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Hey ladies! I am new to this site. I have a question to ask. I have tried asking at and got in trouble by some of the ladies??? My hubby and precious son got me a cricut e2 for an early first Mother's Day gift! As I researched the machine more I came across the silhouette cameo. My question is which is better and why? I can't decided to keep the e2 or take back and order cameo? Thanks so much hope it is ok to post here?

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Personally, I'm a silhouette fan. I have the original portrait one and would love to upgrade to the cameo. You are going to find pros and cons to this galore!

I love the silhouette that you don't have to buy any cartridges. You can buy designs from the store or subscribe to a monthly amount that gives you more for your money. You can also find hundreds of free cut designs online to use. Or you can make your own! The software is pretty simple to use IMO.

I think the 2 machines can pretty much do the same things as far as what types of materials and items it can cut.

I also think there is some add-on machine for the cricut where you can cut designs from the net...but I'm not sure. It's also additional cost to the machine.

I recommend the cameo, based on my love for my silhouette.

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I have a friend on here who has an expression, but gets me to cut things out for her because my cameo cuts more intricately. I think she's ready to sell her cricut and buy the cameo.

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Great question, thanks for asking! I have the Expression and love it except for the intricate details. I have also been thinking of getting the Cameo. I hope you get more input as I will be following along too

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