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I use the Crop O DIle. Love it...but I seldom use eyelets.

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crop a dile rocks

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  • Jarvae Said:
  • Bxr-Linda Said:
I still use the ole hammer and setting tools. No desire for a crop-a-dile or other tool.

I actually like pounding with the hammer!

I use this too and love it. I don't really have to hit it that hard... just a nice little tap usually does the trick. I like how small my little eyelet setter is - doesn't take up any space!

EXACTLY! Someone after my own heart.

And, I thought I was the only one left who preferred the hammer.

I have my MM setting tools in a hard eyeglass case, a hard cutting board in the pocket of my tote, and large hammer.

So many people I hear only use the crop-a-dile to make holes. Seems like a BIG, expensive tool just to make holes.

I also have a cheap 9-piece hollow punch set from the hardware store (same thing as the MM anywhere hole punch).
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I had the old eyelet setter and a hammer for a long time. Crop-a-diles weren't available where I lived. But when a kind person in the US said that they were on sale there for some stupid amount and did anyone want one, I jumped at it. The cost of it including shipping was half what I could order it for anywhere else, so this dear lady sent me one and I never looked back. No more finishing touches having to wait till the morning 'cos it's too late to start hammering.

Oh and one more thing, if you get a Crop-a-dile you will spend the first few weeks looking around for random things to punch holes in, just to see whether it will. I did. Actually I still do.

Henri Jean
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Henri Jean
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Eyelets are for decorating - for giving the page personality.

I have the Crop-O-Dile Big bite and I keep it in an 12 x 12 art bins case. Then I went to one of the big box store and bought the bead cases in the jewelry department - the rectangular boxes with round containers in them. I use those for different color eyelets, brads and quicklets. The rectangular boxes go right in the 12 x 12 with the Cropodile and it goes right in my crop wagon for crops. Just stays in the crop wagon even at home in my scrap room.

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Love my Karen Foster Clikit tool. Everything in one handy little box. Not sure if they still make them anymore though... had it for a long time.

My favorite too. I have a Big Bite, a Croc-a-Dile, the hammer etc and the Karen Foster is my fav. I don't even keep it in the box anymore: all of the setters are in a baggie and the clik-it and baggie sit in a pocket of my tool bag.

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