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I am new. I have purchased nothing. I want to try Digital Scrapbooking.
If I purchase any kits, what are the license restrictions, if any. Number of computers to use it on? Publishing for personal use or commercial?
It says your software works with Adobe Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, and Lumipex....Is that any version? Does it work with the Photoshop Elements? And what about free, open software such as GIP?
Can the images be used to cut images in with a Cameo Silhouette Cutting Machine?

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In response to DaltonBlue

The digital items that we sell are licensed for personal use only. You can put them on multiple computers that you own, as long as you stick to personal use.

They've worked with every version I've tested with. Photoshop 3-5.5, PSP 8-10 (versions past 10 aren't worth the upgrade, in my opinion), GIMP, and I haven't tried Lumipex personally. They should all work with Elements - basically, if the file is a JPG, and your software will open JPG's, it should work. Or PNG, or PDF, or whatever file you have. We can't guarantee every version, as upgrades happen constantly, and we can't keep a copy of everything in-house.

The cutting images question is a much larger one, and you should familiarize yourself with software for your cutter.

Most digital images are raster based - they're a collection of pixels that makes a pretty picture, meant to be printed, or shown on a screen.

Digital cutters need vector images. Vector says - here are the lines to cut, and the points along that line. Start here, turn there, follow this curve, stop there.

To turn a raster image into a vector image that a cutting machine can handle, you'll need to trace, auto-vectorize, or somehow provide the vector info that the cutter can use. The Silhouettes can also do a print and cut - I believe the Cameo can do this as well. But consult the manual for specifics on how to make this process work.

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