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Crafting Marfa
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Crafting Marfa

I love Creative Foundations. It is full of mixed media techniques. I also just purchased Mixed Media Dollhouses. It has a lot of ideas for making dollhouses out of everyday objects. Which are your favorite crafts books and why?

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I have quite a few books, but I don't recall their titles. I do faith booking so I tend to buy those ones and I have not been disappointed at all.

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I like books that are inspirational. I find most how-to books to be too simple or really not my style. Lark Books 500 Series is very exciting, and they also publish a TON of very good craft books in practically every medium imaginable - some how-to, and some showcasing works of artists. - but you might want to hide your credit card first

I also really like the Dover clip art books that come with a CD - I've collected several and I've used images on LO's (both digi LOs and I've printed images for paper LOs), in card-making, and random other craftiness.

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I haven't bought a craft book in ages. There are so many other avenues; I haven't thought about a craft book in forever.

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I know they are old, but I still love Becky Higgin's Sketches magazines/book for inspiration.

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I also have Creative Foundations and love it!
I also love my Canadian Scrapbooker always has tons of layout ideas as well as an article on some technique and an article on photography...
I also like Tim Holtz' Compendium of Curiosities book. It has lots of ideas for using his products.


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Wow, there are so many good ones!!!
Start with those:
- all Cathy Zielske books
- all Ali Edwards books
- The adventurous scrapbooker
- Photo Freedom, by Stacy Julian ( this one is a must, it teaches how to organize the scrapbooking process)
- the Creating Keepsakes special editions
- the Scrapbooker`s Essential Guide to Color

Ms. Fit
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Ms. Fit
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I am so glad to hear Creative Foundations is so highly recommended because I just ordered that one. The most helpful books (way ahead of any others) I have found are The Scrapbookers Essential Guide to Color and The Scrapbook Designers Workbook, both of which are Memory Makers books. Not only did those 2 books help with my scrapping, but I learned basic principles that have contributed to a greater appreciation of art when DH and I visit all the wonderful museums and galleries in the course of our travels. They are really great books!

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I've had a couple of books bought for me, but I'll be honest, I rarely look at them. I should.

I get most of my inspiration from magazines, blogs and challenges. And from my stash.

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