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Thanks aquabunny for replying to the question. I just got on the computer. You answered way better than I could have. It's like if someone asked me what chocolate was I'm not trying to make the questioner feel bad for asking the's just one that is hard to answer.

I have lots of clip art saved in files, but for quick and easy (and with a good virus scanner working) I just google what I want, like "free clipart turkey with hat" and it's amazing what all shows up. Sometimes it's X-rated, but usually there are a bunch of good choices. And even though I specify "free", there are usually many that need to go through a paid link, but I can always find stuff to use that is free. Click on the clip art to see the sizing choices, then save it to a file. It's good to run another virus scan over it just to make sure. I've never had a problem, but just saying...

Then you can treat it like any other graphic. Re-size it, adjust colors in a graphics program, edit it...maybe stick a feather in his hat, then print it out and fussy cut it, or if you have a Cameo, use print-and-cut.

I did one of my son-in-law on his trip to Hawaii where he was almost strip searched. I used his photo, sitting in the airport, then attached bombs, knives, Uzzis, grenades, etc. hanging all over his body with a caption something about "what made them suspicious?". I got all of my weapons from googling...then kept expecting the FBI to come knocking on my door, wondering why I was doing searches for all those things ~Judy

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I've used clip art on a few of my pages.
It's awesome because you can find images that fit your page perfectly...images you may not even be able to find in the scrapbook world!

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I googled clipart and got CARTOONS!!! Woohoo! I like cartoons! hl=en&tb...

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My brothers and I often have different memories of the same event from our childhood. There are often no pictures of the stories we tell. When something comes up that we talk about how it happened I make a page in an 8x8 album that tells each one of our perspectives in the story. Typically our mom will also fill in pieces, or correct the "facts" as she remembers as well. It has ended up being a book of stories only, sometimes drawings, of our childhoods. I usually have to chase this book because all 3 of my brothers run off with it!

The lack of pictures does not seem to be an issue. We all enjoy it anyway. Sometimes mom will run across a photo that fits the situation or timeframe, but rarely.

Oh my goodness that sounds like an awesome idea! I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters and we all have different perspectives too so this would be fun to do. Could you post pics of a couple pages maybe? I would love to get started on soemthing lie this!!

LOL... I have to get it back from my brother. He was in South Africa with the Peace Corp for 3 years and wanted to see what he missed while he was gone. His assignment is to fill in his side of what got done while he was gone.

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