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I don't re do any LO's (only because I glue the daylights out of them) but I defiantly add to old ones. Every year they come out with something new I think would look good on an old LO. I think it's fun to see how much you've improved! I agree with dwelch also

That'll teach 'em!!

I don't redo layouts either. I do what Manda said. If I really hate a layout, but love the photo(s), I may do another layout with the same photo(s).

It's all personal preference... whatever works for you.

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I do sometimes but usually I copy the photos and make another layout..since I have 2 dds they will each have layouts of those photos. If I come across an old layout I hate with nice photos then I re do it. I like to see how my style has changed but I think I have enough old layouts to still do that as well as redo some layouts.

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I definately have some pages floating around that I want to redo. One problem with redoing them is that they were originally made in 1995. Each side of the paper does have another LO on it. They do contain originals. Some of the originals are newspaper things, including an article I wrote that was published in the local paper. Other originals are photos, a business card for my oncologist, original print outs of my chemotherapy, and even a lock of my hair that fell out from the chemo. The pages are very special because of what they contain, but not pretty at all. They use a lot of markers, not a lot of embellishments...

Yeah, I'd love to find a way to redo those pages because I cringe at how they look.

Does anyone have any advice for how I might could redo them as far as removing some things that are irreplaceable like my hair.

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Nope-it's fun to look back and see how your style has evolved!

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Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but if we redo them now...won't we have to redo them in a few years too. I think I am always changing my style, but as I saw in one shows how we have grown in our art too...along with our kids, pets, travels, friends, selves. Just my thoughts.

One other thought...if I have to redo my albums...I will never, ever, ever make progress. lol

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I just redid one of my first LO's from 5 years ago. It was pretty sad...I used what I had on hand, which was bare minimum back then, & the color paper I used with the different color lettering bugged me from day one. I am SO glad I deconstructed it! It turned out awesome! I don't miss the original a bit

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