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Username Post: Another Magazine Bit The Dust        (Topic#1580919)
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I'm another one who prefers paper magazines to online. I miss both Simple Scrapbooking and Scrapbooks etc. I don't mind Creating Keepsakes, but I find that about 98% of their layouts of kid-related, and since I don't have kids, they're not really relevant to me. That said though, I have found some great ideas in CK for techniques and colour combinations.

I'm lucky to have a few great LSS's near me - one of which is right across the street from where I work! They always have lots of great new product, and the staff are all super-friendly.


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It's sad that the demise of the LSS is happening. I used to work for a bricks and mortar store teaching classes. I don't believe that online stores can offer the same service in this area as a bricks and mortar store. However, their overheads are a lot more than an online store. .....therefore the price difference.
They lady I worked for used to get in product for people , however this was often not easy. Someone may come in and ask for a particular type of paper that is very specific and to to everyone's taste, and there would be a minimum was tricky.....annoy the customer and not get it in? Or get in 25 of the paper that you might be lucky to sell five of? Some manufacturers used to have a minimum order of 50 sheets, this means that as a LSS owner, you are not ale to get the new stuff as have to sell what you have to be able to get more in KWIM? It's certainly a catch 22.

My LSS owner did get very good tutors in on a regular basis. But the thing that made her the most money was beginner classes....get people who were new....get them hooked...and they would spend. Those of us who have a substantial stash are a lot harder to please I think,

Now that I have shifted my LSS is not great. The lady buys all this old rubbish, that was popular ten years ago....she complains that no one supports her, but she has nothing modern. I try to support her as much as I can, but I find more and more I reach for my mouse to do my ordering if scrap supplies.

I have not seen a scrapbooks etc mag for a few years, I used to get them regularly when I lived in a scrappy city....what a pity.....nothing like the feel of a crisp clean mag to flick through.

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I used to get several sb magazines, but no more. I think I still get Creating Keepsakes and Paper Crafts. I love them, but they're expensive and I get limited inspiration from them. I get more on! And one of those mags keeps using product from a company that, when you go to their direct-sale site, is out of everything consistently. Very frustrating.

As for LSS, we haven't had one around here in a few years. I've got the Scrapbook Superstore an hour and a half away, but that's as close to a LSS as I get. The closest HL or M's is 45 minutes away. Needless to say, I shop a lot online at!

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