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Username Post: May Cricut Challenge -Closed and Scrapping        (Topic#1587537)
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This challenge is set up to encourage you to use your Cricut and to show us what wonderful images are available on the Cricut cartridges. You may also use SCAL with your Cricut to cut images

Sign ups close on May 2nd- midnight CST

Please sign up for the challenge. Because we have so many projects each month I need to limit the participation to about 20 participants. As a salute to National Scrapbooking Day I will not be limiting the number of participants this month-HOWEVER signups do close Thursday at midnight.
All cricut projects are welcome to be posted here by participants for sharing ..... but 3 (three) projects are required to "complete" the challenge.

There will be no twist for May

All projects MUST include something cut with your cricut .....please remember to let us know what cart you used!

At the end of the month (May 31st) there will be a random drawing from all participants who have completed the challenge (3 projects).
I will be giving away a CRICUT CARTRIDGE

There will also be a second drawing for another CRICUT CARTRIDGE for everyone that completes at least 3 projects AND IF WE POST AT LEAST 250 PROJECTS

Remember to save this thread to your favorites for easy access. And please check in at least once a week so I know you are still playing.

So are you in?

completed 3 projects!

Norma (njr007)
1. Carol (NMScrapper)
2. Lisa (lpeeps)
3. Kelly (klweist)
4. Mandi (Briannamom)
5. Michelle (melissadam)
6. Anna (AnnaC)
7. Michelle (mycowsnz)
8. Marci (Marcilb)
9. Tina (tinadn)
10. Lea (ScrappingLJ)
11. Julie (julie101)
12. Vae (vae)
13. Victoria (Victoriaj)
14. Becky (Aunt Jo)
15. Trish (ChansGram)
16. Ria (BlingQueenRia)
17. Sharon (Sewflake)
18. Carol (Snowdog)
19. Pam (Pam in Tx)
20. Vickie (happy go lucky)
21. Donna (dkscrapper)
22. Shawna (sonup2sondown)
23. Melanie (Lamoo12)
24. Sandra (Nansan)
25. Sonja (SonjaC)
26. Dellanhe

