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I stopped in at my local Michael's late this afternoon to see what was going on. I had tried to register for crop night twice this week but the registration sheet was not available and the person in charge wasn't in. Too late to attend now as I didn't have anything prepared, and glad I didn't bother. No one else was at the crop.

I spoke to the person who was temporarily assigned to the job as a standby, in case the crop person didn't show. She told me Michael's was being sold and the stock was going public, but she had no details. They are undergoing some staff changes and the person to be in charge of crop night at this location was not yet officially assigned the job. Maybe by September they will have things straightened out a bit.

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That's interesting. I wonder how that will affect their product lines.

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It hasn't exactly been sold yet. Its been privately held and they filed a couple months ago to go public, but there's been talk of putting that off given their CEO situation - he had to resign this week because of health problems.

Any changes they make can only be for the better as I think they pretty much suck, but of course that's just my opinion.

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Henri Jean
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My Michaels is awesome - I hope they don't make any changes. The two ladies who run the crops work in the scrapbooking area and are scrapbookers themselves and are so knowledgeable.

The register people keep things running so smoothly. I love my Michaels.

Hobby Lobby is the bad store in our area - I don't even go there anymore becuase no one knows anything and the cash register people are clueless. Not nearly as well run as our Michaels.

I hope they don't make personnel changes in my Michaels! I love the people!

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Our Michael's is fantastic too! They keep getting better and better stuff,,,,,not as good as an LSS, but still,,,,,,,what they have is improving, and I love the coupons. They are polite,,,,,,knowledgable? ?,,,,eh not so much, but they TRY and they'll go out of their way to find out what they don't know Makes me happy,,,,most of the time, I know what I want and what it's for anyway.

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I hope this means their staff will actually get training! At all the Michael's in the OKC area, not only do they not know their product but they act like you just ruined their entire day if you dare ask them a question. I understand if they don't know every product the store carries, but how about some polite customer service?!?
I say this could be a good thing! In my opinion, Michael's sucks! Here and in the Houston area, Hobby Lobby is the better store of the two.

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I'm not sure how I feel about it, lately our M's employees have been amazingly helpful. One girl actually opened a product up and measured it for me because I needed the size. But their actual scrap section is awful!! No hobby lobby here yet so my best store is J's they have the best selection and surprisingly the best coupons/sale combos lately.

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My Michaels is moving .. but they are doing a whole new store it is gonna reopen at the new store on Aug 3rd. So all the stuff in the old store is moved to the front only bout 10 rows. And what was left in the store was 50% off. But not much left to pick thru. But excited bout the new store. Now the Michael is just a couple blocks down from Hob Lob.

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