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Username Post: April Cricut Challenge-Closed and Scrapping        (Topic#1573135)
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This challenge is set up to encourage you to use your Cricut and to show us what wonderful images are available on the Cricut cartridges. You may also use SCAL with your Cricut to cut images.

Please sign up for the challenge. Because we have so many projects each month I need to limit the participation. All cricut projects are welcome to be posted here by participants for sharing ..... but 3 (three) projects are required to "complete" the challenge.

April TWIST: Use one of the following on your project: umbrella, owl, sun - Must be made cut with your Cricut

All projects MUST include something cut with your cricut .....please remember to let us know what cart you used!

At the end of the month (31st) there will be a random drawing from all participants who have completed the challenge (3 projects) for an RAK from me


At the end of each month (the 31st) there will be a random drawing from all projects that used the twist for an RAK from me.*

*Winner of the first drawing will not be eligible for the 2nd drawing*

Remember to save this thread to your favorites for easy access. And please check in at least once a week so I know you are still playing.

Signups close on April 1st at midnight CST

1. Norma (njr007)
2. Sonja (SonjaC)
3. Trish (ChansGram)
4. Pam (Pam in Tex)
5. Melanie (lamoo12)
6. Michelle (melissaadam)
7. Henva (stopnstare)
8. Anna (Anna C)
9. Tina (tinadn)
10. Mel (tealbrand)
11. Sandy (writerlady)
12. Tracy (TracyF)
13. Lisa (lpeeps)
14. Carol (Snowdog)
15. DaNel (DaNelHicks)
16. Shalene (msnickers)
17. Kelly (NewSnow0518)
18. Val (izzy0611)
19. Kimberly (leokc34)
20. Shelley (BorntoScrap)
21. Elaine (AshleyLadd)
22. Denielle (denielle.c.podraza)
23. Carolyn (vincarash)
24. Donna (dkscrapper)
25. Margie (Margie Calenda)
26. Rhonda (YOurScrapAttack)
27. Sandra (nanasan)
28. Renay (Renaylucy)
29. Becky (Aunt Jo)

