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Username Post: August Cricut Challenge-Closed and Scrapping        (Topic#1589741)
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This challenge is set up to encourage you to use your Cricut and to show us what wonderful images are available on the Cricut cartridges. You may also use SCAL with your Cricut to cut images.

Sign ups close on August 2nd- midnight CST or when we reach 25 participants

Please sign up for the challenge. Because we have so many projects each month I need to limit the participation to about 25 or so participants.
All cricut projects are welcome to be posted here by participants for sharing ..... but 3 (three) projects are required to "complete" the challenge.

No Twist in August. However if we reach 200 projects I will give away an additional RAK

All projects MUST include something cut with your cricut .....please remember to let us know what cart you used!

At the end of the month (August 31st) there will be a random drawing for a RAK from all participants who have completed the challenge (3 projects).
If everyone that signs up submits at least ONE project I will give away a CRICUT CARTRIDGE.

Remember to save this thread to your favorites for easy access. And please check in at least once a week so I know you are still playing.

Submitted at least one project
Completed 3

Norma (njr007)
1. Carol (NMScrapper)
2. Kristie (Lots To Scrap)
3. Vickie (happy go lucky)
4. Michelle (melissadam)
5. Melanie (lamoo12)
6. Karen (SplendidMoments)
7. Amanda (Scrapanda)
8. Terri (Pink Spoonbill)
9. Trish (ChansGram)
10. Sonja (SonjaC)
11. Sharon (Sewflake)
12. Julie (Julie101)
13. Marci (Marcilb)
14. Mandi (Briannasmom)
15. Pam (Pam in Tx)
16. Kelly (klweist)
17. Anna (AnnaC)
18. Marty (ScrappinTraveler)
19. Sandra (nansan)
20. Tina (tinadn)
21. Donna (dkscrapper)
22. Lisa (lpeeps)
23. Amy (all Amy)
24. Linda (boricuapr)
25. Becky (Aunt Jo)
26. Deb (debrauch)