1. aunt barb..... By Marcilb
2.-3. Owl Frames By Julie101
4. The real deal By ChansGram
5. Mother's Day Card By Klweist
6. beautiful By Melissadam
7. courageous By Melissadam
8. Spring By NMscrapper
9. love your smile By Melissadam
10. With Deepest Sympathy By Vae
11. Red Rocks By ChansGram
12. Punk Princess By ChansGram
13. Sweet Girl By Sewflake
14. Ketchikan/Haines (May Scraplift) By Klweist
15. Me and My Big Ideas Baby Girl Mini Album By AuntJo
16. Me and My Big Ideas Mini Album By AuntJo
17. Me and My Big Ideas Mini Album By AuntJo
18. Me and My Big Ideas Mini Album By AuntJo
19. Me and My Big Ideas Mini Album By AuntJo
20. Me and My Big Ideas Mini Album By AuntJo
21. Batman Revealed (closed) By Lamoo12
22. Woof! By Marcilb
23. Furball (closed) By Lamoo12
24. saturday (apr 20th) By Marcilb
25. double sweet By Melissadam
26. just hangin' out By Melissadam
27. my garden By Melissadam
28. butterfly kisses By Melissadam
29. At the races By Lamoo12
30. Spring '03 By Victoriaj
31. Blowing up balloons By Lamoo12
32. You are a star to me! By Marcilb
33.-38. NSD Snail mail challenge By Tinadn
39. NSD Negative challenge By Tinadn
40. Max-chief By BlingQueenRia
41. Mother's Day Card By AuntJo
42. walk this way By Happy Go Lucky
43. Birthday Bag By Anna C
44. 50th Birthday Bag By Anna C
45. Sisters By Njr007
46. With Mickey and Minnie By Njr007
47. the Big 50 By Njr007
48. NSD 2013 Party on the Page-I used our party napkins By Njr007
49. Hello By Njr007
50. Believe in the Beautiful By Njr007
51. Merci By Njr007
52. Happy Birthday By Njr007
53. Happy Birthday By Njr007
54. Celebrate By Njr007
55. Happy Mother's Day By Njr007
56 Family- Altered Journey By Sewflake
57. snow bird By Melissadam
58.-61. 28215.htm...
62. Christening By Njr007
63. I don't Want to Grow Up By Njr007
64.-68. items for swap By Tinadn
69. Everyday is a blessing By Tinadn
70. you&me By ChansGram
71. Elephant Walk By Sewflake
72.-73. joy By Melissadam
74. It's your day mom...80! By Marcilb
75.-77. Create A Critter meets Teddy Bear Parade By Julie101
78. New Mom By Tinadn
79. Happy Girl By Victoriaj
80. merry By Melissadam
81. preschool By Melissadam
82. Oh My By Briannasmom
83. NSD Card Set By Vae
84. Thank You By Vae
85. [url= 3934663.html]we
86. comfy By Melissadam
87. needs title By Tinadn
88. Ferocious By Klweist
89. Petting Velvet By Sewflake
90. oh happy day By Melissadam
91. Precious By NMscrapper
92. [email protected]! By Marcilb
93. I'm moving! By Marcilb
94. call me mom By Marcilb
95. Happy Times By Njr007
96. Give A Girl By Njr007
97. Team Pancha By Njr007
98. Hope Will Lead Us On By Njr007
99.-100. 6th birthday By Sonup2sondown
101. Here is my BEAUTY SECRET By Happy Go Lucky
102. Imagination By Sewflake
103. Crutches By Marcilb
104. wedding By Melissadam
105. celebrate By Melissadam
106. mothers day By Melissadam
107. Making Pretzels By BlingQueenRia
108. Teacher Appreciation Thank You Card By BlingQueenRia
109. Mother's Day 2013 By BlingQueenRia
110. Apples Of My Eye By BlingQueenRia
111. Teacher Gift Front of Page By BlingQueenRia
112. Classic Beauty By Happy Go Lucky
113.-114. Aquatic Travels By Sewflake
115. Always Page 1 By BlingQueenRia
116. Always Page 2 By BlingQueenRia
117. Teacher card - front By Klweist
118. ballerina By Melissadam
119. love my new car... By Marcilb
120. Snowy Memory By Sewflake
121. I Love My Dog By Njr007
122. Easter Bonnets By Njr007
123. Congrats By Njr007
124. No title By ChansGram
125. Two Goof Balls By Dkscrapper
126. Jewel & Barbara By Dkscrapper
127. Back In Time By Dkscrapper
128. Happy Mother's Day By Dkscrapper
128. Hello Friend By Dkscrapper
130. poise By Melissadam
131. spectacular By Melissadam
132. Jellies By Sewflake
133. Zeesters By Marcilb
134. Male Card By AuntJo
135. birthday By Melissadam
136. gift bag By Melissadam
137.-138. pillow king By Melissadam
139. choir By Melissadam
140. Love By Briannasmom
141.-143. French Country lg die By Pam In TX
144. Splash Park By ChansGram
145. Planes, Trains, and....Cruise ships?? By Klweist
146. expressions By Marcilb
147. Under the Sea By Sewflake
148.-150. May Cricut Challenge - Graduation Cards By Nanasan
151. May Cricut Challenge By Nanasan
152. May Cricut Challenge By Nanasan
153. happy By Melissadam
154. wedding By Melissadam
155. love U nuts By Happy Go Lucky
156. game on By Marcilb
157. Just Married By Njr007
158. Christmas 2013 By Njr007
159. Charlies Angels? By Njr007
160. 2nd Dad By Njr007
161. star quality By Melissadam
162. CHER By Marcilb
163. 50th Birthday Card By Anna C
164-165. 50th Birthday Tags By Anna C
166. Birthday Card By Anna C
167. funny faces By Happy Go Lucky
168. Life is Good By Sewflake
169. ballet By Melissadam
170. en pointe By Melissadam
171. grace By Melissadam
172. joy By Melissadam
173. Pam 1961 By Pam In TX
174. Friends By Njr007
175. For You By Njr007
176. dance By Melissadam
177. rocky By Melissadam
178. Snowcation title's By Sewflake
179. Snowcation By Sewflake
180. luck be a lady By Melissadam
181. ballet By Melissadam
182. Destination Graduation NYU...(Scraps of Darkness) By Marcilb
183.-185. Mamma-Razzi 2 sm-med dies By Pam In TX
186. French Country flowers By Pam In TX
187.-189. Little Peeps sm-med and lg dies By Pam In TX
190. whale By Melissadam
191. recital By Melissadam
192. Celebrate By Happy Go Lucky
193. You Did It! By Marcilb
194. tiny dancer By Melissadam
195. twinkle toes By Melissadam
196. jazz By Melissadam
197. Everchanging Window Garden By Sewflake
198. Young Love By Njr007
199. Double Click By Njr007
200. Warm Hello By Njr007
201. san diego zoo By Melissadam
202. zoo By Melissadam
203. kiss By Melissadam
204. BBQ 101 By Marcilb
205. Navy kit By Pam In TX
206. Navy kit By Pam In TX
207. Fresh Picked By Sewflake
208. So Strong By NMscrapper
209. Las Estrellas By Njr007
210. Pretty Bugs ATC By Pam In TX
211.-212. Armed Forces thrinchies By Pam In TX
213. May Day thrinchies By Pam In TX
214. Memorial (Heritage) thrinchies By Pam In TX
215. Fisher By Marcilb
216.-217. Green thrinchies By Pam In TX
218. on your special day kathy By Marcilb
219. loons By Melissadam
220. christmas By Melissadam
221. Best of Times.... By Marcilb
222. Journey By Njr007
223. C is for Cherish By Njr007
224. nationals 2005 By Melissadam
225. preserve & protect By Melissadam
226. loon By Melissadam
227. Dream Big By SnowDog
228. Dreak By SnowDog
229. Furry Friends By Njr007
230. Piano Man By Njr007
231. Beautiful By Njr007
232. Hope and Peace By Sewflake
233. grad decor By Tinadn
234. grad decor By Tinadn
235. grad decor By Tinadn
236.-237. banners By Tinadn
238.-239. Oh Boy! My First Ears! By SonjaC
240.-241. (Route) Santa Barbara - Project 52: Week 11 By SonjaC
242. congratulations By Melissadam
243. grad By Melissadam
244. thinking of you By Melissadam
245. anniversary By Melissadam
246. anniversary By Melissadam
247. Negative challenge - My Little Prince By SnowDog
248. Strike a Pose By Njr007
249. Beau By Njr007
250. Portage Glacier Waterfalls By Klweist
251.-252. Paper Sister Fourth of July Swap (Fourth of July Tags) By ScrappingLJ
253. Paper Sister Fourth of July Swap (Summer Tags 1) By ScrappingLJ
254.-256. Paper Sister Fourth of July Swap (Summer Tags 2) By ScrappingLJ
257. BoBunny Gabrielle Collection Kit Swap - Large Die Cuts By ScrappingLJ
258-259. BoBunny Gabrielle Collection Kit Swap - Journal Boxes By ScrappingLJ

