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Hey guys, I have recently started blogging about printing Instagram photos and I would like to know if any of you print out your Instagram photos and what you do with them??


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Lately a majority of the pictures I print are from my Instagram! I take the pictures and load them on IG and then when I'm ready to scrap I just go to my Instagram Gallery on my phone, not the actual app, and e-mail myself the pictures I want to print. Then I save the pictures into my PC photo gallery and print the pictures.
I almost never use my camera anymore... it's actually kinda sad...

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Yes the popularity of using smartphones to take all our photos is insane! Do you put your Instagram photos in albums when you print them?

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No, I don't; they just live out there in instagram world.

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What a good question. I just stared too! Now that I found a website that offers free shipping on every instagram print I use them for my scrapbooks of course! They also make great additions to the fridge or a mirror. I really wish I had instagram years ago when I traveled!

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