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I hope I am allowed to post this...if not, moderators please remove!

My director just returned from the Democratic Republic of the Congo...when she was there she found the children at one orphanage to be infested with the Chigoe flea, otherwise known as "jiggers" (not to be confused with chiggers we have in the South which are relatively harmless). The children's feet are just plain horrific...some can barely walk and they just cry in pain. We are seeking donations to get them the surgery they need to remove the bugs and heal the wounds.

We also desperately need people who can go to Congo to help care for the children after surgery as they can't go back to the orphanage immediately (there is no running water there, dirty conditions and will get re-infected).

If you are interested in learning more, please visit

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I responded on your other forum and also shared it on FaceBook.

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Never heard of this situation. Praying for some good responses and volunteers to work on this.

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