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I'm on the hunt for a decent and reliable printer. My current printer is a Kodak All-in-one. The photo quality is great....WHEN THE THING WILL ACTUALLY PRINT. I'm frustrated with having to replace the print head yet again (this would make 5 times). It's time for a replacement.
Anyone got a good recommendation for a decent (and reasonably priced) printer that is currently available for purchase in the U.S.?

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I usually have good luck with HP...but I am not too fancy when it comes to technology.

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I'm not in the US but I wanted to bump this for you so that hopefully someone can help.

We had an HP printer for years which we loved. When it finally died, we replaced it with another HP All-In-One - BIG mistake. It was nothing but trouble from start to finish. It was the software rather than the printer itself though. The Windows software was appallingly flaky. When we switched to Macs, the software for the same printer worked a lot better but it was still temperamental.

Now we have an Epson Workforce and we're reasonably pleased with it. It has some very irritating "features" but at least it does what it says on the tin, unlike the random HP one.

Good luck!

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I have 2 printers, one is Epson picture mate, and the regular printer is also an Epson and is a wide format printer. I love them both! The one thing I do notice with the wide format one, is when it goes to print a photo, it will print maybe 1/4 of the photo then just spit the paper out. Not sure why it does that? I'm sure there is something I should do, and have not learned it yet?

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I have the Hp 3-in-one and I love it. Its the second one I've had - its wireless and I will probably alway have this kind of printer. Never a glitch for me.

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