
- for using embossing (wet or dry)
- for using 5+ shape stickers on your LO (“shape” meaning any stickers except letter stickers)
- for machine sewing
- for using scraps
- for scraplifting a member of OR using a pagemap/sketch (link the original page too, always possible even if it is just the link-that starts with http://-- cannot take points without link)

- for using your OWN design that is NOT based on someone else’s design or sketch
- for having hidden pics or journaling—to take these points, you must include a close up of the hidden items in your gallery and link to this thread. Only hidden pics/journaling on the front of your LO. NO POINTS for journaling that is just written/taped to the back of your LO.
- PER layout with no pictures
- PER altered item created

50 POINTS (yes, you read that correctly!):
- for creating your own SKETCH (you DO NOT need to create a LO with it), posting it in your gallery and linking it to this thread
- for creating a written OR photo OR video tutorial for scrapbooking and posting it on your blog ( blog or other, like blogspot or typepad) and sharing the link on this thread


- PER picture (4 pics = 20 pts.)
- PER person or animal in each pic
- PER picture over 5 years old OR taken during the month of July 2011

- PER picture that YOU are in
- PER picture with NO people or animals in it
- PER photo larger than 4x6 (5x7, 6x6, 4.5x6, etc)
- PER photo 3x3 OR SMALLER (2x3, 2x2, etc)
- for single page LO w/ 3+ pics OR double page LO w/ 5+ pics
- for using a digital photo effect on the picture (as simple as making the pic B&W to making it look like a cartoon)


- 1 point PER word of journaling (not pre-printed embellies) up to 400 points
- 25 points for every 50 words over 400 (E.g. Total of 500 words would equal 450 points)
- 10 points for using handwritten journaling on your page (or 20 pts for 50+ words or 50 points for 100+ words)


- PER comment you post in a gallery/blog/my place
- PER new photo taken by you, posted to your gallery, and linked to this thread
- posting a quote you find inspirational, encouraging, or just plain funny (give credit to author if possible!)

- PER any new BLOG entry (NO POINTS FOR UPDATING A BLOG entry that you have already take points for once) (MUST have a link to this forum)
- For cleaning up your scrap area after you completed the posted project
- For updating your siggy--points & layouts info--IMMEDIATELY after posting points (Max. 4 times per day!)

- for doing a THOROUGH cleaning of your scrap area when it is messy! YOU MUST POST A BEFORE AND AFTER pic to take the points! (MAX # of times you can take these points per month: 10)
- for completing a goal on you list of “Goals For the Month of August” list made during the month (MAX # of goals you can take points for per month: 15!)

Edited by Megan Ann on 08-01-11 08:19 PM. Reason for edit: editing points list!

Megan Ann
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Megan Ann
In response to Megan Ann

Challenge Volunteers! These are the new rules for people who want to volunteer to do a week of challenges.
1.The weekly challenge cannot be worth more than 400 pts.
2.The daily challenges can only be worth 150 pts with one exception per week up to 300 pts. So 6 days of 150 points or less and one challenge up to 300 points.
3.The daily challenges should generally be something that can be incorporated into ANY LO. Not a challenge that you must make a LO for that you wouldn't have made otherwise. But it CAN require you to make a whole LO for one challenge per week.
4.Picture challenges can only be worth up to 250 pts total added up for all pictures. There should not be more than 6 pictures for the weekly photo challenge.
5. You SHOULD post the challenge by 10 AM EST (which is 7AM PST) OR post the challenge the night before, preferably after 9PM your time.

****Weeks will run from Monday to Sunday!****
1-7 Megan Ann
8-14 amancuso
15-21 AshleyLadd
22-28 kdsmommy


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In response to Megan Ann

I'm in for 20 layouts! Will be heading back to work mid month so won't have as much time but still want to push myself!

Mother Goose
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Mother Goose
In response to senora_x

I'll do the 20 lo challenge. My money will be in before the 5th.

Nana Linda J
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Nana Linda J
In response to Mother Goose

I am in for another fun month. I will sign up for 20 lo's again this month.

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In response to Nana Linda J

I want in! I haven't done this challenge in so long...and I haven't done any scrapbooking hardly at all this year. Time to get back to the hobby I love!

My goal will be 15 layouts! Thanks.

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In response to suzilea

I have been waiting for this challenge!! I hope to actually be here this month!!! I got my laptop so that will help. Westin starts "school" Aug. 8 so I hope to have some time to scrap and not get too far behind on this challenge!!! My goal is 7 LO's

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In response to jadebrit

I'm in and I have to think about my goal this month.. Now with Owen & Jakob both starting school, I will have 2 1/2 hours every Thursday to myself.. That hasn't happened in 5 1/2 years!! So I will think about it and get back to you!

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In response to NewSnow0518

I'm in for 10 again!

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In response to amancuso

I'm in again. LOVE this challenge. I'm sure you can't tell.

Put me down for 20 LOs for August. I'm struggling to make the 25 I signed up for in July and hope I make it.

If you need hostesses I'll be happy to help. I don't want to hog all the fun, however, so if you have plenty of volunteers, I'll wait for another month. Let me know.

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In response to AshleyLadd

Megan, I just emailed my money via Paypal for the August AGC.

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In response to AshleyLadd

I think I would like to join this challenge. I'll make a goal for 20 LOs. I also already sent the $8 via PayPal (remembered to put who it was from and everything!).

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In response to MrsCDJ


Megan Ann
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Megan Ann
In response to AshleyLadd

  • AshleyLadd Said:
Megan, I just emailed my money via Paypal for the August AGC.

Got it!

Posts: 6066
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In response to jadebrit

just sent in my money through paypal!

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