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I was wondering if they are different that Perfect Pearls. I have seen that you can mix Perfect Pearls with water and then let them dry. I believe it is in Tim Holtz's book. Would this give the same effect as Twinkling H2Os?
I was thinking about trying the H2Os but didn't want to spend the money if they are similar. Thanks in advance!

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*sigh* I have some, yet to use them so Im no good at this answer. I would save your money remember gift giving is right around the corner & you never ever know what gifts you might get

Thats what my parents always told me from thanksgiving until Jan 1st I was on a "freeze" just incase

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I use both.

The Perfect Pearls are a mica powder color with a binder. You can mix them with other mediums like acrylic paints, gloss or matte medium and so on.

Twinkling H2Os are more like little pots of watercolor paints. You can mix them with each other, but I have found that mixing them with other mediums makes them dull.

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Hahaha, with hostess in the news so much, I read the title as "question about Twinkie water" at first.

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