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I am in charge of organizing my team's walk for breast cancer awareness. We wanted to make some shirts for the walk. I had originally thought about tie-dye, but am concerned about the amount of time and headache that may cause. (We have to have the shirts done this week). If I just do fabric paint, what are some ways I can snazz it up a bit? Also, does fabric paint work on polyester shirts, or is cotton better? Thanks!

P.S. I am trying to make the shirts as economically as possible.

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I saw a cool T-shirt craft on pinterest with crayons and sandpaper. You draw/colour on the sandpaper nice and dark and then put the sandpaper face down on the t-shirt and iron. The results are pretty cool. Not sure if it would be faster or not....

You could get everyone to make their own design and then you iron them or something....

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How many people are on the team? Tie-die would probably be faster if it's dozens of people. Do you already have the shirts and are they white? If they have color already, doing a bleach treatment is fast, easy and really cool.

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Tie dye is not that hard and it will be cool. Give it a shot!

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