1. Good Luck! By Anna C
2. corny squirrels By Melissadam
3. fall By Melissadam
4. Tag Mini Book By Debrauch
5. discover By Melissadam
6. the great outdoors By Melissadam
7. A Wish Came True By Boricuapr
8. Bathtime Adventures By NMscrapper
9. World Travel By Sewflake
10. Aztec Mask By Sewflake
11.-12. lego fun By Melissadam
13. millennium monument By Melissadam
14. Garrett's popcorn By Melissadam
15. Whoo loves ya By ChansGram
16. I am a big boy now By Happy Go Lucky
17. Earl By Boricuapr
18. the cloud gate (AKA the bean) By Melissadam
19. cheesecake factory By Melissadam
20. splash By Melissadam
21. bandshell By Melissadam
22. Chef Brian By Marcilb
23. Birthday Cake By Julie101
24. August Inchie Swap By Debrauch
25. the windy city By Melissadam
26. We Believe By Sewflake
27. keep Christmas in your heart By Happy Go Lucky
28. {grin} By Scrapanda
29. New Rope By Scrapanda
30. UTD By Njr007
31. Treasured By ChansGram
32. delight in the simple things By Melissadam
33.-34. woof By Melissadam
35. baby it's cold outside By Marcilb
36. Deer at Myakka Park By Klweist
37. Twinchie-Vacation By SwapPicsOnly
38. Handmade Celebrate Mask By Boricuapr
39. Our Pics By Boricuapr
40. Christmas Morning Breakfast By Scrapanda
41. halloween By Melissadam
42. halloween By Melissadam
43. halloween By Melissadam
44. escape By Melissadam
45. Boo! By Anna C
46. Spooky By Anna C
47. dishwasher sign By Briannasmom
48. October 31 By Anna C
Bewitching! By Anna C
50. Charmed By Anna C
51. WELL? are you carrying me? By Marcilb
52. so this is happy By Happy Go Lucky
53.-54. Kids at Christmas By Scrapanda
55. Cuddle By Scrapanda
56. the wrigley building By Melissadam
57.-58. lake michigan By Melissadam
59. halloween By Melissadam
60. Play TIme By NMscrapper
61. Mother, Son & Daughter By AllAmy
62. Family Portraits By AllAmy
63. Pompei Lives, Italy - LEFT SIDE By ScrappinTraveler
64. Pompei Lives, Italy - RIGHT SIDE By ScrappinTraveler
65. We embrace it By Happy Go Lucky
66. Fern Mask/Stencil By Debrauch
67. Sophie the Giraffe By Tinadn
68. USMC By Boricuapr
69. Gpa and Eva By Tinadn
70. Picture Perfect By Njr007
71. August Travel Challenge By Klweist
72. Mickey Thank You card By Klweist
73. Christmas Letters 2009 By Scrapanda
74. Christmas Cards By Scrapanda
75. Friends By Scrapanda
76. ORANGE By ChansGram
77. Happy day By Tinadn
78. Cupcake recipe card By Lamoo12
79. Perspective By Boricuapr
80. Days End By Sewflake
81. HUNTER By ChansGram
82. Life is.... By Njr007
83. Sing By Njr007
84. Baby Love By Njr007
85. For Baby By Njr007
86. owls By Melissadam
87. explore outdoors By Melissadam
88. Birthday Wishes By Dkscrapper
89. Birthday Blessings By Dkscrapper
90. Happy Birthday By Dkscrapper
91. 4005659.html
92. 4005661.html
93. 007707.html
94. 007709.html
95. 007711.html
96. Sophia By ChansGram
97. Mickey Mouse Page By LotsToScrap
98. Minnie Mouse Page (Disney Gift Album) By LotsToScrap
99. Mickey Mouse Pages By LotsToScrap
100. Disney Vacation By LotsToScrap
101. christmas By Melissadam
102. birdies By Melissadam
103. tweetheart By Melissadam
104. fourth presbyterian church By Melissadam
105. Build & Grow By NMscrapper
106. Superman By NMscrapper
107. We've Only Just Begun By NMscrapper
108. Haunted House By Anna C
109. Bridesmaid dress shopping By Scrapanda
110. Winter Fun By Scrapanda
111. Love Makes a Family By Scrapanda
112. bridge pillar By Melissadam
113. fountains By Melissadam
114. Anniversary Card By Klweist
115. Little Acorns By NMscrapper
116. Beautiful Day By Scrapanda
117. LOVE By Scrapanda
118. Avery & Evan By AuntJo
119. Mrs. Bell's Mail By Njr007
120. READ By Njr007
121. Mrs. Bell By Njr007
122. Reading is A Hoot By Njr007
123. Bell Library By Njr007
124. Finished? By Njr007
125. Vintage summer sm-med and lg diecuts By Pam In TX
126. Class of 2013 By Marcilb
127. Tower Bridge, London UK - RIGHT SIDE By ScrappinTraveler
128. Tower Bridge, London UK - LEFT SIDE By ScrappinTraveler
129. Nuts About You By NMscrapper
130. Angel Flying too Close to the Ground By NMscrapper
131. 4th of July By Happy Go Lucky
132. SPOOKY By Anna C
133. Virginia Tech By Anna C
134. Scratch Me By Boricuapr
135. Walk On The Water Side By Sewflake
136. chicago river By Melissadam
137.-138. architecture cruise By Melissadam
139. family voyage By Melissadam
140.-141. tribune tower By Melissadam
142. chicago By Melissadam
143. sightsee By Melissadam
144. starry eyed Baby Girl By Marcilb
145. Good Boy By Scrapanda
146.-147. Tucker and the Tube By Scrapanda
148.-149. Edgewater By Briannasmom
150. Piles of Fun By Briannasmom
151. I'd like to teach the world to sing! By Boricuapr
152. council overhang By Melissadam
153. Pensacola Lighthouse, FL By Pink Spoonbill
154. On Vacation By Julie101
155. 8x8 Lighthouse kit By Pam In TX
156. Team Bell By Njr007
157. Welcome to Science By Njr007
158. Ruler Wreath By Njr007
159. Play time with Daddy By Tinadn
160. Wedding card box By Lamoo12
161. name sign By Melissadam
162. 70 By Scrapanda
163. Super Shawn and Super Baby Ben say.... By Scrapanda
164. Lunch at Kelsey's By Scrapanda
165. So many choices..... By Scrapanda
166.-167. not all who wander are lost By Melissadam
168. hike By Melissadam
169. march calendar By Briannasmom
170. Special Delivery By Njr007
171. With Sympathy By Njr007
172. Lovely tag By Njr007
173. so Sweet By Njr007
174. Dressform 2 ATC By Njr007
175. Dressform 5 ATC By Njr007
176. Dressform 4 ATC By Njr007
177. Such a lovely day By Njr007
178. Dressform 1 ATC By Njr007
179. Dressform 3 ATC By Njr007
180. So cute By ChansGram
181. Baseball By Marcilb
182. Loons By Melissadam
183. horsin' around By Happy Go Lucky
184.-185. Sweet Dreams Little One By Julie101
186. Rub A Dub Dub By Julie101
187. name sign By Melissadam
188. joy By Melissadam
189. snowflake By Melissadam
190. ...and the winner is... By Scrapanda
191. Renos By Scrapanda
192. o holy night By Melissadam
193.-194. chillin with my peeps By Melissadam
195. August Cricut Challenge - Lauren Hope By Nanasan
196.-197. Keepers' Quarters, FL By Pink Spoonbill
198. Natures Sculpture By Sewflake
199.-200. happy days By Melissadam
201. August 8x8 Kit Swap - Angel By NMscrapper
202. Cricut cut embellishments By Sewflake
203. Create Journal By Lpeeps
204. Quote tags By Lpeeps
205. Silent Auction Tags By Lpeeps
206. Live Auction By Lpeeps
207. Raffle 2 By Lpeeps
208. Raffle 1 By Lpeeps
209. Bow Tie Onesie By LotsToScrap
210. Birthday Tag By LotsToScrap
211. Flour Canister By LotsToScrap
212. Whole Wheat Flour Canister By LotsToScrap
213. Sugar Canister By LotsToScrap
214. New Class By Sewflake
215. Time to go Backkk By Sewflake
216.-217. Sloth, Panama By Pink Spoonbill
218. Bag and Tag Swap #1 By AuntJo
219. My Handyman By Scrapanda
220. boo By Melissadam
221. camel ride By Melissadam
222. feed the animals By Melissadam
223. howdy By Melissadam
224. The Sweet Life By Scrapanda
225. Mystery Bride By Scrapanda
226.-227. Pensacola Lighthouse Certificates, FL By Pink Spoonbill
228. Saturday, July 17, 2010 By Scrapanda
229. Let love shine By Scrapanda
230. Be Grateful By ChansGram
231. the smile that melts my heart By Melissadam
232. supplies By Melissadam
233. perfect By Melissadam
234. on the ferry By Melissadam
235. My ClassRoom By Sewflake
236. My Desk By Sewflake
237. August Card Challenge - Theme By Scrapanda
238. Sitting pretty By Happy Go Lucky
239. The Wild Things By Sewflake
240. Eek #1 and Eek #3 By Pam In TX
241. Oxford Lane diecuts By Pam In TX
242. christmas By Melissadam
243. holly By Melissadam
244. christmas By Melissadam
245. noel By Melissadam
246. Marrica's Tag and Bag Swap #3 By AuntJo
247. having fun By Melissadam
248. christmas eve By Melissadam
249.-250. let it snow By Melissadam
251. santa By Melissadam
252. Pink - It's How I Roll By SonjaC
253. The Wall By SonjaC
254. Rub-a-Dub By NMscrapper
255. Celebrate 4! By Marcilb
256. Anniversary Card 2013 By AuntJo
257. Bless the Broken Road By Scrapanda
258. Give me just a little smile By Scrapanda
259. Only to be with You By Scrapanda
260. Playing - Project 52: Week 28 By SonjaC
261.-262. From the Top, FL By Pink Spoonbill
263. Family By Marcilb
264. Cricut Challenge - With Sympathy By Nanasan
265. Cricut Challenge - Butterfly Hi By Nanasan
266. Que Sera Sera By Boricuapr

