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Username Post: January Cricut Challenge-Closed and Scrapping        (Topic#1583643)
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Taking sign ups until January 2nd- midnight CST

This challenge is set up to encourage you to use your Cricut and to show us what wonderful images are available on the Cricut cartridges. You may also use SCAL with your Cricut to cut images.

Please sign up for the challenge. Because we have so many projects each month I need to limit the participation to about 20-25.
All cricut projects are welcome to be posted here by participants for sharing ..... but 3 (three) projects are required to "complete" the challenge.

No twist for January.

All projects MUST include something cut with your cricut .....please remember to let us know what cart you used!

At the end of the month (January 31st) there will be a random drawing from all participants who have completed the challenge (3 projects)

Remember to save this thread to your favorites for easy access. And please check in at least once a week so I know you are still playing.

Posted 1 project
Posted 3 projects

Norma (njr007)
1. Trish (ChansGram)
2. Carol (NMScrapper)
3. Kelly (klweist)
4. Michelle (melissadam)
5. Marci (marcilb)
6. Tracy (TracyF)
7. DaNel (Danel Hicks)
8. Melanie (lamoo12)
9. Sonja (SonjaC)
10. Tina (tinadn)
11. Sarah (chaton 13)
12. Anna (AnnaC)
13. Donna (dkscrapper)
14. Joy (joydee 1963)
15. Jen (Jen E)
16. Lisa (lpeeps)
17. Julie (julie101)
18. Monique (MSD)
19. Becky (AuntJo)
20. Deana (dlwj2)

1. Apple Picking By Tracy F
2. Perfect Pumpkin - page 1 By Jen E
3. Perfect Pumpkin - page2 By Jen E
4. so very grateful By Melissadam
5. giving thanks By Melissadam
6. 50 By Melissadam
7. Growing fast... By Marcilb
8. You are my sunshine January Cricut Challenge By AuntJo
9. fall By Melissadam
10. Christmas 2011 By Joydee1963
11. Summer Fun By ChansGram
12. Baby Love By ChansGram
13. 0-21 By Marcilb
14. Playful By ChansGram
15. Simply Adorable By ChansGram
16. Rock Paper Scissors By Tinadn
17. Buddies By NMscrapper
18. Cadence By Tracy F
19. Happy 70th Birthday By Marcilb
20. Fancy Thank You Card By Klweist
21. Daisy Thank You Card By Klweist
22. Joy By Tracy F
23. She walks... By Marcilb
24. Thanks By Njr007
25. I Heart U By Njr007
26. we wish you a merry christmas 2012 By Klweist
27. Chestnut Ridge Whitetails By Klweist
28. Love Ewe By Lamoo12
29. Treasure By Joydee1963
30. Happy Anniversary By Lpeeps
31. fall By Melissadam
32. fall bliss By Melissadam
33. pumpkins By Melissadam
34. picking pumpkins By Melissadam
35. I'm Buggy for bugs By ChansGram
36. Warm Mittens By Lamoo12
37. Bug Catcher By ChansGram
38. 5 By Melissadam
39. Kyle & Katie By Joydee1963
40.-41. Batter Up By Lpeeps
42. heart embellie for swap By Tinadn
43. Talan Ate Real Food.... By Marcilb
44. January 2013 Kit Swap By Marcilb
45. Valentine Card By Tracy F
Junebug By Dlwj2
47. Winter By Dlwj2
48. You're Dino-Mite By Njr007
49. Happy Valentine's Day By Njr007
50. Love Birds By Njr007
51. Dent Miss Darlene By DaNel Hicks
52. HO HO HO By Dkscrapper
53. Thank you By Tinadn
54. LOTW "E" for Valentine By Chaton_13
55. LOTW "T" for Smitten Dec/Jan 2013 By Chaton_13
56. New Year Resolutions 2013 (Project 52: Week 1) By SonjaC
57. I So {heart} This Face (Project 52: Week 2) By SonjaC
58. XO By Tracy F
59. Australia/New Jersey By Marcilb
60. Winter Formal January Cricut Challenge #2 By AuntJo
61. HOW do I love thee? By NMscrapper
62. Hush little baby By ChansGram
63. Rainy day fun By ChansGram
64. Little Mermaid and Friends Cupcake Toppers By Julie101
65. Angel Face By ChansGram
66. Thinker By Lpeeps
67. love bug By Melissadam
68. Collars By Lamoo12
69. New years Cuties By Tracy F
70. A Place in the Sun By Tracy F
71. Fourth of July By Dlwj2
72. Thanks By Njr007
73. /3839739/-1.html
74. Happy Valentine's Day By Tinadn
75. /3839741/-1.html
76. Snowflake wreath By Lamoo12
77. Hello Kitty Card By Julie101
78.-79. making ornaments By Jen E
80. Connect By Lpeeps
81. Oak Creek Canyon By Tracy F
82. Natures Energy By Tracy F
83. go for it! By Marcilb
84. My Favourite Things By Julie101
85. Happy Thanksgiving **Sketchabilities #83** By MSD
85. valentine By Melissadam
86. you are in my thoughts By Melissadam
87. Christmas....Coming soon! By Marcilb
88. Donoher Pg1 By AuntJo
89. merry & bright By Melissadam
90. spring time By Melissadam
91. 4-WHEELIN' in the snow By Klweist
92. March calendar page By Tinadn
93. July calendar page By Tinadn
94. June calendar page By Tinadn
95. Donoher Pg 2 By AuntJo
96. proud of you By Melissadam
97.-98. Grandchildren Birthday Cards By AuntJo
99. love By Melissadam
100. valentine By Melissadam
101. Pumpkins By Dlwj2
102.-103. One heart, Two Homes By Lpeeps
104. Painted Desert By Tracy F
105. my dog By Joydee1963
106. Project 52 - Week One By Dlwj2
107. I made it!...rolling over By Marcilb
108. gift bag By Melissadam
109. Halloween 2012 By Dlwj2
110. Valentines Card By Anna C
111. Heart By Anna C
112. Let It Snow By Dkscrapper
113. nature By Melissadam
114. Sports Fans By NMscrapper
115. Moments in Sickville (Project 52: Week 4) By SonjaC
116. Never Too Young to Get Angry By SonjaC
117. family By Melissadam
118. good times By Melissadam
119. make a wish By Melissadam
120. Surfing the NET By Klweist
121. April showers-Bring May flowers By ChansGram
122. 14 Days of Love By Anna C
123. It's a bugs life By ChansGram

