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I have a finished wedding album and a running album for my family, my husband, myself, and each of my children. I also have one for each of my twin step daughters...

I was wondering what y'all thought about including pics of their mother in the albums? My DH and his ex were never married, and split when she was pregnant. No hard feelings between her and I, though things can get tense between them. Anyways, I made a few LO's of when they were ultrasound photo with one of her pregnancy photos, they were in the NICU (born early) and I made flip book LO with some pics of her, and a few others...

They live in FL, so they haven't seen them yet...but we're going down there next week and I was thinking about bringing their albums with me. Do you think the albums are okay? Should I keep those LO's in or remove them? They don't have a ton of I scrap what I have most of the time. Any suggestions for smooth conversation about it?

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I think you absolutely should include any pics of their mother if you have them available. Doesnt matter that she didnt marry their father, she is their mother and will always live in their memories. I think it would be harder for them to look at a family album and realize she was not included. But thats just my opinion. I dont have kids, step or otherwise, soI may not be the best person to give advice on kids, lol! I just know how I would feel in their place.

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My gram made albums for my brother's kids. Even though my brother and his wife had split, she put pics of their mom in there. I think it will go a long way towards showing that you acknowledge her role in their lives and respect that she is part of that time in their past.

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I thinkis part of their history. It is Ok to include them. Let them make the choice to keep the papges or to remove them. Their choice.

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Scrapbooking for my step-daughter has been very difficult. There are so many things that you miss out on when communication between her parents isn't functional, and your time with them is limited. I have lots of pages of my girls because I took pictures any random evening of things that expressed their interests or personalities. I don't have nearly as much of that for my step daughter, Paige.

Shortly before her maternal grandmother died she gave me a box of photos. She understood that I would take care of them and understand that they are a part of who Paige is and where she comes from. Her parents (my husband included) would have sooner cropped (cut) the ex-spouse out of anything that included both of them. There were alot from their wedding. I was not there, I do not know the stories. I have been working on an album for her. Pictures of her mother are included. I have left journalling prompts through the book so that she can ask her mom or dad to tell her stories. Neither she nor my husband know that I have these photos. I have scanned tham all in the computer. I plan to gift her this book for Christmas (or her February birthday, if I am not done in time) with a CD of the scanned images so she can do her own album if she ever wants. I wrote her a letter explaining how I got the photos in the first place.

I was awkward scrapping her mother. But her mom is still a part of her history. I don't think it is a bad thing to include their mother in your project so long as it is appropriate.

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