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Username Post: November Cricut Challenge-Closed and Scrapping        (Topic#1582219)
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Taking sign ups until November 2nd - midnight CST

This challenge is set up to encourage you to use your Cricut and to show us what wonderful images are available on the Cricut cartridges. You may also use SCAL with your Cricut to cut images.

Please sign up for the challenge. Because we have so many projects each month I need to limit the participation to about 20-25.
All cricut projects are welcome to be posted here by participants for sharing ..... but 3 (three) projects are required to "complete" the challenge.

November twist: tree, snowflake, bird. Include ONE of these twists on your project and be eligible for a RAK-but you MUST complete the 1st challenge to be eligible to win the twist RAK.

All projects MUST include something cut with your cricut .....please remember to let us know what cart you used!

At the end of the month (Nov 30th) there will be a random drawing from all participants who have completed the challenge (3 projects) and 3 projects and a twist for an RAK from me

Remember to save this thread to your favorites for easy access. And please check in at least once a week so I know you are still playing.

completed 3 projects

Norma (njr007)
1. Henva (stopnstare)
2. Trish (ChansGram)
3. Carol (NMscrapper)
4. Michelle (melissadam)
5. Joy (joydee1963)
6. Anna (Anna C)
7. Kelly (Klweist)
8. Barbara (Nannyfeb)
9. Donna (dkscrapper)
10. Stacey (cpowife)
11. Tina (tinadn)
12. Tracey Jean (traceyjean)
13. Renay (renaylucy)
14. Tracy (Tracy F)
15. Lisa (lpeeps)
16. Crystal (MrsCDJ)
17. Marci (marcilb)
18. Sonja (SonjaC)
19. Melanie (lamoo12)
20. Denielle (denielle.c.podraza)
21. Sandra (nansan)
22. Carol (SnowDog)
23. Sonsie
24. Jen (Jen E)
25. Rhonda (YourScrapAttack)
26. Becky (Aunt Jo)

1. Christmas Card By Cpowife *with twist*
2. Merry Christmas By Dkscrapper
3. Merry Christmas By Dkscrapper
4. Merry Christmas By Dkscrapper *with twist*
5. Happy Holidays By Anna C *with twist*
6. Christmas Card By Anna C
7. Noel By Anna C
8. Noel By Anna C
9. Christmas Spirit By Anna C
10. Joy By Anna C *with twist*
11. Merry Christmas By Anna C
12. sleeping beauty By Melissadam
13. Me and Chatty Cathy By Dkscrapper
14. Family at Thanksgiving By Tinadn
15. We are batty... By Tinadn
16. Prom invite By Tinadn
17. Love You By ChansGram
18. ***FUNTOOLAS*** NOVEMBER KIT Life is Good By Anna C *with twist*
19. thanksgiving By Melissadam
20. Travis By Cpowife
Merry Christmas By Njr007
22. Christmas Day Dec 25 By Njr007
23. Blessed By Tracy F
Moments like these By Tinadn
25.-26. A New Beginning By Jen E
27. Greetings By ChansGram
28. ***FUNTOOLAS FUN SKETCH***Blessings By Anna C
29. Thanksgiving By Tinadn *with twist*
30. Merry Christmas By Njr007
31. Jingle All the Way By Njr007
32. Merry By Njr007
33. Merry Christmas By Njr007
34. Merry Christmas By Njr007
35. Season's Greetings By Njr007
36. Dec 25th By Njr007
37. Merry Christmas By Njr007
38. Joy By Njr007
39. Merry christmas By Njr007
40. Noel By Njr007
41. /3787437/-1.html
42. christmas By Melissadam
43. christmas By Melissadam *with twist*
44. Cowboy Casanova By Jen E
45. Thankful fence By Lamoo12 *with twist*
46. Scarecrows By Tracy F *with twist*
47. Happy Anniversary By Jen E *with twist*
48. Christmas Cards By Tracy F *with twist*
49. Snow much fun By ChansGram *with twist*
50. Happy Birthday By ChansGram
51. Mickey, Pop Pop and Gammy By Marcilb
52. Peek-a-BOO By Marcilb
53. thankful By Melissadam *with twist*
54. thankful By Melissadam *with twist*
55. Snails of Chartrese city streets By SnowDog
56. Fall to Winter Overnight By Marcilb *with twist*
57. Peace By Tracy F
58. ***FUNTOOLAS*** Birthday Card By Anna C
59. ***FUNTOOLAS*** November Kit Just Married By Anna C
60. 11 of 60: LEARN By Stopnstare07
61. Nothing like a ride on my new tractor By Dkscrapper
62. Happy Mother's Day page 1 By Dkscrapper
63. Present card By Lamoo12
64. Happy Birthday By Dkscrapper
65. the Good Witch By Njr007
66. Rock N Roll Dallas 1/2 Marathon By Njr007
67. best wishes By Melissadam
68. Red Bird Card By Tracy F *with twist*
69. Look Who's 2 By Tracy F
70. Thanksgiving Card By Tracy F
71. Happy Halloween By Tracy F
72. My Cricut Calling Card By Joydee1963
73. The little things in life By ChansGram*with twist*
74. Winter Jan 2011 By Joydee1963 *with twist*
75. Christmas 1961 By ChansGram *with twist*
76. Steve and Speckles 2011 By Joydee1963 *with twist*
77.-78. Carlo's First Halloween - 2pager By SonjaC
79. Brand New Baby By SonjaC
80. My Little Pumpkin By SonjaC
81. Nuts About U By SonjaC
82. Baby's 1st Memory Book - Inside Cover By SonjaC
83. christmas By Melissadam
84. christmas By Melissadam
85.-86. Cricut Challenge Glass Etched Ornaments By AuntJo *with twist*
87.-88. Bugs Little Boy and Little Girl Mini Album By AuntJo
89. Mocha - Wishing for the snow to go away! By SnowDog *with twist*
90. Snow Wonder By NMscrapper
91. Hot Air Balloon Ride By SnowDog
92. Cricut Challenge Ornament By AuntJo
93. Advent Tree By Njr007
94. Thanksgiving Napkin Ring Holders By Njr007
95. Snowman By Tracy F
96. Christmas Tree Card By Tracy F *with twist*
97. 12 of 60: Us...Together Forever By Stopnstare07
98. "Jack" & the Gang By NMscrapper
99. November Cricut Challenge By Nanasan *with twist*
100. November Cricut Challenge By Nanasan *with twist*
101. November Cricut Challenge By Nanasan
102. 13 of 60: 4th of July Stars By Stopnstare07
103. Leaf Card By Lamoo12
104. Sonnenschein By NMscrapper
105. NOV Uglies and Page Maps Sketch Challenge-Gibson Wedding By Denielle.c.podraza
106. NOV Uglies and Page Maps Sketch Challenge-Gibson Wedding By Denielle.c.podraza
107. NOV 8x8 Kit Swap-Thankful By Denielle.c.podraza
108. nov 8x8 kit swap By Denielle.c.podraza
109. Nov 8x8 Kit swap By Denielle.c.podraza
110. /3803343/-1.html
110. /3803339/-1.html
111. 04455&m=view&id=3 803341&type=-1&pa ge=1

