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Hello, I just wanted to put in my input about Red River paper. Until I went to their site, I never knew there were profiles for paper but info was invaluable. I also only used Epson printers and use their papers. I prefer matte. Then recently, I purchased HP 7510 and used their Advanced paper and it is gorgeous. I would always stay with the paper that belongs to the brand but my first love is Epson printers and their paper but HP is making me turn my head. Thanks for reading.

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Danielle, what's the difference between Red River and Inkpress?

They're both great lines of paper, it comes down to personal preference I think. Personally I use both brands for different things. Like I like the Red River Ultra Pro Satin and thier Arctic Polar Matte, but when I want a warm rag paper or glossy I like the Inkpress. I also get my adhesive vinyl from Inkpress. That's why I get the sample packs so I can try out all the different types to see what works for me.

Excellent, thanks! I'll definitely check them both out.

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