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In response to njr007

I'm in! Glad you're still hosting this!

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In response to NMscrapper

I'm in.

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In response to lpeeps

I'm in, too

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In response to klweist

I;m in

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In response to Briannasmom

Im in!

Anna C
Anna C 
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Anna C
In response to melissadam

I'm back and wanna play this month!

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welcome back anna! we missed you! how are your parents?

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Haven't been on here for a bit between moving house and starting a new job I just haven't had time but please if there is room I'd love to join in again.

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Hi Michelle!...glad you joined in again! did your move go???
Oh...I am in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! thanks for hosting this fun challenge!

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I want to play again.
Thanks for keeping this challenge going.

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ACU to here

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In response to njr007

Welcome everyone. Anna glad to see you are joining us this month-how are your parents?

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In response to njr007

Can I join again? This challenge help me get some layouts done this past month.

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In again thanks

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  • Vae on 04-29-13 02:19 PM
In response to julie101

I'm in! Thanks so much for hosting!

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In response to Vae

I've never done a challenge but this would be a good one to get me back on my cricut! Thanks for having me.

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In response to Victoriaj

I'm back! Add me!

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In response to AuntJo

Everyone added up to here!

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In response to njr007 view of the thread is very strange after Anna's post, this new system IS NOT WORKING FOR ME!!!!

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