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Username Post: Dislike Christmas?        (Topic#1582903)
Henri Jean
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Henri Jean
In response to bayamonesa1

I think they will all love the scrapbooks - what a lovely idea!

One year when I was broke I gave both of my brothers who married that year a cookbook I made for them using an 8 1/2 x 11 notebook with sheet protectors and dividers.

Both of their wives still have them and use them and its been abou5 30 years!

It had all the recipes that we grew up with - I thought my brother's new wives would like to have the recipes and I was right.

Bill and I are retired but we are fortunate to be financially stable. Not rich or even well off but we don't have to worry about anything. I think this is the first time in my life I've ever felt financially secure. We have to be careful but we are able pretty much able to do and buy what we want as long as we take it easy and don't go overboard.

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Christmas for me was really tough after my mom died. We would go to my husband's family's house and they were all so happy and it drove me crazy, but I wouldn't want them not to be. Took a few years to get over it, but now I love it with my family. My oldest is a senior and I know things will be changing. You shouldn't push anything. If it is good- great. If not, do your best to get through it. Sounds like you are already taking care of it and there is no quick fix.

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I understand you but it so great that you found your way back to the Christmas Spirit. You may want to remember how Christmas was with your MOm and let her know how you are making your own traditions thanks to her. No need to be sad, but nostalgic about it. Be blessed today and always!

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