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In response to njr007

Hi Norma,
Me again!

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In response to ChansGram

I'm in!

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In response to NMscrapper

I would love back in this month!

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In response to klweist

hoping for more scrappy time in january!

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In response to melissadam

I am signing up!...thanks for hosting!

Tracy F
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Tracy F
In response to MarciLB

I'm here!

DaNel Hicks
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DaNel Hicks
In response to Tracy F

I am in please and thank you.

This month I will also get caught up on love for the past few months. My goal is 1 or 2 people per day. I will just choose someone and go through their gallery and leave lots and lots of love.

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In response to DaNel Hicks

i'd like to play again please.

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In response to Lamoo12

Hi Norma! I'm definitely in again!

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In response to SonjaC

me please!

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In response to tinadn

Good morning ladies-have you added!

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In response to njr007

I'll try this again this month. Maybe I'll have a better turn out.

Anna C
Anna C 
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Anna C
In response to chaton_13

I'm in and I sure hope the mojo returns soon.

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In response to Anna C

I'm in! I'll try not to be a flake this time. Maybe my mojo will show up after the first. I should have asked for that for Christmas.

Norma we need to get together so we can motivate each other----- I'm really thinking so you can motivate me!!!

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In response to dkscrapper

please add me!!!!!

Jen E
Jen E 
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Jen E
  • Jen E on 12-31-12 10:26 PM
In response to joydee1963

Thanks for hosting again Norma! I'm in


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In response to Jen E

I'm in again. Happy New Years!

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In response to lpeeps

Hi would love to join

Just a question 3 projects is that 3 cards or layouts or 1 card 1 layout and 1 something else hoping that makes sense?

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In response to julie101

Happy new year!

julie its 3 projects of any mix or match that you choose as long as you use your cricut! HTH

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