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Username Post: February ~ Four Categories Challenge ~ POLL IS UP!        (Topic#1584693)
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Hi everyone! Welcome to the second month of the Four Categories Challenge! This challenge is about using our 'stuff' and, maybe, trying something new.

The goal is to complete up to four different LO's, each one fulfilling a different category - a product, a color, a technique, and a theme. You may enter one LO for each category, but you may not use the same LO to fulfill more than one of these categories. You do not have to do all four. You may, of course, stack other challenges with any of the LO's you enter here. Only LO's created and uploaded between February 1 and midnight PST February 28, 2013 will qualify.

At the end of the month, I will ask you to vote for your top 3 favorites from each category. You will receive a vote for each of your LO's just for voting, and any twists that are completed will get an extra vote. Those who complete all four LO's will receive an additional vote for each of their LO's. I will create a poll with the top vote-getters from each category so we can choose an overall winner to whom I will send a small RAK.

Category One ~ Product: Buttons
For some reason, I don't think to use buttons often enough on my pages, but they often lend just the right finishing touch. Borders, flower centers, scattered randomly – it's up to you. This month, use buttons on a page.
Twist: Attach your buttons with stitching.

Category Two ~ Color: Black & White + 1
In order to qualify for this challenge, your LO must be ONLY black, white, and ONE other color of your choice. No additional colors, including neutrals, are acceptable, and I would like you to limit your chosen color to all one shade. (See my examples 'Cheese Please' and 'An American Girl' below.) You may use different depths of the same hue. (See my example 'Kaya' below.) But, for example, lime green and Kelly green or pink and red cannot be used together for the purposes of this challenge. You may use black, white, and your chosen color in any proportions you would like: mostly b&w with a splash of one color, mostly white & a color with touches of black, equal amounts, etc. Make sense?
Twist: Use at least one flower on your page.

Category Three ~ Technique: Misting or Painting
Splatter, spray, brush – whatever technique you like, but you must use paint or mist on a LO. Paint some chipboard, mist your flowers, make a background – the choices are endless. Ink from a pad does not satisfy this challenge.
Twist: Do some masking with your paint or mist.

Category Four ~ Theme: I
Do a LO about a person, place, thing, or activity that you love.
Twist: Use the word 'heart' or a heart shape somewhere on your LO.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The fine print:
1. Any size LO 8x8 or larger is allowed, including 2-pagers. Please post your 2-page LO's with one photo of both pages together. I will allow digi, but please realize some of the challenges will not apply to digi (especially in the technique category). If you can convince me that your digi LO fulfills the challenge, I will allow it. Keep in mind that the RAK will be for paper scrapping.

2. Please allow public embedding on your pages. Also, please specify the category in which you are entering your LO in your post and in your description. If applicable, please explain how your LO fits the challenge, and if you did the twist and where/how. Don't make me hunt for it. If I can't see it, and you didn't tell me about it, you won't get credit for it.

3. If you get love, leave love. I will not be a psycho about this, just do the best you can - this can be a very busy challenge. However, if I notice that someone habitually neglects commenting on the other players' entry LO's, that person will be disqualified from winning the RAK. No one is going to be excluded from the voting or poll and the chance to win the challenge. I'm just reserving the right to NOT spend my own time and money on buying and shipping a RAK to a person who doesn't participate. It's only if I never or only rarely see the winner's posts on other LO's in the gallery or the winner is someone who doesn't check in here in the forum a few times a month that I will check into it further and decide for myself if I want to make the effort to send something out. Please, don't stress about it!