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In response to njr007

My Cricut is FINALLY unpacked and I am ready! I'd like to play, please!!!

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In response to stopnstare07

I'm in !
I feel like I've been doing this challenge so long now that I should get tenure!! Is that something you offer, Norma ?!!!!

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In response to ChansGram

You got it Trish!!!!

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In response to njr007

I'd like to play again!

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In response to NMscrapper

Im in! .....still wondering what happened to my productivity though

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In response to melissadam

Please sign me up.I have miss this!!!!

Anna C
Anna C 
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Anna C
In response to joydee1963

I'm back for another round! Thanks for hosting Norma!

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In response to Anna C

I'd like to try again.

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In response to njr007

I would truly like to try this one -----I need to get my "scrap on" (serious face here) Need the relaxation. to much of this and not enough of this Count me in.Look forward to seeing all of the great LO's we will all be posting here.

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In response to Nannyfeb

I'm in!!!

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In response to dkscrapper

Me, me, me!

I've been away for awhile and I was stalking the forum for this challenge

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In response to cpowife

I want in again

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In response to tinadn

I used to use my Create all the time, but since I got the Expression, I've used it a 2 times total in the last year. It's a little pricey for a dust catcher/paperweight, so I'm in.

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In response to traceyjean

Updated to here. Added Carol. Michelle, Joy, Anna, Kelly, Barbara, Donna. Stacey, Tina and Tracey Jean. I big WELCOME to all the newbies. Please feel free to ask any questions you have, if I'm not around my regulars will be glad to help you out!

I just love this group!

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In response to njr007

Count me in!

Tracy F
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Tracy F
In response to renaylucy

Me too please!

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In response to renaylucy

I am so in!
Gonna get my craft on today. Stuck here with a contractor working on the basement that floodes. New baseboards and fixing the walls today and however long it takes, carpet on Saturday. Yeah!

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In response to lpeeps

I'm in again ... even though I almost didn't survive Oct because it just went too darn fast!!

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In response to MrsCDJ!...

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