1. 2 of 60: 43 the MVP By Stopnstare07
2. Seaside Escapes Mini Album By Stopnstare07 *with twist*
3. An inside peek... By Stopnstare07
4. howdy yall By Leokc34
5. happy easter with stampin boutique By Leokc34
6. Big Pimpin-Aprils scraplift the person before you challenge By Denielle.c.podraza
7. Feel better soon By Tinadn
8. Find joy By Tinadn
9. Happy Easter By Tinadn
10.-11. Party Time By DaNel Hicks
12. easter By Melissadam
13.-14. men at work By Melissadam
15. built tough By Melissadam
16. Jack and Norma By Njr007
17. She Wants to be A Cowgirl By Njr007
18. Liam By Njr007
19. Panama Beach By Njr007
20. DS1 Jumping By Lamoo12
21. Man's Best Friend By ChansGram
22. 2hot 4 u* By Tealbrand *with twist*
23. you did it* By Tealbrand *with twist*
24. love* By Tealbrand *with twist*
25. wet paint By Melissadam
26. Happy Easter By Tinadn
27.-29. Celebrate By Tinadn *with twist*
30.-31. Easter container By Tracy F
32. Magic By ChansGram
33. Cute,Cute,Cute By ChansGram
34. read By Melissadam *with twist*
35. 5 out of 60: March the 17th By Stopnstare07
36. 7 out of 60: Katy By Stopnstare07
37. Little Clothes By DaNel Hicks
38. yourday* By Tealbrand
39. proud of you* By Tealbrand
40. At The Park By Margie Calenda
41. Fun in the Sand By Tinadn *with twist*
42 Parasailing By Tinadn
42. Hunter meets Great Grandpa Cole By DaNel Hicks
43. easter treat bags By Leokc34
44. happy easter - digi my world stamp By Leokc34
45.-46. Springtime By DaNel Hicks
47. Baby Camo Mini By AuntJo
48. Baby Camo Mini By AuntJo
49. Baby Camo Mini By AuntJo
50. Baby Camo Mini By AuntJo
51. Baby Camo Mini By AuntJo
52. Baby Camo Mini By AuntJo
53. friends forever* By Tealbrand
54. class of 04* By Tealbrand
55. Rainy Days By Leokc34 *with twist*
56. choir (left) By Melissadam
57. choir (right) By Melissadam
58. you did it* By Tealbrand
59. waytogo* By Tealbrand
60.-67. cards for april 20/20! By Tealbrand *with twist*
68. Easter Wishes By Anna C
69. Future Football Fan By DaNel Hicks
70. I'll love you till the day after forever By DaNel Hicks
71. 1st Place By DaNel Hicks
72. Siblings By Msnickers2
73.-74. Natural Beauty By Lpeeps
75.-76. Good Times By Lpeeps
77. proud of you By Melissadam
78. best buddies By Melissadam
79. Graduation Owl By Margie Calenda*with twist*
80. Imagine By ChansGram
81. yummy By Melissadam
82. My Little Cuttlebug By ChansGram
83. our tats By YourScrapAttack
84. Bridal Shower Umbrella card By Margie Calenda *with twist*
85. Dance By Njr007
86. Welcome Spring By Njr007
87. Happy Easter By Njr007
88. smile By Vincarash
89. My Hunny Bear By Njr007
90. Pooh File Folder mini opened By Njr007
91. Tags Side 1 By Njr007
92. Tags Side 2 By Njr007
93. Treasured Memories By Tinadn
94. Sisters and Brothers By Njr007
95. Tuff Girl Tag By Stopnstare07
96. Got Sun? Tag By Stopnstare07
97. 3597851[url= 3597943/-1.html]
98. Mickey Rocks tag By Stopnstare07
99. easter 1996 By Melissadam
100. mmmm delicious By Melissadam
101. Secret Pal Smash Journal By Tracy F
102. this boy is crazy By Tinadn
103. FREEDOM By Anna C
104. beauty queen By Leokc34
105. birthday wishes By Leokc34
106. humpty dumpty card By Leokc34
107. Nature Notepad Holder By Njr007
108. Marilyn Notepad Holder By Njr007
109. The Best Notepad Holder By Njr007
110. It's Such a Girl Thing Notepad Holder By Njr007
111. Bird Notepad Holder By Njr007
112. Things to Do Notepad By Njr007
113. Sisters By ChansGram
114. Oscar & Daisy By Dkscrapper
115. Door Hanger By Dkscrapper
116. gone fishin - Door Hanger By Dkscrapper
117. Best Dad Ever By Dkscrapper
118. Cloud (outside) By Lamoo12 Cloud (inside) By Lamoo12*with twist*
119. Bee Happy By Tracy F
120. Ho, Ho, Ho! By NewSnow0518
121. Left side close up.. By NewSnow0518
122. Buscha By NewSnow0518
123. tags.. By NewSnow0518
124. Cousins By ChansGram
125. florida atc By YourScrapAttack
126. Baby Door Hanger By Dkscrapper
127. Man Cave Door Hanger By Dkscrapper
128. Ky-Bloom By ChansGram
129. Little Mermaid By Tracy F
130. daddy's baby girl. By YourScrapAttack
131.-132. Mom By Lpeeps
133. the swiss guard By Melissadam
134. Baby Roy By ChansGram
135. Laughter By Tracy F
136. Owl Birthday Card with envelope By Izzyw0611 *with twist*
137. Feminine birthday card By Izzyw0611
138. Masculine birthday card By Izzyw0611
139. shower By Melissadam
140. sunny days By Melissadam *with twist*
141. halloween 2000 By Melissadam
142. read By Melissadam
143. Lucky Snapshot By ChansGram
144. Birthday Card By Anna C
145. Birthday Card By Anna C
146. Altered Binders clips #1 By Njr007
147. imagine By Njr007
148. The Best Notepad Holder By Njr007
149. joy* By Tealbrand
150. Elway/Elwina By ChansGram
151. April Ugly Paper Challenge - Jungle Fun By Nanasan
152.-153. zoo By Melissadam
154. lemurs By Melissadam
155. You're still the one By ChansGram
156. Mo'o By Tracy F
157. Joy By Tracy F
158. birthday boy By Melissadam
159. birthday By Melissadam
160. 3 Generations By Tracy F
161. yummy By Melissadam *with twist*
162. Summertime By ChansGram
163. Superman card By Lamoo12
164. Happy Mother's Day 1 By Renaylucy
165. Happy Mother's Day 2 By Renaylucy
166. M is for Mom By Renaylucy
167. Friends Forever By Njr007
168. Happy Mother's Day By Njr007
169. Happy Mother's Day By Njr007
170. Happy Birthday Brother By Njr007
171. Love the Earth By Njr007
172. Bell By Njr007
173 mom By Melissadam
174. mom By Melissadam
175. mothers day By Melissadam
176. timeless beauty By Vincarash
177. Big Sis By Lpeeps
178. Just hanging By Njr007
179. I Love My Little Angels By SonjaC
180. my baby girl By Leokc34
181. Treasure hunt By Leokc34
182. me and my shadow By Melissadam
183. Baby By Tinadn
184. Picture perfect memories By Tinadn
185. Congratulations By Tinadn
185. happy birthday By Melissadam
186. Who Needs Water? By Denielle.c.podraza
187. Anna's Tattoo By Denielle.c.podraza
188. vroom vroom By Denielle.c.podraza
189. Moulin Rouge - meaning Red Mill By SnowDog
190. Birthday Wishes By Tracy F
191. Feet By Njr007
192. 2 cute chicks By ChansGram
193. H2O By Melissadam
194. play games By Melissadam
195. Palace de Versaille pt 2 of 8x8 By SnowDog
196. Yellowstone Adventure By SonjaC
197. Horsin' Around By SonjaC
198. Having Fun on the Slopes By SonjaC
199. Our Tree By Vincarash
200. April Uglies done By SnowDog
201. New York New York By Njr007
202. Showers of Blessing By Nanasan
203. Simple tag By Nanasan

