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How about some decorations???
I did a massive blog post about some Halloween decorating...hope you enjoy!!!


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Over the top, love what you did!!

I put a wreath on the door (black glittered foliage with some plastic bats and a 12" long skeleton), we have a silvery black styrofoam skull on the credenza, and we're having a themed dinner tomorrow whilst watching Nightmare Before Christmas I'd like to decorate more but my new job is insane and I haven't adjusted yet.

Dinner will be zombie-themed: brains (spaghetti-sliced zucchini with artichoke pesto and feta cheese), eyeballs (turkey meatballs with green olive pupils), and bones (cornbread baked in a bone-shaped pan).

And my entire afternoon tomorrow will be spent at the children's hospital, dressed as Supergirl, escorting patients/friends/family along the trick-or-treating trail throughout the hospital. The kids get all sorts of little cheapo toys, stickers, pencils, and a few get candy. It's a blast!! Sadly, I can't take any pictures because of HIPAA, but it's okay, I don't have time to scrap everything anyway

corrie fan
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corrie fan
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I have treats for the 5 kids that may show up. I don't decorate since there isn't much happening. I would get a wreath or something but I am not storing that stuff.

My candy bucket is decorated though. I won it in a draw at work a few years ago.

Henri Jean
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Henri Jean
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We are in Hawaii - there is a big costume event every year on the main street - hundreds if no thousands of costumes and they go all out with them! Going to be awesome! We went a few years ago and had a blast.

I have tons of inside Halloween decorations but no outside ones - did have some but got rid of them when we moved from Georgia to Florida 7 years ago. However, since we moved to Florida we have been on vacation every year at Halloween so I never get to decorate.

So why do I keep buying Halloween decorations? Bought some cool ones this year.

RedSquirrel UK
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RedSquirrel UK
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No, I'll be out and DH won't be home from work by the time the kids in our road come round. If they come round. Last year our neighbour warned me they were coming but she hasn't said anything this year so I don't know.

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my candy is ready hope it doesn't rain

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I love the candlestick with the skull on it....I am copying for NEXT halloween. Lovve your ideas~~~~oh, and the mummies are so cute. Very very pretty!

I made steampunk pumpkins and medalions for my doors. And found a huge spider (about the size of a persons head) to place over the haunted stores buildings.

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