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In response to njr007

I'd like to play again.

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In response to NMscrapper

Sign me up please. It's back to school time here so that means back to the scraproom for me.

happy go lucky
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happy go lucky
In response to LotsToScrap

Please count me in. I've used my cricut more in the last two months (since participating in your challenge) than I have since I got it 4 years ago.

Again, thanks so much for hosting Norma.

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In response to happy go lucky

Me! me! me!

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In response to melissadam

me too please

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In response to Lamoo12

Me please!!

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In response to SplendidMoments

Me, me, me, pretty please! July was the first time participating for me in this challenge and I have never ever used my Cricut as much as I have over this month! I also discovered CCR through you guys and LOVE it!

Pink Spoonbill
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Pink Spoonbill
In response to Scrapanda

I have never tried this challenge before so I'm in. I need inspiration.

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In response to Pink Spoonbill

I'm playin!

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In response to ChansGram

I still need to find out about CCR !! Been so busy haven't begun to find out the scoop on this

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In response to SplendidMoments

Me me me!!

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In response to SonjaC

Updated to here!

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In response to njr007

I will enter again. Love this challenge as it challenges me to USE my Cricut which is a must, since purchasing more cartridges this year! lol

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In response to Sewflake

is in please

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In response to julie101

me please!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally missed this last month until it was closed !!!

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In response to MarciLB

May i join in again??

Pam in TX
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Pam in TX
In response to Briannasmom

Me please

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In response to Pam in TX

And me

Anna C
Anna C 
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Anna C
In response to Pam in TX

I wanna play again!

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