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I love doing artsy type pages but don't do a lot of them....I recently purchased this stamp and I love the effect! It's so easy!

What's your favourite stamp and how do you use it? (What type of pages? With paint, embossing powder, spray?)

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That is fun!

My current favourite is a set of leaf stamps that goes with dies that fit. I love that idea, it's the first time I've bought those. But I'm a huge fan of leaves - I love how they're suitable for pretty much everything.

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I'm glad you started this thread! I've wanted to ask about favorite stamps for a while now. I use a lot of stamps - especially journaling stamps - in my layouts. The stamps that I use the most I'm not sure are even on the market now! I think I bought them at Wal-Mart years ago. They are a set of clear acrylic journaling stamps and I have just used and used them. Sometimes I stamp them right on the paper. Many times I stamp them on a different paper and cut out the shape and distress the edges. I tend to collect journaling stamps (I have the one below as well). I think it all started because I really don't like my handwriting on my pages, yet I know the importance of having my handwritten notes on the page for future generations. Using a journaling stamp helps me get at least a little handwriting on my page. I'm always on the lookout for different and unique stamps that I can't find at the big box stores or even sometimes on line. I never mind for my scrapbooking friends borrowing a stamp, but please clean it well after you use it! That's a pet peeve of mine!
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