4. Please, only share LO's that fit one or more of the categories. Commenting on shared LO's is up to each individual player.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1. Becca (BoBecca77) 1*,2,3*,4*
2. Becky (beck bear) 1*,2*,3*,4*
3. Annie (MrsAnnieS)
4. Carol (NMscrapper) 1*,2*,3*,4*
5. Shatema (babigirl) 1,3,4*
6. Tena (Tena E) 1*,2*,3*,4*
7. Doreen (Doreena) 1*,2*,3*,4*
8. Pat (GentlewoodFarms) 1,2*,3*,4*
9. Denay (denayc) 1*,2*,3,4*
10. Rhonda (rtoben40) 1*,2*
11. Kena (Bubblegirl) 1*,2*,4*
12. Melody (FinallyMama) 1*,2*,3*,4*
13. danigirl786 1,2,3*
14. Tracy (Tracy F) 1*,2*,3*,4*
15. Deepa (rahulsmom) 1*,2,3*,4*
16. Mandi (Briannasmom) 1*,2,3*,4*
17. Carolyn (vincarash) 1*,3*,4*
18. Victoria (vawm) 1*,2,3*
19. Artesha (arteshamac) 1*,2,3*,4*
20. Lesley (LesleyC) 1*,2*,3*,4*
21. Paula (Faithscrapper) 1*,4*
22. Julie (julie101) 1,3
23. Susan (suzilea) 1*,2
24. Pam (Pam in TX)
25. Corky (under5feet) 3*,4*
26. Jen (Jen E) 1,3*,4*
27. Linda (lindaj3) 1,2*,3,4*
28. Laura (lcmemories) 1,3,4*
29. Erin (silver26AK)
30. Michelle (mycowsnz)
31. Sandra (sasload4) 2*
32. Lisa (LREA)
33. Drea (DreaSlee) 1*,2*,3*,4*
34. Olesya (OlesyaK.) 1*,2*,3,4*
35. Sara (SaraS) 2*
36. Bev (scrapperbee) 4*
37. Sue (jazzescrapper)
38. Pam (fabricfrenzy) 1*,2*,3*,4*
39. Marci (Marcilb) 1,2,3*,4*
40. Erin (Erin Reed - Ekr1432) 1,3*,4*
41. Charity (Miss CA) 4*
42. Julie (jcbreck) 2*
43. Mia (Mia1979) 1,2,3*,4*
44. Becky (AuntJo) 1,2*,4*

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Category One ~ Product: Buttons

13 By Dancinirish90

Camaraderie By Dancinirish90

Rehearsal By Dancinirish90

1*. Snug As A Bug By Doreena

2*. Cool By Suzilea

3*. sleeping beauty By Briannasmom

4*. Sisters By FinallyMama

5*. fest By BoBecca77

6. Gifts By Lindaj3

7*. Count Down to a Smile! By Bubblegirl

8. Girl In The Park By GentlewoodFarms

9*. Time Passes Quickly (two to twelve) {February LO #2} By Vawm

10. C is for By Babigirl

11*. 6 months of Baby Bliss By Arteshamac

12*. Obsessed With Buttons By OlesyaK.

13*. My Valentine 2013 By Beck_bear

14. Untitled By Danigirl786

15*. Sew Crafty By DreaSlee

16. Daddy & Me By Julie101

17. Pinewood Derby 2013 By Erin Reed - Ekr1432

18*. Adore You By LesleyC

19*. Serenity By Denayc

20*. Circle of Love By Tracy F

21*. Sewen button flowers layout By Rtoben40

22. Funny Face By Mia1979

23*. Blue By NMscrapper

24. Burger Family 1 By AuntJo

25*. Now & Then By Tena E.

26*. What's In a Name? By Faithscrapper

27. A Moment... By Marcilb

28*. Betsy By Fabricfrenzy

29. Happy School Days By Jen E

30. School of rock By Lcmemories

31*. my life now By Vincarash

32*. boy oh boy By Rahulsmom

Posts: 54623
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In response to dancinirish90

Category Two ~ Color: Black & White + 1

Cheese Please By Dancinirish90

An American Girl By Dancinirish90

Kaya By Dancinirish90

Cassie I love you By Dancinirish90

Man in the Mirror By Dancinirish90

1*. Our Grad By Denayc

2*. UGG love By LesleyC

3*. Prom By Bubblegirl

4. Love You By Suzilea

5. It's a mickey mouse kinda Christmas By Marcilb

6. La Tour Eiffel By BoBecca77

7. First Bike By Briannasmom

8*. Once upon a time By DreaSlee

9*. Strictly Business By Tena E.

10*. no title By Lindaj3

11*. New Jewelry By FinallyMama

12. @ Pilots (Feb LO #5) By Vawm

13*. Friends pg 2 By Jcbreck

14*. Fish eye By OlesyaK.

