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Username Post: ~*~ September Page Maps ETC ~*~ TIME TO VOTE!        (Topic#1580159)
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Ok girls. That'll be the month.

Time to send me some votes and get the poll up.

Let's say TOP FIVE for each Sketch

Give me SKETCH# and LAYOUT#. That's easier for me.

Label your PM with PAGE MAPS so I can sort it quickly.

I'll take votes TODAY AND TOMORROW and have a poll up on Wednesday before I leave.

************************* ***************

Welcome to Cycle #4 of the Page Maps ETC. Challenge. Go easy on me. I'm fragile.

Notice that this forum has a new name? This popular challenge has been hosted here at as long as I can remember. It's such an old challenge, its origins are lost in lore. I inherited it from Nati who inherited it from....who inherited it from...

Originally, this challenge was specific to the Page Maps site and used old sketches from that set of archives. But in June of this year, we opened it up to other sites as well, giving you a chance to really flex your scrappy muscles.

Normally this challenge runs from roughly the middle of the month to the middle of the month. Seems like for us scrap-aholics, two weeks into the month and we've used up all the challenges in the room and are sitting on the edges of our chairs waiting for the new cycle of challenges to start. This forum was set up to feed that craving and give us that inspirational kick at that mid-month low point. I'm working on moving the dates as we go and eventually we'll be back to the 15th to the 15th cycle again - or roughly there.

Unlike the Monthly Sketch Challenge, where there is a sketch a week posted, this monthly forum posts all the sketches at once on the front of the month. That gives you a little wiggle room with your photos and your planning process. In the past, there have been four sketches posted - one for each week of the month - but since we all know that we're addicts and in need of support therapy, I'm adding a fifth sketch wild card special. No need to thank me since I'm in the same therapy group.

At the end of the cycle, when I have finished updating the front page after the due date, I will ask all players to PM me with their 3 top favorite per week. The top two popular choices from each sketch will go into a big poll and the community will then vote the winner.

Lots of inspiration! Lots of fun!


RULES: We need SOME rules for fair play.

All LO's must be new as of today.
Due date for all layouts is midnight (Scrapbook Dot Com Time) September 30, 2012.

1. DIGI and Regular LO's are ok to submit.
2. Your post and gallery descriptions need to contain the Sketch Number you used.
3. The sketches may be done in any order, at whatever pace you set for yourself.
4. It is more blessed to give than to receive. You'll get back as much love as you give, so be generous with your comments in the galleries.
5. You can stack this challenge with others to multi-task your projects and use your sketch projects in other challenges.
6. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Any one of us is happy to help out a scrapper in need.
7. Limited to 25 (or so) players to keep the comments manageable.

Copyright Questions : The sketches are from various sketch blogs and open sites. They are part of the fair use act, and in general are for PERSONAL use only. It is not legal under copyright law for you to profit from the use of these sketches - in other words, you cannot legally use them to create a page that you then sell for personal profit. Play fair and use these sketches for your own personal pages and projects.

That's it. Have fun!

**Page Maps ETC #3 Winner!

got Crabs? by LesleyC

Players & Projects

1. GentlewoodFarms (Pat)
2. scrapperbee (Bev)
3. FinallyMama (Melody)
4. NMscrapper (Carol)
5. lynnde (Danelle)
6. blooberry56 (Lauren)
7. astacy5 (Ann)
8. YourScrapAttack (Rhonda)
9. LesleyC (Lesley)
10. SonjaC (Sonja)
11. Ladybing Tammy (Tammy)
12. TexasMomOf4 (Karen)
13. dancinirish90 (Lisa)
14. Tracy F (Tracy)
15. denielle.c.podraza (Denielle)
16. MrsCDJ (Crystal)
17. rahulsmom (Deepa)
18. Scraphappynicole (Nicole)
19. AuntyT (Tayrah)
20. Jen E (Jen)
21. forevervampress (Celina)
22. Faithscrapper (Paula)
23. Sassy Suzi (Suzi)
24. dkscrapper (Donna)
25. msmama (Coleen)
(or so)
26. charcats7 (Char)

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Sketch 1 - From Nuts About Sketches

#1. All-American by NMscrapper

#2. Play by AuntyT

#3. Surfing by TexasMomOf4

#4. Home Sweet Home by Lynnde

#5. 1-2-3 Jump by LesleyC

#6. My Girl by FinallyMama

#7. New Year's Eve - Dec 31 2011 by Ladybing Tammy

#8. father's day 2010 by Scraphappynicole

#9. Winter Coats by Dancinirish90

#10. OBX by Msmama

#11. Connected by GentlewoodFarms

#12. Sunset Crater Flowers by Tracy F

#13. Bev 1947 by MrsCDJ

#14. Sand Play by Blooberry56

#15. Moustache Day by Astacy5

#16. First bath by Denielle.c.podraza

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In response to GentlewoodFarms

