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  • Vae Said:
I needed a laugh and this made me laugh so now I hope it makes you laugh too.

LOL!!! That is hilarious!

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  • RedSquirrel Said:
I've got recipe problems too.

I've got a bx of beautiful organic veg and no inspiration. What can I do with these, without using any dairy or wheat?

white onions
a Cos lettuce
Portobello mushrooms
vine tomatoes

Squash soup (squash, onion, tomato)
I also have a really yummy squash stew recipe...(squash, onion, tomato, mushrooms add some beans and serve over rice if you like)
Rice stir fry (carrot, onion, mushrooms chopped stir fried in sesame oil, add rice, some gluten free soy sauce, a little garlic, a little ginger, add some sort of protein if you like and some cooked rice....mixed all together it's Chinese style vegetable rice)
I don't use fennel much but I think Jamie Oliver uses it in salads and has some recipes on his site
There is always a nice tossed salad with the lettuce and some of those veggies...I like to add sunflower seeds or toasted pumpkin seeds to my tossed salad (adds a bit more protein and tastes really yummy!).....
You can cook quinoa in vegetable broth (or chicken broth if you prefer) and then add some of the chopped vegies (carrot, onion, tomato) and serve on a bed of lettuce
I could probably come up with a ton of recipes but don't want to take up too much space, LOL!

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those sound YUMMY!

Ladybing Tammy
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Ladybing Tammy
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okay off to the new thread

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** I am about 20 pages behind, so be prepared to get a slew of seemingly random comments with corresponding page #s **

Yeah I am pretty recognizable. Except for the first few weeks I was alive, I looked Asian. But I didn't have access to those photos.

I think (if a new contest hasn't been picked) we should play two truths and a lie. You have to say three things about yourself, two are true and one is a lie. Everyone would have to guess everyone else's lie. I think it's also a good way to get to know more about each other.

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Gin, I can't even begin but the scene before me is quite a spectacle.

And I believe that the locust/grasshopper paradox can be summed up like this:

"Green grasshoppers and brown locusts are close cousins, both in the grasshopper family. But while grasshoppers hop like mad and can be abundant and pesky, locusts can fly. More significant, locusts have the unusual ability to be total loners or to enter what scientists euphemistically call "a gregarious state" — this is the flying and swarming stage, the stuff of Biblical proportions."

Judy I am so sorry to hear about your cousin and those women. It is especially hard to hear about something like only to find out you have family involved.

I hope things start to turn around for everyone.

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