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In response to njr007

Hi Norma, I'm playing again.
Thanks for the host!

Pam in TX
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Pam in TX
In response to ChansGram

Count me in. Can we use our Gypsy?

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In response to Pam in TX

I'm here and ready to play!

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In response to Lamoo12

Im in .....this is my FAVORITE challenge! I use my cricut sooooo much more and I LOVE the chatter here!

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In response to melissadam

Me again...getting ready to post my items for March! You know I'm a slow poke, but I get it done!

Anna C
Anna C 
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Anna C
In response to stopnstare07

I wanna play again in April!

Thanks for hosting Norma!

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In response to Anna C

I am early with ALL my submissions for a change!!!

Here's ALL 3 OF THEM:

2 of 60: 43 the MVP By Stopnstare07

Used the Cuttin Up cart to COMPLETELY do the TITLE!!

Seaside Escapes Mini Album By Stopnstare07

This mini is done using cardboard box as a base. I've been setting aside items to do a beach themed mini forever! I started last night and love the way its coming out!! Just got to get back to a beach to take more pics! LOL The sun was done using the Pack your Bags cart. I am going to stickle it out.

An inside peek... By Stopnstare07
****TWIST - SUN****

Turtle and reef also done using the Pack your Bags cart!


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In response to stopnstare07

me too please:)

Posts: 43930
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In response to tinadn

Just noticed the twist. I have been wanting to make cards with an umbrella and an owl so that is my goal:)

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In response to njr007

hi norma
playing again

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In response to tinadn

Please count me in - I need to use my Cricut more!

Tracy F
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Tracy F
In response to writerlady

I'm in this challenge!

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In response to Tracy F

Okay I added Trish, Pam, Melanie, Michelle, Henva, Anna, Tina, Mel, Sandy and Tracy. Let me know if I missed someone! (I have in the past!)

Henva- your projects are really March projects!- But since I do not have a date on my first post I will allow it. Congrats on being the first

So ladies if you have a project and you have completed your three for March it's okay to start posting.

Next month I will include the dates!

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In response to njr007

Norma...I will do 3 more projects just because! Thanks for having me again!

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In response to stopnstare07

I'm in!!

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In response to lpeeps

I'm in! Just finishing up March due to my teeth extractions putting me off course (who knew that crowns would shatter the teeth).

DaNel Hicks
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DaNel Hicks
In response to SnowDog

I am in this month.

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In response to SnowDog

Okay I got Lisa and Carol!

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In response to njr007

Count me in! I don't use my cricut and this is a perfect challenge to start using my cricut more.

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