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Username Post: April Cricut Challenge-Closed and Scrapping        (Topic#1586549)
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This challenge is set up to encourage you to use your Cricut and to show us what wonderful images are available on the Cricut cartridges. You may also use SCAL with your Cricut to cut images

Sign ups close on Apr 2nd- midnight CST or when we reach around 20 participants.

Please sign up for the challenge. Because we have so many projects each month I need to limit the participation to about 20 participants
All cricut projects are welcome to be posted here by participants for sharing ..... but 3 (three) projects are required to "complete" the challenge.

April Twist-Use your CRICUT to cut out any of the following: flourish, umbrella, tree

All projects MUST include something cut with your cricut .....please remember to let us know what cart you used!

At the end of the month (April 30th) there will be a random drawing from all participants who have completed the challenge (3 projects).

There will also be a second drawing for another RAK for everyone that completes at least 3 projects AND includes one of the twist items.

Remember to save this thread to your favorites for easy access. And please check in at least once a week so I know you are still playing.

posted one project
completed challenge
completed challenge and twist

Norma (njr007)
1. Trish (ChansGram)
2. Judy (flintridgescrapper)
3. Kelly (klweist)
4. Michelle (melissadam)
5. Brandi (bigbshaking)
6. Carol (NMscrapper)
7. Deana (dlwj2)
8. Joy (joydee)
9. Tina (tinadn)
10. Sue (SueGrnBay)
11. Donna (dkscrapper)
12. Julie (julie101)
13. Lea (ScrappingLJ)
14. Marci (Marcilb)
15. Lisa (lpeeps)
16. Jarvae (Jarvae)
17. Sandra (nanasan)
18. Mandi (Briannasmom)
19. Melanie (Lamoo12)
20. Faith (Faith-Abigail)
21. Becky (AuntJo)

1.-2. The Great Outdoors By Julie101 with twist
3. True Colors By Marcilb
4. Boy Birthday By Flintridgescrapper
5. untitled By Melissadam with twist
6.-7. dance By Melissadam with twist
8. aka Hondo By NMscrapper
1 Happy Mother's Day By Njr007
10. Wish Big By Njr007
11. Spring card By Njr007
12. egg ceptional By Melissadam with twist
13. back to school By Melissadam
happy easter... By Marcilb with twist
15. Scott Andersen Page 1 By AuntJo
16. Scott Andersen Page2 By AuntJo
17. hip & gorgeous By ChansGram with twist
18. Animal Preserve By Klweist
19. Bones By Lamoo12
20. lovable By Melissadam
21. centerfold By Marcilb
22. sunset By Melissadam
23. snow By Melissadam
24. Those Eyes By Julie101
25. new family By Melissadam with twist
26. sweetie By Melissadam with twist
27. you did it! By Melissadam
28. "M" for My Dog By SwapPicsOnly
29.-30. a river runs through it By Melissadam
31. the tree By Melissadam with twist
32. Happy Father's Day By Njr007
33. Happy Father's Day By Njr007
34. Happy Birthday By Njr007
35. Happy Birthday to you By Njr007
36. You're star By Njr007
37. bridal shower By Melissadam with twist
38. Treats By Marcilb
39. Paper Sisters March swap By Charcats7
40. Paper Sisters March swap By Charcats7
41. Cruisin with the Fam By Marcilb with twist
42. Strike a Pose By Marcilb
43. Ramona Andersen Pg1 By AuntJo
44. Happy Birthday! By Dkscrapper
45. baby By Dkscrapper
46. Happy Mother's Day By Dkscrapper
47. Cricut Calling card By Joydee1963
48. First birthday By Tinadn
49. I'm lion... By Lamoo12
50. owl box By [url= /3904845/- Welcome ATC By Marcilb1.html]
51. Priceless By ChansGram
52. follow Your Heart By Klweist
53. 3 piggy opera By Melissadam
54. preschool By Melissadam
55. untitled By Melissadam
56.-57. A Little Squirrelly By Flintridgescrapper
58.-59. Rain Clouds (right) By Flintridgescrapper with twist
60. New Life By Flintridgescrapper with twist
61. April Twinchie Diamond By SwapPicsOnly
62.-63. Just Havin' Fun By Dkscrapper
64. untitled By Melissadam with twist
65. Picture Perfect... By Marcilb
66. Thinking of You Feb 2005 By Charcats7
67. Inside of card By Dkscrapper
68. Mr. & Mrs. By Njr007
69. Initial Note pad By Njr007
70. Initial Note cards By Njr007
71. Initial Notecard Holder By Njr007
72. Bow fishing By Tinadn with twist
73. easter By Melissadam with twist
74. coloring eggs By Melissadam
75. peacock By Melissadam with twist
76. chimpanzee/gorilla By Melissadam with twist
77. rehearsal dinner By Tinadn
78. Ramona Andersen Page 2 By AuntJo
79. flamingo By Melissadam with twist
80. zoo By Melissadam with twist
81. chillin' By Melissadam
82. sloth By Melissadam with twist
83. polar bear By Melissadam with twist
84. Priceless Memories By SueGrnBay with twist
85. sNO!w By Marcilb
86. First Communion By Briannasmom
87.-88. fun & games By Melissadam
89. even small stars shine By Melissadam
90. discover By Melissadam
91. Moose Chair By Klweist
92. hello By Tinadn
93.-99. Hello By Tinadn
100.-103. Thinking of you By Tinadn
104. Eunice Andersen Page 1 By AuntJo with twist
105. Eunice Andersen Page 2 By AuntJo
106. Love You By Njr007
107. Yellow Wreath By Njr007
108. Thanks By Njr007
109. Baby Card By Njr007
110. untitled By Melissadam with twist
111. RDSS 15 By Melissadam
112. DHS By Njr007
113. Baby Gift Bag By Dkscrapper
114. joy By Melissadam
115. Together We Grow By NMscrapper
116. ATC-House By Marcilb
117. 1992 By Melissadam
118. family By Melissadam
119. play hard By Melissadam
120. 2005 By Melissadam
121. Friends Make the Journey Sweeter By Klweist
122. Batmans? By Lamoo12
123.124. Dream a puppy dream By Bigbshaking
125.-126. not allowing public embedding 3913063.h...
127. Together Time By NMscrapper
128. Disney Hollywood Studios By Bigbshaking
129. true love By Melissadam
130. untitled By Melissadam
131. cozumel By Melissadam with twist
132. all star By Melissadam
133. Beach day By Lamoo12
134. true love By Melissadam with twist
135. untitled By Melissadam
136. cozumel By Melissadam with twist
137. all star By Melissadam
138. Mobiles By Lamoo12
139. Love By SueGrnBay
140. st. ignatius By Melissadam with twist
141. sing & dance By Melissadam
142. Instant Love By Marcilb
143. st ignatius (inside) By Melissadam with twist
144.-145. reversible cloud By Tinadn
146. wedding lo By Tinadn
147.-148. Hand Wash Only By Vae
149. My girl By Joydee1963
150. 365 Days By ChansGram
151. Key West Southernmost Point p1 of 2 Layout By ScrappingLJ
152. Key West Southernmost Point p2 of 2 Layout By ScrappingLJ with twist
153. April Kit Swap - Black & White with diamonds Theme #1 By ScrappingLJ
154. untitled By Melissadam
155-158. graduation cards By Tinadn
159. Paper Sisters Memorial Day/Father's Day Swap - Flag Diecut By ScrappingLJ
160.-161. Parade By Lpeeps
162. Yes! By Lpeeps
163.-164. Passing the Buck(s) By Lpeeps
165. untitled By Melissadam with twist
166. Too Cute By NMscrapper
167. Serious Business By NMscrapper
168. My lo for Cricut challenge with Twist By Joydee1963 with twist
169. Beautiful By Briannasmom
170. blank By Briannasmom
171. garden grow By Briannasmom
172. Port Glacier Cruises By Klweist
173. sisters By Melissadam with twist
174.-175. April Cricut Challenge By Nanasan
176. April Cricut Challenge w/twist - umbrella By Nanasan with twist
177. little boy By Tinadn
178. I love this picture By Melissadamwith twist

