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Hello everyone I am looking for some help/info. on tablets. I am completely clueless when it comes to tablets out there and trying to get as much knowledge as I can before making a decision. My laptop is on its last megabyte so I am trying to decide between updating my laptop or getting a tablet. For those of you that have one:
1. What kind do you have and do you find yourself using it more than your laptop?
2. Other than using it with a machine (I have a desktop I can hook mine up to) do you like your tablet more than your laptop?
3. How did you determine which one to get?
4. What do you not like about it?
5. If you were faced with the same decision what would you do?
I thought I would ask those in the scrapbooking world, as I am trying to make a list of pros and cons. Thank you so much in advance for any info. you can give me as I am brand new to this techy device.

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Depends on what you want to do with it. I have not yet seen a tablet that is a real replacement for a laptop. Mostly they're very supplemental, and much more focused towards entertainment. They're not as powerful as a full-on computer. And if you want any storage space at all it can get really expensive.

I have an ipad (16G, Wi-fi) and I love it. My phone is an iphone so it's just easy for them to work together, and I have a big itunes library so the native support is essential. I use it for gaming, browsing the internet, email, watching Netflix, reading books (Kindle app) and editing photos (which is a ton of fun with all the cool apps out there). Random other things.

The only thing I don't like is that some web pages automatically detect you're on a tablet and load the mobile version - but that's the fault of the web page and not the ipad.

My main computer is a PC laptop but it almost never leaves the house - it just takes up so much less space than a desktop that it's much better for my life.

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The one thing I will say is while I really enjoy my Kindle Fire HD, its fault is that you can't get apps on the GoogleApp store which is where most apps are stored. So if you see an advertisement to download so and so's free app, it most likely will be there and you usually can't get it (American Idol app, Pull-ups potty training app are a few examples)

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I have an iPad2 WiFi.

LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's like an appendage to me!

I have a macbook pro (laptop) that I use for anything requiring word/excel/powerpoint/etc ...

I prefer to use my iPad for most everything and am thinking I might need to find an office like app (or a few) that I can replace my computer with.

I love that it detects and gets my email from multiple accounts.

I don't listen to music on it much but my DD (2 yrs) plays with apps on it all the time. She has 3 screens of educational type stuff. There's TONS of free stuff for little kids in the app store.

I get an email daily of apps that have gone free for a limited time. Some are great, some not so much.

I wish I had a wireless printer so I could print from it. Haven't been able to take advantage of that feature yet.

If you have an Apple TV, you can use it as a remote. You can watch stuff on Netflix and other services on it anywhere you have wifi.

Uh.... I would for sure get another. My dad gave me this one as a gift in Nov.2011. He gave all FOUR of us siblings one! Craziness! We all use Facetime to see cousins for our little ones and keep in touch. My parents love it because they can see my DD even when they're not able to come here.

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I have a Trio Stealth G2 8gb tablet for the kids to play games on, its able to get email and connectot to the internet quickly also, but is no means a substitute for a laptop.

I also have a Kindle Fire HD which I intended to actually use to read on, but I just cant get into the format...yet. I am still a "real" book lover and I need to hold a real book. So for now, I get on the internet, play games and check email on it.

I have a hand me down Compaq laptop 2gb/256HD (4-5 yrs old) but works...that I take with me to work, and it can do everything a regular laptop everything has a seperate use/function.

I agree with Stick, determine what exactly are your most needed features from a tablet before you decide to scrap the idea of a laptop.

If I had unlimited funds first love would be an iPad, 64gb with all the bells and whistles. I have an iphone and it makes my life easier, everyday. I would love to be able to sync 2 or more devices and get down to one do-it-all. for now tho, I am content with the other "toys" I have for myself and the kids.

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Thank you all. I am off of work tomorrow so I am going to see what is out there. I have never played with a tablet of any kind other than a few minutes on Angry Birds that my cousin had. I have made a few notes from what I have read here and on the net. Looking forward to checking them out so I can make a sound (I hope) decision. Thanks again!

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