15*. Hold Me. By Fabricfrenzy

16. 1 Amazing Kid By Rahulsmom

17*. Luv U By Doreena

18*. Before the Surgery By Beck_bear

19*. Au Naturel By NMscrapper

20. Oyster Bar By Danigirl786

21*. Solider layouts By Rtoben40

22*. I {love} wine By SaraS

23*. My Grandmother By GentlewoodFarms

24. Unbreakable Bond By Mia1979

25. My heart shall beat because of you... By Arteshamac

26*. YOUR SMILE IS YOU... By Sasload4

27*. Vertical Art By Tracy F

28*. Marie Ann Burger and Parents By AuntJo

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Category Three ~ Technique: Misting or Painting

Abby is one By Dancinirish90

Violin By Dancinirish90

Denim By Dancinirish90

1*. Monkey See By LesleyC

2*. Ravens/49ers By Marcilb

3*. Mothers Day By Briannasmom

4*. be happy **Flamingo Scraps** By Erin Reed - Ekr1432

5*. First Time By BoBecca77

6*. Cute Christmas PJs By Arteshamac

7. Fam By Lindaj3

8. Fun at the Park By Julie101

9*. On the pier By Tena E.

10*. Smile By Tracy F

11*. Yum By Beck_bear

12*. Baby Girl By FinallyMama

13*. Little Angel - Canvas ~*~Swirlydoos Ultimate Designer Challenge Week 4~*~ By GentlewoodFarms

14*. Sweet Santa (Feb LO #6) By Vawm

15. Grade 5 By Lcmemories

16*. 1 Fine Evening By Rahulsmom

17. When two become By Babigirl

18*. TEEN TUDE By Under5feet

19. Playing At The Beach By OlesyaK.

20. Love @ 1st Sight By Denayc

21*. Dream By Danigirl786

22*. Rodeo By Jen E

23*. Garden of Grandchildren By DreaSlee

24*. Just Beautiful By Mia1979

25*. Gotta Wear Shades By Doreena

26*. Christmas pup By Vincarash

27*. You'll always be the key to my heart By Fabricfrenzy

28*. Laffs! By NMscrapper

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In response to dancinirish90

Category Four ~ Theme: I ...

Why I Love Fall Fishing By Dancinirish90

I 'heart' Family By Dancinirish90

10 things I LOVE this month By Dancinirish90

pieces of my 'heart' By Dancinirish90

1*. I Heart Them By Arteshamac

2*. Nanas baby By Babigirl

3*. Cherish the Love By Denayc

4*. I Love Family By Miss CA

5*. Happy Girls Are The Prettiest ~*Nuts About Sketches*~ By GentlewoodFarms

6*. Storytime Sisters By Tracy F

7*. U R Loved By Under5feet

8*. Morgan By Marcilb

9*. Love Bathtime By Beck_bear

10*. Im Here "heart" By Lindaj3

11*. I love your smile By Vincarash

12*. Picture Perfect By Bubblegirl

13*. Breakfast in Bed By Scrapperbee

14*. Simply Love You By Tena E.

15*. The Hat By FinallyMama

16*. Bros By OlesyaK.

17*. I (heart) Cousin Camp By BoBecca77

18*. Hearts that Love Built By Faithscrapper

19*. I love a good mystery ~ The Paper Mixing Bowl By DreaSlee

20*. Mother and Daughter **Flamingo Scraps** By Erin Reed - Ekr1432

21*. Love This Face By LesleyC

22*. By The Cave By Doreena

23*. You Stole Our Hearts By NMscrapper

24*. I love By Lcmemories

25*. On the Go By Jen E

26*. Mom By Fabricfrenzy

27*. Sweet Girls By Briannasmom

28*. 100% Fun By Mia1979

29*. Marie Ann Burger Pg 1 By AuntJo

30*. The V.I.P.S in my life By Rahulsmom

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In response to dancinirish90

I would like to play!

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In response to BoBecca77

me please

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In response to beck_bear

I have been wanting to get back into challenges, this seems like a good one to start with...

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In response to MrsAnnieS

I'd like to play.

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In response to MrsAnnieS

if you will have me i am in again

Tena E.
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Tena E.
In response to babigirl

I'm in again Lisa

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In response to Tena E.

I am so in!!!!

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In response to Doreena

Okie Dokie. I'm going to have another go. This one was fun last month!

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In response to GentlewoodFarms

I've been waiting for this one to go up...I really loved participating in Januarys! Count me in!

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sign me up thsi sounds fantastic

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I like this challenge. I am in.

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In response to Bubblegirl

I'm going to see what I can do for this one this month. I got started late on last months!! Thanks for hosting!!

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In response to FinallyMama

I'm in again too! Doing all four categories again because it really got my butt in gear for January!

Tracy F
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Tracy F
In response to danigirl786

I'm in again!

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In response to Tracy F

I would like to join again this time too. Love the categories.

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