179. cherish the moment By Melissadam
180. Just a Note By Njr007
181. Thinking of you By Njr007
182. Hello By Njr007
183. hello By Njr007
184. Just A Note By Njr007
185. Hello By Njr007
186. Up on the Ledge page 2 By SueGrnBay
187. The Fun of the Hunt - page 1 By SueGrnBay
188. The Fun of the Hunt page 2 By SueGrnBay
189. Good Dog By Njr007
190. roulette wheel By Tinadn
191. christmas day 1995 By Melissadam with twist
192. graduation mass By Melissadam with twist
193. making their mark By Melissadam
194. Dragon Friend By Vae with twist
195. Fun with Grandpa By Njr007
196. Wedding card By Bigbshaking
197. you are so beautiful to me By Melissadam with twist
198. picture day By Melissadam with twist
199. If only ife was like Holland America Line By Klweist
200. Multi-tasking Mommy By ChansGram
201. Captain's Dinner By ScrappingLJ with twist
202. Kraft Embellishment Swap - Tags, Die Cut Shapes, Flowers By ScrappingLJ
203. Grooms Cake By Njr007
204. Panda Card By Vae

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In response to njr007

I'm playin!
Thanks Norma.

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In response to ChansGram

I loved this challenge last month. I would like to play again, please!

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In response to flintridgescrapper

This challenge motivates me to get so many lo's done...I'm in, too. So excited.

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In response to klweist

me me me!!!!!

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In response to melissadam

I have seen this challenge and I would love to do this!

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In response to bigbshaking

I'm in again!

dlwj2 - Deana
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dlwj2 - Deana
In response to NMscrapper

I'm in. I'm so glad I caught before got filled. I am so behind in my challenges but now that I'm back home and situated I am going to get caught up.

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In response to dlwj2 - Deana

Sign me up!! I so busy ,but this gets me to do something!!!

Anna C
Anna C 
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Anna C
In response to dlwj2 - Deana

I am gonna have to be a stalker in April. Hope to be back in May. Thanks for being such a great hostess, Norma!

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In response to Anna C

me please!

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In response to tinadn

I'd like to play, please. My circut has been gathering dust and I need to use it more!

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In response to SueGrnBay

I'm in!

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In response to dkscrapper

Yes im in again thanks

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In response to julie101

Hi I am fairly new to I have participated in several swaps but no challenges. When you say 3projects are you talking about 3 different types of things or can it be 3 different layouts? I'm interested in joining but wanted to make sure I understand expectations. Do you have room for 1 more?

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In response to ScrappingLJ

Sign me up...thanks for hosting!...Lea--it can be 3 different LOs....some people do cards...last month I entered tags I did for 1 of the 3...etc

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In response to MarciLB

I'm in again.

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In response to lpeeps

First post is ACU, please make sure I have added you.

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In response to bigbshaking

  • bigbshaking Said:
I have seen this challenge and I would love to do this!

Welcome Brandi!

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In response to Anna C

  • Anna C Said:
I am gonna have to be a stalker in April. Hope to be back in May. Thanks for being such a great hostess, Norma!

Thank you Anna!

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