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Ok, I know this is a simple question, but what are the best gel pens to get. I have a set that I want to say I bought at the Dollar Tree about 6 years ago. Great pens, but the caps don't stay on and break really easily. Im looking for a set with many colors to choose from...what kind do you reccomend?

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It really depends on your budget and your intention.

Are you colouring in an image or, are you journaling? Many people here use Copics. I still have Zigs that work after 12 years. I have some of the Sakura Microns and also work with the Gelly Rolls by Sakura. I mostly use the Gelly Rolls to finish off an embellishment that I cut using SCAL. If a paper piece was too small to cut on the Cricut, I may hand-draw it in with a Gelly Roll that would match the cardstock. I use the Microns for journaling. The Zigs have different tips for different effects. The Copics are expensive and I have a few, they produce beautiful results. Hope that helps. Keep a smile M.

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For gel pens I'm pretty happy with Sakura. They seem to last quite a while and I've never had trouble with caps staying on or breakage either. White is a difficult color and many people seem to like the Uni-ball version.
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