Sketch 2 - From Sketch Savvy

#1. Raising Sons by GentlewoodFarms

#2. Summer "do" by Scrapperbee

#3. Dickens by TexasMomOf4

#4. Strawberry Love by AllAmy

#5. Noman by AuntyT

#6. the one by YourScrapAttack

#7. Home Sweet Home ~ by Lynnde

#8. to infinity & beyond by Scraphappynicole

#9. Beautiful Disaster by Blooberry56

#10. First Day of Pre-School by Tracy F

#11. Love You!! by FinallyMama

#12. 2102 Queens Jubilee by Ladybing Tammy

#13. Little Cowgirl Princess by LesleyC

#14. I Dare You ~Simply B Stamps~ by Forevervampress

#15. Crab by Msmama

#16. A Pose or Two or Three by Dkscrapper

#17. Boat Dog by Dancinirish90

#18. April 2006 by MrsCDJ

#19. Bittu baby by Rahulsmom

#20. Boogie Boy by Jen E

#21. Really by Denielle.c.podraza

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Sketch 3 - From Twisted Sketches

#1. '57 Chevy's by LesleyC

#2. Wonder If Anyone's Home by Dkscrapper

#3. Jessie's Girl by Scraphappynicole

#4. Bu mmin by AuntyT

#5. Family by TexasMomOf4

#6. Home Sweet Home by Lynnde

#7. friends swap-toni by YourScrapAttack

#8. Summer Stunner by Blooberry56

#9. 2012, Paralympics - Meet the Super Humans by Ladybing Tammy

#10. Today by FinallyMama

#11. Christmas 2003 by MrsCDJ

#12. Checkup by NMscrapper

#13. Gams by GentlewoodFarms

#14. Cute as a Bug by Tracy F

#15. Smiles by Dancinirish90

#16. Paradise by Jen E

#17. Beer Pong by Denielle.c.podraza

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Sketch 4 - From My Little Sketchbook

#1. Pals with Paper by LesleyC

#2. White Cedars by FinallyMama

#3. Four by Blooberry56

#4. Thankful by GentlewoodFarms

#5. Pivot by AuntyT

#6. Home Sweet Home by Lynnde

#7. Homemade Happiness by Scraphappynicole

#8. 2012 - Man in the Mirror by Ladybing Tammy

#9. Biltmore by TexasMomOf4

#10. 1954 by MrsCDJ

#11. Being Silly by Tracy F

#12. At the Lake by Dancinirish90

#13. style by Scrapperbee

#14. Daddy's Baby Boy by SonjaC

#15. laugh by Denielle.c.podraza

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In response to GentlewoodFarms

Sketch 5 - From Page Maps

#1. Think Pink (So Very Girly) by LesleyC

#2. Luke Bryan by TexasMomOf4

#3. It's Tradition by FinallyMama

#4. Fall Apple Picking by Blooberry56

#5. 2012, MEOW-velous Friends by Ladybing Tammy

#6. Sedona by Tracy F

#7. The Ferry by Msmama

#8. Sparky - attempting adventure by Charcats7

#9. Snooze by NMscrapper

#10. Little Parts of Aurora ~ by Lynnde

#11. Ruffled by MrsCDJ

#12. freedom by Dancinirish90

#13. Chapter 1:The beginning by Denielle.c.podraza

Pam in TX
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Pam in TX
In response to GentlewoodFarms

Me Me Me

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In response to Pam in TX

Can't believe it's time for September challenges! and great sketches--thanks, Pat.

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In response to scrapperbee

Yeah!! Please count me in!! Can't wait to get started!! Thanks for hosting this fun challenge, Miss Pat!!

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In response to FinallyMama

Yep, I'm in!

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In response to NMscrapper

Please count me in!!

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In response to NMscrapper

I'd love to join! Great sketches this month!

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In response to blooberry56

Please count me in.

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In response to astacy5

me plz

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In response to YourScrapAttack

I'm in again. not sure if I'll get to all five, but I have a 7.5 hour crop on the 21st so that should help get some pages done.

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In response to LesleyC

Well 50% wasn't bad for last month... especially with a newborn! Count me in again!

Ladybing Tammy
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Ladybing Tammy
In response to SonjaC

I'm here - not sure how many I'll get done as I am going back to work in September but I'll give it my best shot to get them done before that!

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In response to Ladybing Tammy

I'm in

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In response to TexasMomOf4

Me, please. Now, back to August

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In response to dancinirish90

Glad to see newbies and veterans alike.

Finish August or jump right in. You're the captain of your own boat!

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